The Problem with SAP User Groups on S/4HANA for AnyDB

Last Updated on April 20, 2022 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • SAP took advantage of customers by restricting S/4HANA to HANA.
  • How can SAP be pressured to open up S/4HANA to other databases?


This is a perfect time for SAP user groups to pressure SAP to open S/4HANA to other databases. However, who can do this?

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The Uselessness of SAP User Groups

Unfortunately, while SAP customers’ interests are enormous on this topic, no SAP user group is willing to confront SAP with this demand. Each of the user groups is too friendly with SAP and, therefore, cannot adequately represent the users’ interests. ASUG members, in particular, could ask, “what are you good for?”

ASUG is useless outside of setting up conferences and figuring out where booths should go, managing the catering for events, etc. You can’t trust them to moderate any disagreement with any objectivity with SAP because SAP tells them what to do. ASUG is a neutered entity and holding pen for CIOs between SAP gigs that care more about their relationship to SAP than any of the companies that are ASUG members, which we covered in the article How ASUG Lost Its Way and Sold Out to SAP.


It this amazing when you think about it. Consulting firms, user groups, Gartner, and Forrester — SAP has infiltrated them all, and none of them represents the interests of customers. Only DSAG seems even to attempt to challenge SAP.