The S/4HANA Implementation Buyer Intelligence Highlights

Expose the Reality on S/4HANA

You have found the only realistic information available about S/4HANA. This research is critical intelligence that will help you in your procurement decision around S/4HANA.

This study includes the following:

  • The background on S/4HANA implementation history.
  • Evaluation of 230 S/4HANA implementation case studies classified by customer size and fit to industry. The studies can be filtered and searched to help you identify cases most relevant to your interests.
  • Explanation around how S/4HANA and HANA work, both the official and the real story.
  • Actionable insights into what customer characteristics say about the S/4HANA implementations. These insights are available nowhere else.
  • Errors and falsehoods in S/4HANA case studies both from SAP and media.

Says Who?

Brightwork is the go-to research firm on SAP. The research was performed by an analyst with decades of SAP project experience. This is the only study that provides the truth on S/4HANA implementations because Brightwork is not financially connected to SAP.

Updated S/4HANA Research

Research that is Updated, and the Duration of Your Access

  • Each subscription is valid for 12 months from purchase.
  • This is an ongoing research project and as times passes new information and case studies about S/4HANA come available. 
  • The research is “SaaS,” and during your subscription, you continue to receive updated S/4HANA analysis as new case studies become available.
  • The research is constantly updated and we don’t send updates for changes. Always goto the research web page so you are working off of the most updated version. 

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Improving Your SAP Purchasing Efficiency

You can’t make a good decision on purchasing S/4HANA on the basis of biased information from SAP, SAP consulting companies who want S/4HANA implementation business, or IT analysts like Gartner and Forrester that are paid by SAP to promote S/4HANA. Our unbiased research can save you immeasurably by providing you with targeted information you cannot find elsewhere. 

What We Do and Research Access

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