The S/4HANA Implementation Sales Intelligence Highlights

Last Updated on March 25, 2021 by Shaun Snapp

Find Out the Reality on S/4HANA

You have found the only realistic information available about S/4HANA. This research is critical competitive intelligence that will help you in your campaign against S/4HANA.

This study includes the following:

  • The background on S/4HANA implementation history.
  • Evaluation of 240 S/4HANA implementation case studies classified by customer size and fit to industry. The studies can be filtered and searched to help you identify cases most relevant to your interests.
  • Explanation around how S/4HANA and HANA work, both the official and the real story.
  • Actionable insights into what customer characteristics say about the S/4HANA implementations. These insights are available nowhere else.
  • Errors and falsehoods in S/4HANA case studies both from SAP and media.

Says Who?

Brightwork is the go-to research firm on SAP. The research was performed by an analyst with decades of SAP project experience. This is the only study that provides the truth on S/4HANA implementations because Brightwork is not financially connected to SAP.

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Improving Your Win Percentage Against SAP

Our customers have gained a substantial competitive advantage against SAP. Typically, they provide parts of the research to customers, who turn around and use them as sales objections. Be prepared with strong talking points during customer engagements and watch your win rate increase.