Things The Medical Establishment Got and Continues to Get Wrong

Last Updated on June 5, 2022 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • Medicine has a long-established pattern of getting things wrong, guiding patients to poor treatments, and suppressing far more effective treatments.


It has been eye-opening to analyze all of the areas of the covid pandemic where the medical establishment provides false information and mislead the public. This brings up the topic of the other regions that have been medical establishment failures. This article is to create a list of these failures.

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Areas of Failure by the Medical Establishment

Area #1: Depression

The medical community has pushed depression diagnosis and anti-depressants for many years. Anti-depressants are blockbuster drugs. A blockbuster drug creates a permanent dependency on the drug. Amazingly, all anti-depressants have no impact on depression and were approved only because the FDA is so corrupt and controlled by pharmaceutical companies.

Area #2: Low Cholesterol

For decades, the medical establishment has proposed that they knew the correct cholesterol level and that those who fall outside their range should be put on statins. However, as time has passed, there is no evidence of the relationship between higher cholesterol and health. This is explained in the following quotations.

Amid the pandemic media storm in January 2021, a study1 published in the journal Atherosclerosis quietly revealed that people taking statin medications had a higher rate of cardiovascular events than those who were not on statins.2

In the study, the researchers separated the participants by assigning them a coronary artery calcium (CAC) score. This is a noninvasive CT scan designed to detect plaque buildup in your coronary arteries. It is also called a cardiac calcium score,3 calcium scan or Agatston score.4

Doctors use this score to calculate your risk of developing coronary artery disease as it measures calcified plaque within the arteries. Data has shown your risk of heart disease correlates with this score. The lower the score, the less likely you are to have a cardiac event when compared against other men and women your age. The score ranges from zero to over 400.5

Despite decades of statin drug use and vilification of saturated fats and cholesterol, heart disease remains the No. 1 cause of death.18 Although the researchers in the featured study do not mention it, their data support past research that shows statins are a colossal waste of money, and likely more.

In 2014, Maryanne Demasi, Ph.D., produced a documentary, “Heart of The Matter: Dietary Villains.” The film exposed the myths behind the statin fad and the financial links that drove the industry. It was so thorough that vested interests convinced ABC-TV to rescind the two-part series and got the documentary expunged.

What data have demonstrated is that statin medications are not inert, and in fact can damage your health while not protecting your heart. One of the side effects of lower cholesterol levels is impaired cognitive performance.

This Harvard article claims those same drugs that increase the risk of dementia may lower your risk of liver cancer, which is not a choice any patient should have to make. There is also evidence to suggest people taking statins have twice the risk of being diagnosed with diabetes than those who do not and taking the drug for longer than two years triples the risk. One of the scientists from The Ohio State University explained in a press release:

However, damage to the arterial walls can be induced by several factors, including high blood pressure, inflammation, elevated blood sugar and smoking.27 Once damaged, plaque begins to build up as a protective mechanism. The problem arises when the rate of damage and result in clot formation outpace your body’s ability to repair it.

As noted by Harcombe, the notion that there is good and bad cholesterol is also wrong. LDL and high-density lipoprotein (HDL) are not even cholesterol but, rather, carriers and transporters of cholesterol, triglycerides (fat), phospholipids and proteins. “LDL would more accurately be called the carrier of fresh cholesterol and HDL would more accurately be called the carrier of recycled cholesterol,” she says. – Mercola

This means that basically everything presented about cholesterol and heart disease over the past few decades has been wrong. And that statins are not only a waste of money but have hurt people more than they have helped.

Area #3: ADHD

The medical establishment has medicalized low achieving children and those who are somewhat to very disruptive with ADHD, and the treatment is Ritalin or a type of amphetamine. As the profit incentives have shown the way, there has been an enormous increase in the diagnosis of ADHD.

Area #4: Vaccines

The medical establishment has done an excellent job in garnering all of the benefits of better sanitation in reducing infectious diseases to vaccines. The reality is that vaccines don’t work nearly as well as pharmaceutical companies say. The immune system is so complex that it is impossible to entirely understand what vaccines do in the body. And vaccines have significant adverse reactions, which the medical establishment denies. Any request for more transparency into vaccines is met with the person making this request pilloried and canceled as an anti-vaxxer.

This video is very well done. However, its claims around vaccines are inaccurate. If it had been accurate, it is likely the video would have been blocked by YouTube. For example, the claims around vaccines being responsible for the significant decline in infectious diseases is false. The vast majority of the decline came around due to better sanitation, better nutrition, and overall living standards. 

This company receives funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which supports things that allow them to maximize their investments in vaccine companies.

See the following graphics.

Source: Are Vaccines Safe?

Observe that these diseases, stated as eliminated by vaccines, began their decline long before vaccines were given. Typhoid Fever and Scarlet Fever never had a vaccine. Polio, which is presented as the great vaccine, was introduced long after Polio was mainly beaten, and the vaccine re-introduced the disease. 

This is also explained in the following graphic, but it has more information about when vaccines were introduced.

The medical establishment and pharmaceutical companies are constantly lying. Pharmaceutical companies repeatedly submit rigged “double-blinded clinician trials” to the FDA, which are entirely fraudulent as with the covid vaccines, which I cover in the article How Effective Are the Covid Vaccines?

Lying about the history of vaccines is how the medical establishment markets its newer vaccines, telling you not to worry about it that all vaccines are safe.

Here is the vaccine schedule the CDC wants children to take. Do they want people analyzing each vaccine for its cost-benefit? Of course not. Look at the success of the Polio vaccine! Accept the false history of the vaccine presented by the medical establishment. After all, who wouldn’t want Pfizer or Merck as their medical historians? 

To the Medical Establishment Critical Thinking on Vaccines = “Anti Vaxxer”

Anyone who performs research into the history of vaccines and questions vaccines, and demands a cost-benefit analysis is referred to by the medical establishment as an “anti-vaxxer.” Anyone who accepts everything the pharmaceutical companies say uncritically is referred to as “following the science.” Pharmaceutical companies and their media minions have proposed that anyone who opposes vaccine mandates is also an anti-vaxxer.

The government funds the CDC. However, the CDC works for the government the same way the Federal Reserve works for the government, and it doesn’t. As the Fed works for the banks, the CDC does not work for the government; but instead works for the pharmaceutical companies. The public is to be lied to satisfy the pharmaceutical companies’ needs.

After being repeatedly caught in ceaseless lies, (in both vaccination and everything else medically related), nothing the medical establishment says should be accepted without investigation.

The Ever-Growing Number of Vaccines

The following image shows how the expectations of receiving vaccinations have increased over time.

Great-grandmother received 2 doses of Vaccines and probably acquired lifelong immunity from the “childhood diseases” Measles, Mumps, and Chicken Pox.

Grandmother Got up to 7 vaccines upon entering primary school

Mom got 14 vaccines during early childhood and elementary school

Little girl will be expected to receive 69 vaccines by the age of 18, with 270+ more in development – Are Vaccines Effective

Area #5: High Blood Pressure

Similar to cholesterol, the medical establishment has set ranges for blood pressure. There is an acceptable range for blood pressure. However, under pressure from pharmaceutical companies, the upper range was lowered. Not for any scientific reason, but to obtain more revenues.

Area #6: Cancer

Cancer research and treatment can be best described as a disaster. The medical establishment has put nearly their entire focus on treatment rather than prevention, even though what causes cancer is well known. The medical establishment does not focus on improving the immune system, which would benefit treatment and prevention. The medical establishment acts as if diet and exposure to cancer-causing substances are not a focus area.

There are enormous quantities of cancer-causing substances placed into food and consumer items that corporations have lobbied to keep from being restricted. The percentage of the population getting cancer continues to rise, without the medical establishment commenting on this. The medical establishment creates rigged statistics, such as its 5-year survival metric, designed to make it appear as if the medicine has progressed in treating cancer. In the article How Dangerous Cancer Drugs Had Endpoints Changed by Pharmaceutical Companies, I cover that many of the chemotherapy drugs obtained approval from the FDA by only focusing on shrinking tumors while ignoring the adverse reactions hidden by the pharmaceutical companies.

Area #7: Suppressing Treatments

The medical establishment suppresses treatments that are not cost optimizing for pharmaceutical companies. This occurred with the vaccines and with the AIDS treatment, AZT, where either ineffective or treatments with very low effectiveness and significant side effects were pushed forward as the gold standard of treatment by medical authorities. In contrast, far more effective treatments like ivermectin (for covid) and a variety of treatments for AIDS were suppressed.

  • In each case, the FDA has ruled based on profit maximization for pharmaceutical companies over the health and even the safety of patients.
  • In each case, the NIH and Dr. Fauci specifically were involved in shortchanging public health, gaslighting the public, and directing the public to the most dangerous, most expensive, and least effective treatments — while stamping out far better alternatives.

Area #8: Birth Control

Birth control pills often go without much discussion. However, the following video brings up the problems taking endocrine disruptors.

Area #9: Natural Immunity

A significant part of the medical system is to denigrate natural immunity. Natural immunity comes from things like breast milk, which the pharmaceutical industry has tried to replace with formula, diet, which the medical system chooses not to focus on, sleep, another is of little interest to the medical system — unless they can sell pharmaceutical sleep aids. Many supplements are essential to the immune system that the medical establishment says is unimportant.

The medical establishment’s approach is to dismiss natural immunity, denigrate the importance of improving the immune system, and propose unnatural immunity through things like vaccines. For example, cancer should be stamped out by the immune system — but with cancer, the focus is not on one’s natural immune system but highly complex, expensive, and generally ineffective treatments.

This one topic, immunity, intersects with so many problematic areas of medicine, as much of establishment medicine does things to minimize the importance of natural immunity and undermine immunity (with things like unnecessary X-rays). The medical establishment can’t “sell” innate immunity, and therefore, it has little interest. It is almost as if the medical establishment views the immune system as a competitor to be stamped out. 

What About Immunology?

This is true even though there is an entire branch of medicine called immunology.

However, immunology (perhaps predictably) is not focused on educating the public on strengthening the immune system through diet, supplementation, sleep, reducing exposure to pollutants, exercise, etc… The American Cancer Society tells people undergoing cancer treatment not to take supplements as they might negatively react with chemotherapy drugs. So instead, the focus is on immune disorders like autoimmune diseases.

There is a strong correlation between autoimmune diseases and stress and even vaccines — but these last two areas do not focus on immunology. One area of medicine never contradicts another area of medicine, and they have strict rules against doing so.

Area #10: Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency

Countless studies and even health authorities like the CDC and WHO admit there is widespread vitamin and mineral deficiency. With the degradation of topsoil and the rise of processed food companies, this would have to be the case, as a significant part of what processed food companies do is de-nutrify food to maximize profits. MDs state, without evidence that people do not need supplementation as they obtain all the vitamins and minerals they need from processed foods.

The FDA refuses to use the scientific literature to update its RDAs, as I cover in the article How the Recommended Daily Allowances or RDAs Are Set Too Low by the FDA.

The FDA barely seems to care about the RDAs, and they are far more interested in approving ineffective drugs. The FDA, CDC, NIH, and WHO could all put just a tiny fraction of their budgets to educate the population about the importance of nutrition and supplementation. However, they don’t. As I cover in the article A Comparison of How Much Effort the CDC Puts Into Immunity Versus Vaccines, this website has put far more effort into education on nutrition than the CDC with their $9 billion per year budget. And websites like Dr. Mercola have put in infinitely more effort into nutrition education than the CDC or the NIH, even with their $30 or $40 billion per year budget.

This disinterest in natural foods and supplements reduces the population’s health and correspondingly drives them into the health care system.

It is time to stop considering the medical establishment as a source of information on anything related to diet, nutrition, or supplementation.

Area #11: Breast Implants


As is covered in the movie, Explant which is the trailer, Dow Chemical knew of the toxic effects of their implants going back to the 1960s. Dow funded studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine and other prestigious journals that were rigged to make it appear that the negative impacts of breast implants were not actual. The medical establishment did nothing to help get to the truth of the breast implant issue.

Area #12: Smoking

For decades doctors endorsed smoking even though cancer and smoker were correlated going back to the late 1800s. The medical revisionism has been that it was not yet known that there was causation between cigarettes and cancer, however, this is because the medical establishment could not stop taking money from cigarette companies to rig studies that make cigarettes look safe. Once you look at the history, it appears that the medical establishment did know about the dangers of cigarettes, but decided to look the other way. 

Today, the New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of the American Medical Association benefit from a sterling reputation, however, how accurate is this interpretation? The NEJM and JAMA used to take cigarette company advertising, and they did so for decades. JAMA did not ban cigarette ads until 1953.

Area #13: Opioids

The story of opioids and how medicine got it wrong is almost difficult to believe. I cover in the article How Purdue Pharma Created the Opioid Epidemic, several pharmaceutical companies, including most notably Purdue Pharma produced a number of fake studies and had their sales force make claims that their drug, OxyContin, which was just a reformulated opium, was not addictive.

The medical establishment was completely irresponsible, and even today, the FDA has not recalled approval for opioids but instead has approved prescribing opioids for young children.

Area #14: PPIs Like Nexium and Prilosec

PPIs or protein pump inhibitors are very strong antacids used to treat acid reflux. These were blockbuster drugs that were prescribed and overused for years. Pharma companies received the authorization to have them used for six weeks, but patients somehow ended up taking them for years. This is something that neither the FDA nor the pharmaceutical companies (naturally) did anything to stop. This means that the FDA and companies like Astra Zeneca damaged people’s health, and knew that the drugs were not being used as originally intended.

PPIs are terrible for vitamin and mineral absorption and lead to a number of other health problems including cancer. This is explained in the article How Did The Nexium Prilosec And PPI Dangers Remain Hidden For So Long?

How The Medical Establishment Creates a Steady Supply of Patients

The medical establishment ends up maximizing its patients through the following actions.

Step #1: Keep Women from Breastfeeding

By promoting infant formula, medicine prevents the baby’s immune system from fully developing. However, not to worry, it has a replacement for natural immunity.

Step #2: Promote Vaccinations

Vaccination history and infectious disease history are greatly deliberately misexplained by the medical establishment so that medicine allocates credit that mostly should go to better sanitation to vaccines. Pharma has much

Step #3: De-emphasize Diet and Lifestyle

According to the medical establishment, there is little reason to focus on diet. This is particularly galling as the processed and fast food companies actively denutrify food, increasing its simple sugar content and removing essential fatty acids for profit maximization. It is almost as if the medical establishment and processed food companies have a silent agreement, which the processed food companies create customers for the medical establishment. Could we see a potential merger between Coke, McDonald’s, other processed food giants, and significant for-profit hospital chains like Banner? The more the citizens of any country consume Western-style processed food, the higher the percentage of the sick and the larger the number of patients for the medical establishment.

Viewed in this way, the medical establishment and the processed food companies are symbiotic.

Step #4: Controlling the FDA

A significant part of the system in the US is to have pharmaceutical companies control the FDA. As virtually no one reads the studies submitted to the FDA and simply goes off of whatever efficacy math pharma companies propose. As the FDA has deep financial conflicts, virtually any drug can be approved regardless of its absolute risk reduction. Drugs ranging from antidepressants to covid vaccines are wholly ineffective in their claimed task.


An enormous part of medicine has nothing to do with science and is about helping pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers maximize revenues. As the medical establishment does this, they also reduce health by blocking effective, low-cost treatments (like Ivermectin and Zinc and Vitamin D for covid), thereby decreasing healthy outcomes.

I have observed lying on the part of the medical establishment for several years. However, for me, the covid analysis I performed undermined my faith in establishment medicine entirely.

  • The FDA’s vaccine studies submitted and given EUAs did nothing against covid. They had such fraudulent math on the efficacy that it is apparent the pharmaceutical companies have gotten vast quantities of other drugs approved without any efficacy, and by hiding adverse reactions, non-covid drugs are suspect. This topic is covered in detail in the article How Effective Are the Covid Vaccines?
  • The rot goes deep in the FDA/NIH/CDC/WHO/AMA/etc… and I now question everything the medical establishment says. And
  • I want to be clear that my skepticism now also extends to doctors. Doctors are kept in line by the medical establishment, and those that align themselves with science rather than what pharma wants are run out of the profession. Therefore, those who stay in the profession are suspect, and their integrity has been compromised.

This article will grow as I add other areas where modern medicine is wrong. This must, of course, also be connected to areas where medicine got things wrong historically — this is an embarrassing subject for modern medicine, which is why they are cautious not to discuss their history of accuracy.

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