Warning of a Potential Extension of SAP Indirect Access to Basis

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Executive Summary

  • This is a warning of the potential extension of SAP indirect access to basis.


Indirect access was first applied to SAP applications and then was extended to HANA. SAP has been very effective in using indirect access to coerce software sales out of customers. Therefore it is a natural question as to whether SAP would extend indirect access and indirect access charges to other parts of SAP.

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Basis is the application server of SAP. Accessing the application server has not come up as a part of the indirect access. However, information coming out of Germany is that SAP is testing to apply claims for indirect access for Basis.


Indirect access works. It helps drive revenue, and while SAP produced a misleading announcement at SAPPHIRE 2017, which I covered in this article, How to Best Understand SAP’s Faux Change on Indirect Access. This article was designed to make customers think that it is lightening up on indirect access. In fact, SAP is intensifying its attempts to use indirect access to get more licenses from customers.