Was Tanzania’s Magufuli Killed Because He Showed The PRC Test Is Fake?

Executive Summary

  • Tanzania’s Magufuli figured out the PCR tests were used to create fake covid cases and fake covid deaths.
  • There is a good chance he was killed for this.


Magufuli figured out that the PCR covid tests were a scam and did so convincingly by testing fruit and livestock and finding they came back positive. This article includes a video of one of the most devastating takedowns of the PCR test that makes it look like a pandemic. It then asks the question of whether Magufuli was assassinated.

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Magufuli Exposes Covid PCR Test

The following is a video of Magufuli exposing the PCR tests as fraudulent. I did not find this video until many months after it was recorded, and the establishment media did not show it to the public. But they did mention he made the comments and this deprived Magufuli of the right to have his views heard in their entirety.

What is impressive is that this is the only known testing of this type I have ever run across that has been discussed.  

Magufuli, Covid Denyer, and PCR Test Debunker?

Magufuli died in March of 2021. The Western establishment media repeatedly referred to Magufuli as a “covid denier.” However, they did not address his claims in the video above. I did not see a single media entity contradicting Magufuli’s evidence, nor did they perform their testing using the PCR test.

The Fact that Magufuli Disagreed With Health Authorities Means He Must Be Wrong?

Strangely, rather than paying attention to what Magufuli said, they used what he said about the PCR test as evidence that he must be insane. However, what evidence is there that the PCR test works?

The following is a typical quotation from the establishment media on this topic.

While his response to COVID-19 may seem unhinged, it is also straight out of his normal playbook.

When he waged an ‘economic war’, the pretext was the alleged discovery of years of under-reporting of mineral exports by foreign mining companies. – The Conversation

I covered this in the article How Accurate is the Economist’s Article on Magufuli Versus Acacia Mining?, Acacia Mining had been illegally avoiding taxes by paying off the Tanzanian mining authorities to underestimate the amount of material exported from Tanzania for decades.

Why is this considered a negative for Magufuli to stop Acacia Mining from doing this? One wonders if the author analyzed this issue at all before determining that Magufuli must be on the wrong side of the issue.

The quote continues.

Exposing fraudulent COVID-19 test kits approved by the WHO runs off the same script. – The Conversation

Is this a script or valid? Isn’t the most crucial question whether what Magufuli is doing is accurate?

Magufuli had a habit of questioning entities that told him lies. In one case, it was a mining company; in the other, it was international health authorities.

The script this author would prefer is if Magufuli believed everything told to him by powerful entities, and that is the “script” that most other world leaders follow. I thought that Tanzania was a sovereign nation. However, it seems the author wants the leader of Tanzania to agree with foreign multinationals and international health authorities on all topics.

The quote continues.

The dismissal of the eminently qualified National Laboratory Director Nyambura Moremi also sounds like a return to old tactics. Magufuli has made firing public officials a signature move. It displays decisive action and finds scapegoats which leave president and party unblemished by blame. – The Conversation

Magufuli was removing what he considered corrupt officials from his government. I do not know if these individuals were evil, but there is no debate that the Tanzania that Magufuli inherited when he took power was highly filled with corruption.

Therefore, it is not suspicious that some officials would be removed for corruption. Being qualified does not mean that that person is not corrupt. Again, does the author know if these people removed were not corrupt?