What About Cancers for Which There Are No Ivermectin Studies?

 Executive Summary

  • There are many types of cancer, many of which do not have Ivermectin studies.
  • What is the most logical approach for treating these cancers with Ivermectin?


One of the most common questions is whether we know of studies showing Ivermectin’s effectiveness versus a specific type of cancer. As there are no studies of every kind of cancer, this article addresses the topic of the logical way forward when studies do not exist for a specific type of cancer.

The Funding for Ivermectin Studies

Most studies on Ivermectin for cancer are done outside of the US. A primary reason is that the NIH funds the most drug studies and has no Ivermectin studies currently funded.

I cover this topic in the article Why the NIH Does Not Have Any Studies on Ivermectin for Treating Cancer.

As Ivermectin is off-patent, none of the pharmaceutical companies (the other major funder of clinical trials) have any interest in funding studies. Therefore, we don’t have nearly as many studies of Ivermectin versus different types of cancer as we should have if the studies were funded based on public health benefits.

What to Do If Your Cancer Type Has No Ivermectin Studies

As we cover in the article How Many Different Mechanisms Does Ivermectin Fight Cancer?, in all of the studies we have reviewed — Ivermectin works the same way against cancer. One of the significant ways in which Ivermectin works against cancer is by improving and modulating the immune response. This works against not only any cancer but also against other ailments — which is why Ivermectin is also effective against autoimmune disorders.

This leads to the next topic of the article.

Why We Take Ivermectin at Brightwork

None of us at Brightwork have cancer (or have been diagnosed with cancer), but we all take Ivermectin. We all take Ivermectin for many reasons, but one of the reasons is as a cancer preventative. A central hypothesis of this website is that the immune system’s efficacy strongly determines health. A robust immune system mounts an effective defense against cancer and other ailments.

Our Logic for Ivermectin Use Against Cancers Without Ivermectin Studies

Here is a synopsis of our logic in a bullet point format.

  • Ivermectin has been proven effective against all cancers for which it has been tested.
  • As pharmaceutical companies have not funded these studies, these studies are far more likely to be accurate than if the converse were true.
  • Ivermectin is supportive of the immune system — which is eventually what defeats cancer — regardless of other treatments that are deployed.