Who is Doing Anything About The Out of Control H1-B Visa Program?

Executive Summary

  • We frequently ask who is doing anything to mitigate the massive problem of the Indianification of IT in the US and Canada.
  • We answer this question.


The following is a typical question we receive from readers who have read an article of ours on Indian IT.

Thank you Shaun. This my story and so many of my past and present colleagues.

These people are horrible. What can we do. How can we get involved and stop the madness.

The issue is one of representation. That is, to get involved, domestic IT workers need to participate with an entity that looks out for their interest of domestic IT workers. Let us review major involved entities in the subject of Indian IT in the US and Canada.

Entity #1: The US Department of Labor

The US Department of Labor or DOL is responsible for administering much of the H1-B program in the US. However, they have been co-opted by the H1-B Lobby and do not verify that any H1-B applicants meet anything their employers write about them in their application. Concerning the H1-B program, the DOL is a rubber stamp and looks out for the needs of US companies, not US workers.

Entity #2: Corporations

As we cover in the article Why Are 47 Entities Lobbying in Favor of the H.R.1044 IT Immigration Bill?, the major US corporations and outsourcing firms love the H1-B program. And they actively lobby to continually increase the scope of all of the foreign worker visa programs, including the H4, the L1, the B1, and the OPT student visa program. This is for the same reason that US companies love the H2-A and H2-B agricultural visa programs. It allows them to access lower-priced and more subordinate workers. These programs allow companies and universities to “sell citizenship” to foreign workers and to be used as a hammer against domestic workers.

See if you can recognize national politicians, many of whom pretend to be progressive, that have voted for expanding the H1-B visa program in the listing in the article Which Politicians are Co-Sponsoring of the H.R.1044 IT Immigration Bill?

The US democratic party will WOKE signal, but they prefer to change the subject when it comes to supporting workers. The US Democratic Party is nearly as sold out to elite interests as the US Republican Party. 

This is true even though many companies like Wal-Mart employ people working full time but are on government benefits (as we cover in the article Why Did Wal Mart Fail in Germany?). As the minimum wage is not increased, but the cost of living increases every year, more jobs do not pay employees enough to pay their expenses. The “people’s party” has nothing to say about this topic. Bernie Sanders, an independent, not a Democrat, supports a $15 min wage. This is one reason why he is unacceptable as a US presidential candidate and why the Democrats undermined him in two Democratic primaries. This is because paying all people a living wage is now considered to be so extreme that it brands a politician as a socialist.

Entity #3: Universities

Universities in both the US and Canada have significant control over each country’s immigration policy. Merely by admitting foreign students, they are able to grant student visas. In major university towns in both the US and Canada, the student body is nearly unrecognizable from several decades ago. In the majority of cases, these students are from countries that make it desirable to leave their countries, and they don’t intend to study and to return to their countries after their studies but to use the student visa as a foothold to immigrate to the US. Universities benefit from the lower wages they can pay to foreign student workers and the fact that foreign students pay out-of-state tuition.

Entity #4: Billionaires

Media entities have increasingly come to present billionaires as the “friends of common people.” Elon Musk is selflessly trying to move the world to renewables. Bill Gates is supporting philanthropic endeavors. It is now not even a conversational topic that billionaires may have oppositional interests to workers.

However, it is curious that every billionaire we have researched is in favor of more foreign workers and more Indians in IT.

Entity #5: Media

The media is overwhelmingly in favor of the H1-B visa program. Virtually every article on H1-B focuses on any type of restriction that companies have in bringing over more and more Indian H1-B workers. It is close to impossible to find an article that describes the negative impact of H1-B visa workers on wages, the negative cultural impact on US and Canadian workplaces caused by the invasion by Indian IT workers, or the massive discrimination which is recorded internationally in places ranging from Europe to Singapore, and the imposition of the Indian work standards as we cover in the article How the Awful Indian Employment System Works, or the multiple ways that Indian immigration lowers wages as we cover in the article The Multiple Ways that The H1-B Visa Program Reduces US Wages to anyplace that Indians immigrate to any significant number.

The media is in the pocket of those who pay for it, which is why IT Media Turns a Blind Eye to Indian IT.

Entity #6: US Immigration 

Here is a place Americans are supposed to be able to point out abuse Is the Way to Report H1-B Fraud or Abuse to the US Government for Real?, However, the form is ludicrous. This is because fraud is so common in the H1-B visa program that the idea the US government would have to have abuse reported to them illustrates that the reporting form cannot be real. The DOJ obtained a settlement from Infosys, as we cover in the article Infosys Who Got the $34 Million Fine from the Infosys H1-B Fraud Case?, however, the DOJ did nothing to change how Infosys does business.

Entity #7: The Trump Administration

In all the entities we have researched, it seems like only the Trump Administration is doing anything, as we cover in the article How Trump is the Only Person Doing Anything About Out of Control Indian Immigration.


The situation is dire. The H1-B Lobby, elite Indian interests, US corporations, US governing bodies (and much of this is duplicated in Canada) all side with Indians and Indian interests over domestic interests. The only person or organization putting a finger in the dyke of the Indian takeover of IT in the US and Canada is Trump or the Trump Administration.

However, Biden has made it clear that if he gets into the office, any of Trump’s “xenophobic” policies regarding foreign worker visas will be reversed.