Why Did the WMD Division of the Pentagon, the HHS and USAID Fund Gain of Function Research?

Executive Summary

  • The Pentagon and USAID funded the gain of function research, which led to the virus escaping the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
  • We explore why they did this.


Fauci has been exposed during the coronavirus for repeatedly lying about many things, including his funding of gain of function research in the unprofessional Wuhan Institute of Virology.

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Funding Gain of Function Research on the Coronavirus

In 2014, a moratorium on GOF research was instituted under the Obama administration. However, this did not stop Fauci, the Pentagon, or USAID from funding GOF research in locations outside of the US, notably China.

A report by Independent Science News and a search of U.S. government databases revealed that EcoHealth Alliance received US$39 million in funding from the Pentagon from 2013 to 2020.

Adding another US$64.7 million from USAID, the report found that Daszak’s “non-profit organization” has raked in over US$103 million from the U.S. government.

One thing that should become immediately obvious is the following.

  • There is a question of why Fauci promoted GOF to be performed in China and other places. And why the NIH was funding any GOF research as this weaponized a virus and gave it capabilities it could not develop in the wild.

We have highly irresponsible research that increases the likelihood of a pandemic combined with the research being funded in a low-quality lab, which would increase the likelihood of the weaponized virus escaping the lab.

Why Is EcoHealth Alliance Allowed to Funnel US Money to Labs?

EcoHealth Alliance is a combination lobbying entity (lobbying for GOF research) and intermediary for US government and private funding to pass through. However, they don’t research, so why does the US government give them money? The labs that do the work will all accept direct funding, so why is EcoHealth Alliance necessary?

Having the EcoHealth Alliance as a funding intermediary has had the following adverse outcomes concerning the coronavirus.

  • EcoHealth Alliance was a major lobbying group for GOF research.
  • EcoHealth Alliance has hidden or obscured where it received its funding.
  • EcoHealth Alliance and China covered up the WIV leak and have been providing false information to the public to keep them from figuring out the virus’s origin.
  • There has been little publication on the part of EcoHealth Alliance on how much funding went to the WIV versus other labs for GOF research.

Peter Daszak heads EcoHealth Alliance. An excellent example of how Daszak has covered up the lab leak is found in the following quotation.

Daszak has dismissed the possibility of a lab leak, insisting since the start of the pandemic it’s a “conspiracy theory” — without providing evidence for his claim. A report by U.S. Right to Know alleges that emails released through freedom of information requests reveal that Daszak persuaded 26 prominent scientists to sign a statement published in The Lancet on Feb. 19 2020, claiming that any suggestions that COVID-19 was not of natural origin are “conspiracy theories.” Four signatories of The Lancet statement are employed by EcoHealth Alliance. Six scientists who signed the statement, including Daszak, now comprise half of The Lancet’s panel investigating the origins of the virus. – Taiwan News

Every time Daszak or EcoHealth Alliance is involved in the GOF or coronavirus discussion, they are either lying about the cost/benefits of GOF or covering up the origin of the coronavirus. Daszak is highly connected to the lead researcher into bat coronaviruses at the WIV, Dr. Shi Zhengli, and Shi’s obstruction of any investigation into the origin of whether the coronavirus came from the WIV and her research is explicitly something she has obstructed, as explained in the following quotation.

Since the start of the pandemic, both Daszak and Shi have denied that a lab leak occurred at the WIV. However, over a year since the outbreak, Shi has yet to provide independent investigators with access to the WIV’s database and laboratory records. – Taiwan News

During the WHO investigation into the WIV, the WHO team was gaslit and kept to being kept in conference rooms and hotels for most of the visit, which is explained in the following quotation.

Embarek said his team was allowed to visit two labs where research has been carried out on bats. In both cases, they were shown presentations on the facilities. They were allowed to ask questions but were not allowed to see any of the laboratory’s books or documents. – Taiwan News