Executive Summary

  • Large, well-established entities are typically under complex pressures to censor the information they provide in their publications and public statements.


Large and well-established entities have pressure from many directions and are usually led by politicians. These individuals may have at one time attained medical degrees or law degrees, etc.., but they maintain their positions by acting and being political. For example, the primary reason a person is selected to be a university president is their fundraising ability. Do they always have a Ph.D.? Yes. But are they still primarily concerned with what is true or by selling the university to fundraisers. 

Our Approach

We are not concerned with political behavior or “making everyone” happy but with what is true. And that means we often provide conflicting information versus what large established entities propose. If we were concerned with conforming with large appointed entities, we would have to lower our accuracy. 


The marketplace must have research entities without connections to large established entities so that information that is accurate but is not something significant established entities want to be published can be published by someone.