Why Does Sharia Stop All Non-Muslims from Keeping or Bearing Arms?

Executive Summary

  • Muslim societies prevent non-Muslims from keeping and bearing arms.
  • We cover the reason for this.


The 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution is tremendously contentious in the US. Gun control is also the issue about the US that makes Europeans the angriest of any US issue. In this article, I will cover the strongest support for the right to keep and bear arms, and how it comes from Islam.

See our references for this article and related articles at this link.

Non-Muslim Weapon Rights Under Sharia

Under Sharia law, there is an intrinsic freedom to own arms. However, in times of civil strife or internal violence, this right can be temporarily suspended to keep peace and prevent harm, as mentioned by Imam ash-Shatibi in his works on Maqasid ash-Shari’ah (The Intents and Purposes of Shari’ah).[37][38] Citizens not practicing Islam are prohibited from bearing arms and are required to be protected by the military, the state for which they pay the jizyah. In exchange they do not need to pay the zakat. – Wikipedia

Non Muslims as Second Class Citizens in Muslim Countries

Under Sharia, non-Muslims are treated as a type of second class citizen. Islam proposes the violent subjugation of non-believers that is designed to humiliate non-believers and to promote them to convert to Islam. According to Mohammed non-believers were lower than “dogs and pigs,” and were “the worst of creatures.” So naturally, you would not want such creatures to be armed? You wouldn’t. Secondly, under Sharia, Muslims are allowed to keep and bear arms while non-Muslims are not. What does this tell us about the power dynamic that was set up under Muslim conquered lands between Muslims and non-Muslims?


If Muslims under Sharia prevented non-Muslims from keeping and bearing arms, for Muslim controlled lands, then this should be all the evidence necessary to convince a reasonable person that citizens should have the right to keep and bear arms.