Why Health Authorities Position MDs, Nurses and Pharmacists as Experts in Nutrition

Executive Summary

  • Health authorities constantly propose that people obtain approval on nutrition supplements from professions that lack expertise in nutrition.
  • This is part of a strategy to keep people from taking supplements.


A primary strategy used by health authorities to keep people from taking nutrient supplements is to position medical professions that know little about and are trained by pharmaceutical companies to denigrate nutrition supplementation. This article explains how this strategy works.

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MDs, Nurses, and Pharmacists Are Experts in Nutrition Supplements?

This quote is taken from the American Cancer Society.

Talk with your health care team before taking large doses of any vitamin, mineral, or other supplement. Your doctor, nurse or pharmacist should be able to help you find information on safe dosages.

The problem with this is, as I cover in the article How the Recommended Daily Allowances or RDAs Are Set Too Low by the FDA, the FDA seeks to undermine supplements by setting very low levels of the Recommended Daily Allowances. And MDs, nurses, and pharmacists generally have very little knowledge about nutrition supplements. I can easily find research demonstrating the benefits of various supplements that MDs are on record as saying are entirely unnecessary to take. The medical establishment both seeks to undermine nutrition supplements, know very little about nutrition supplements, and then set themselves up as gatekeepers and experts in the topic of nutrition supplements.

Essentially, all establishment medical entities say directly on their websites that nutrition supplements are either dangerous or not worth taking. The medical establishment is expert in prescribing drugs, using medical devices, or performing surgery, and they are not health experts. Ever since the Rockefeller Foundation highly influenced medical schools to be drug and surgery focused, the emphasis has been to monopolize all health information increasingly and use this monopoly to drive the population to the least preventative approaches and towards the approaches that are most profit-maximizing for the medical establishment. This places medical establishment entities within a hair’s breadth of denying the relationship between nutrients and the immune system.


By positioning medical professionals as experts in nutrition, medical authorities can direct people to the medical profession when they are hostile to nutrition supplements, which will dissuade people from taking nutrient supplements. I have reviewed many quotes from MDs and medical authorities on nutrition and supplementation and found many false statements, many statements made with seeming ignorance of the widespread nutrition deficiency in the population, and clear attempts to use scare tactics to keep readers from using supplements.