Why Historically Did So Many Women Globally Commit Suicide Rather Than Become Muslim Slaves?

Last Updated on May 6, 2022 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • Across the world, women from many cultures chose suicide over being taken as slaves by Muslims.
  • What does this tell us about what it is like to be a slave of Muslim conquerors?


Muslims frequently lie about Arab involvement in sex slavery. However, how sex slavery is one of the primary reasons that Islam spread so successfully. However, what is curious is that so many women across the centuries and continents chose suicide over being slaves to Muslims.

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Example #1: Committing Suicide Rather Than be Taken Captive by Muslims in Modern Day India

When Muslims would surround Rajput citadels, the Rajput women would commit jauhar (collective suicide) to save themselves from being dishonoured by their enemies. In 1296 approximately 16,000 women committed jauhar to save themselves from Alauddin Khalji’s army.

Rajput women would commit it when they saw that defeat and enslavement was imminent for their people. In 1533 in Chittorgarh nearly 13,000 women and children killed themselves instead of being taken captive by Bahadur Shah’s army. For them sexual intercourse was the worst form of humiliation. Rajputs practised jauhar mainly when their opponents were Muslims. – Wikipedia

Example #2: Committing Suicide Rather Than be Taken Captive by Muslims in Iraq

Suicide was again practiced by the Yazidi of Northern Iraq rather than be taken as slaves by Muslims.

The Yazidi women in Sinjar didn’t realise it yet, but the Isis fighters were carrying out a pre-planned mass abduction for the purpose of institutionalised rape. Initially they were looking for unmarried women and girls over eight.

Many of the men were massacred. Thousands of Yazidis were either executed and thrown into pits, or died of dehydration, injuries or exhaustion on the mountain. So many people were missing that the enslavement of women didn’t immediately come to international attention.

The Yazidis are a majority-Kurdish-speaking religious group living mostly in northern Iraq. They number less than one million worldwide. The Yazidis, throughout their history, have been persecuted as infidels by Muslim rulers who demanded that they convert.

The Yazidis had already been made vulnerable by forced displacement under Saddam Hussein, economic meltdown under UN sanctions, the breakdown of the state and security after the US-led invasion of 2003, and the political failures that followed. In Iraq there are now around 500,000 Yazidis, primarily from the Sinjar region in Nineveh province in the country’s north. The Yazidis of Syria and Turkey have mostly all fled to neighbouring countries or to Europe. In Germany, their numbers are estimated at 25,000.

At first, the women and girls were taken to prearranged locations in Iraq where they were handed out to the Isis fighters who took part in the attack on Sinjar. To avoid being raped, some of the girls killed themselves by slitting their wrists or throats, or hanging themselves, or throwing themselves from buildings. – The Guardian

Muslims receive our Golden Pinocchio Award for lying about Mohammed and Islam’s position on sex slavery. 


There is no way around the fact that Mohammed and Islam have been staunchly in favor of sex slavery. Muslims enslaved most people in human history, and slavery allowed Islam to spread through conquest so successfully. Muslims would like non-Muslims to believe that what ISIS did to many groups in Northern Iraq had “nothing to do with Islam.” However, it seems that women across centuries and continents will frequently prefer suicide over being taken as a Muslim sex slave. It might be that they knew something that led them to this decision.