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  • Brightwork Research & Analysis delivers information that can’t be found anywhere else.
  • Our research breaks the mold both in what we cover and how it is covered.


We produce unique research. We are focused on getting to the reality of software, rather than just creating marketing collateral for vendors (which is what Gartner, Forrester, and IDC and most other entities that pose as performing research in the software industry do).

One example of this unique research is S/4HANA, where we maintain a database as a research project into S/4HANA implementation. Analysts are paid by major vendors not to cover stories or to massage information to obtain the vendor’s outcome.

You can read about in the article The S/4HANA Implementation Sales Intelligence Highlights.

Industry commentators are often confused as to why there are such colossal software implementation failures. Both SAP and Oracle have many $500 million and multi-billion software failures (software & consulting costs combined — such as with the Lidl disaster as we cover in the article KPS Continues to Keep Promote HANA for Retail for Lidl After Failure). The idea presented is that implementation (excuse us “Digital Transformation“) “is difficult,” without these commentators observing the original claims or how the claims differ from reality.  

It is still not agreed in the IT industry that project success depends upon the quality of information and the number of true or false assumptions before the project beginning. Nearly all of those that write on IT topics determine their conclusion before they perform the analysis and perfectly align their conclusions with; however, the firm they work for makes its income.

Areas Which May Interest You

We cover a lot of areas — just choose the item below that interest you and it will open.

We are focused on measuring accuracy, as you can see in the article A Study of SAP Accuracy. And in the article A Study into John Appleby's HANA Accuracy. And what we find is that the typical accuracy of SAP and Oracle, Gartner and Forrester, and all the SAP and Oracle consulting firms, as well as the IT media, is extremely low.

We recently completed our Oracle research review, which you can read about in the article The Oracle Investor Intelligence Highlights. We broke the story around Oracle's co-location issue with its cloud offering in the article The Problem with Oracle Cloud and Colocation.

As you can see in the article Brightwork Notice: No New Published Software Research as of August 2020, we are now no longer publishing new research for SAP or Oracle after August 2020. All future SAP or Oracle research will only be accessible as part of our Brightwork Licensed Research.

Strong Proponents of Open Source

If you are an open-source project/entity, reach out to us. We provide research support for open source and for companies that are comparing open source versus commercial applications. We can expose companies to the benefits of open source and provide research for why the claims against open source are typically flawed.

This encapsulates our view of open source.

If you work for a company that deploys software and you have companies like SAP, Oracle, Deloitte, Accenture, Wipro, Infosys, etc, in your company, you are being ripped off. How can we say this with confidence? Because it is the business model of these companies. For example, as we cover in How to Understand Wipro's Position on Lying About Reference Clients, WiPro has argued in court documents that it is their prospect's and customer's to verify if WiPro is providing false reference clients in sales presentation.

In most cases, the IT department is complicit because they value the relationship with their vendors more than they represent the interests of their employer. We cover this topic in the article To Whom Does Your IT Department Owe Its Allegiance?

In most cases, senior IT leadership only wants to hear from these types of companies that will reinforce what they hear at vendor conferences or what they read in Gartner and Forrester.

  1. We are the leading research entity on Gartner and other IT analysts and provide Gartner advisement services.
  2. We are also the leading research entity on Indian corruption in IT (see our article library one Indian IT) and know exactly what to look for. If you suspect you are being defrauded by Indian IT organizations or Indians in any other type of IT services firm we are the right choice to retain.

For Vendors

We produce and sell licensed research that can be distributed by vendors to customers and prospects. This allows vendors to purchase distribution rights to a specific number of registered users. See the article Potential Research into SAP and Oracle 3rd Party Support as an example.

For Buyers

We produce custom research for software buyers or other entities looking to find the real story and to penetrate vendor, IT media, and analyst hype.

Who Finds Our Research of Interest

  • If you are receiving information that you question its accuracy, we have the ability to validate information provided by vendors and consulting firms that your IT department does not possess. If you have an IT project that is not going as you think it should, we can analyze the project and tell you what areas are falling down.
  • If you are interested in true independent and research-based IT advisement, reach out to us.

We have also broadened out or publication coverage into areas outside of software and into areas such as corruption, antitrust enforcement, labor exploitation, and other areas where our research approach can be applied to shed light on important areas that most are fearful of publishing.

Our motivation for doing so is the following.

  • We have covered some of these topics as they have related to the software industry in the past.
  • We used to restrict our analysis to only software topics. However, it has become increasingly apparent that most articles we read in many subjects are rigged to derive a predetermined outcome, as is the software area.
  • We find it interesting to apply the same analytical approach to multiple topic areas and "keeps ourselves limber."
  • We see a pressing need for coverage in these areas due to the increasing censorship in media, universities, and society in general. We can be honest and politically incorrect in our research conclusions as we can't be fired as can university professors or employees of private companies. As with our software research, our conclusion frequently doesn't conform to the conventional or establishment or party line.

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SAP has required that companies sign an NDA as part of implementing S/4HANA. We learned of this from several SAP customers. This is a highly unusual step taken by SAP. And it brings up interesting questions as to why. We cannot confirm that all S/4HANA projects operate under an NDA, only that some do.

This means that a company could open themselves up to legal implications by disclosing this information for the study. We do have a number of the customer names as part of the private case studies. However, they are not published as part of this study. We have also removed the countries where these companies are based. This was done on the same principle, which is to increase the anonymity of the SAP customers. This allowed us to release the most information and to prevent the blowback on the SAP customers. The purpose of this study is to determine the true state of S/4HANA implementations, not to identify “who” has implemented S/4HANA, what countries they are from, etc.

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If we look at the IT media entities, they accept SAP’s proposal that all applications work. There is no questioning as to any IT media entity going back and reviewing which SAP applications that were introduced with some fanfare worked out and which didn’t.

This leads to a sort of shocking conclusion that the media entities simply get all of their information from SAP. An analyst like Gartner does, on the contrary, speak with a huge number of SAP customers. However, they do not publish much of these observations regarding the overall view of a vendor. They may tell clients in private sessions.

But this means that fundamental analysis — like the analysis in this article just not being done. We have economists giving virtually no coverage to enterprise software. IT media being paid to repeat messages from software vendors and focusing very strongly on new introductions (rather than what happens after). Then we have IT analysts who don’t appear to get into areas outside of ratings (at least much outside of). However, ratings are only one type of analysis that needs to be performed. If a company is going to choose to use a vendor, they need to know the overall picture and not in such a limited dimension. 

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The Standard Answer to the Question

The common answer to this question is the following:

  • Pay the standard IT analysts
  • Hire an SAP consulting company.
  • Attend ASUG conferences.

The Real Story

Unfortunately, none of these are good ways to find out the real story.

  • From IT Analysts: As most of the IT analysts receive large sums of money from SAP, they have to be careful how much truth they tell.
  • From SAP Consulting Company: SAP consulting companies exist to bill hours for SAP resources. As such, they are normally pro any implementation they can get. This means they paper over the real experiences that they have exposure to. We have extensive research on this, but the messaging of SAP consulting companies is very close to a duplicate of that offered by SAP itself.
  • From ASUG Conferences: ASUG started its life as a user group, but is now a pawn of SAP. They serve as an outlet for SAP marketing. This is covered in a number of articles at Brightwork, but one example of this is ASUG’s Inability to Challenge SAP’s Predictions.

We have a history of challenging SAP, and of being right. This is something you can put to use within your company immediately to begin improving how you manage your IT budget to get more out of it.

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We have been the most vocal and consistent critic of the information generally available in the IT media space. We cover this topic in depth in articles like Understanding the Enterprise Software Market, How to Best Understand SAP’s Control of IT Media.

A major difference between Brightwork and any SAP consulting company or a Gartner or Forrester is that we don’t take money from SAP. This one major reason why our analysis of SAP is so much more accurate than Gartner or Forrester. And we have the articles to prove that claim.

Our view is that you cannot make good decisions if you listen to biased sources. In fact, this is the central premise of our book Rethinking Enterprise Software Risk. Gartner, Forrester, and others refuse to choose whose interests they represent. We represent the interests of decision makers.

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Our focus in on providing more accurate information to clients on SAP.

We offer anything from remote advice and walkthroughs of our research to on in site consulting projects where we perform detailed analysis of customer’s environments.

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