A Comparison of How Much Effort the CDC Puts Into Immunity Versus Vaccines

Executive Summary

  • It is interesting to see how much effort the CDC puts into promoting vaccines versus promoting general immunity.


While reviewing the treatments for covid, I found something of interest regarding the natural supplements that were as effective as drugs like Ivermectin.

This brings up the question of whether these natural supplements are good to take for general immune system function.

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CDC Website Review

The CDC is constantly announcing the importance of getting vaccinated both on their website and in their communication to media outlets that faithfully carry the message to the public.

The following is the CDC’s web page on the Measles, Mumps, and Rubells vaccines.

This is a standard page from the CDC on the importance of getting this vaccination. This article is 2479 words long. And the CDC has a page just like this for 24 different vaccines. 

As much as the health authorities propose, vaccines do not produce antibodies. They also appear to have forgotten what is on their websites, that there is widespread vitamin and mineral deficiency in the US.

This page on guidance on immunity is only 433 words long. And it leaves out many items that could improve immunity.

The items listed on this page are only the following.

  1. Eat Well
  2. Be Physically Active
  3. Maintain a Healthy Weight
  4. Get Enough Sleep
  5. Quit Smoking
  6. Avoid Too Much Alcohol

These are all good things, but they don’t address many other areas related to good immune response. The list does not include, for example, the specifics on Vitamin D and immunity that I cover in the article Why Are Some Natural Supplements Treatments Against Covid?

This nutrient page on the CDC’s website is only 777 words long. There is a pattern of the natural solutions parts of the CDC website being very short in text or content. 

At this point, I have put more effort into improving the immune system than the CDC. That is how unbalanced the CDC is on this topic. The CDC has roughly a $9 billion budget.

I performed a search on the term immunity on the CDC website. Most of the top results all dealt with covid. There is no possible way that the topic of covid should be as important as the topic of immunity. COVID-19 is a very low-risk virus that is only risky for those with low immunity.

However, even this reality was papered over, calling the deaths disproportionately affecting the “most vulnerable.”

Yes, the virus kills those with the weakest immune systems. What would you have the virus do, kill those with the most robust immune systems? Is the virus supposed to have a conscience and not kill people out of a concern for social justice? Viruses don’t have political affiliations or desire to virtue signal. They don’t have any neurons, putting these thoughts beyond them.

The health authorities could have used this to explain that the public needs to focus on improving their immune systems, but the health authorities did not do this — treating the immune systems of the public as if they were static and unimprovable — except through a vaccine. The individuals could not do anything to improve their immune systems; only (according to health authorities) could pharmaceutical companies save us. The focus of the health authorities, including the CDC during the pandemic, has been on vaccines and things like masks — not on improving one’s natural immunity.

The videos that came back with the search all dealt with immunization or vaccination — not immunity.

The way CDC uses the term “immunization” on its website and educational video is a problem — as it is constantly connected to vaccines. The CDC is attempting to convince the population that vaccines are synonymous with immunization. By this logic, there is no immunization without vaccination.

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