A Fantastic and Must Read Email on Horrible Indian Recruiters

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Executive Summary

    • We had this excellent and descriptive submission on our Indian IT Discrimination Survey.
    • It is filled with great information and links.


The following is a submission to our Indian Discrimination Survey.

Do You Know Indian Recruiters?

Yes! I know about the Indian Recruiters…

They have screwed me over 8000 times since 2009!!!

60 to 80 Correspondences from Rabid Indians?

I get 60 to 80 calls, e-mails, and texts every day from Indian Recruiters!!! Do you know about the Indian Recruiters? There are 14,000 Call Centers in India, with about 550 Indian IT Recruiters in each one. 🙂 Share this information with your Management and your Fellow Indian Recruiters. They will understand WHY the Hang-ups continue when they call people! 🙂

If you are an IT professional, you probably want to be aware of this situation. Unfortunately, I have to deal with these people up to 60 to 80 times a day. The documents at these links below tell you how they operate. Please read!!! We know your Game!!!

Stealing Domestic IT Resumes and Skills to Paste on Indian Resumes?

There is a 99.99% Chance Indian Recruiters are contacting American IT Workers to steal their resumes for Indian IT Consultants and Indian IT Consulting Companies. This is Identity Theft. They are also using these stolen resumes to show the U.S. Department of Labor that they did their Due Diligence and placed the Best Candidate, who happens to be Indian. This is fraud and deception.

Fake Resumes!


Are there too many Indians living in the US who forged or faked their work experience or educational certificates to get a hold of a US H1-B visa? If yes, how different are they from illegal immigrants?



Indians Do Not Place Domestic IT Workers?

After over 8000 contacts and interactions with Indian Recruiters, Not One Single INDIAN Recruiter has ever helped place me in a job after getting my resume. That is because you are ALL hate-filled Deceptive, Disgusting Racists!!! Are Indians RACISTS? Do they believe they are SUPERIOR???


Lessons From My Stay In The US – Indians Are Probably One Of The Most Racist People! https://www.youthkiawaaz.com/2014/08/lessons-stay-us-indians-probably-one-racist-people/ #Yuge!

Maybe some of you need to just read up on this very interesting facet of the #ITIndustry: These are interesting articles & videos, and all by Indians.




Why Dealing with Indian Recruiters is Futile for Domestic Workers



TCS, Infosys & Wipro – The Market Makers


Why do Indian consultancies in the US fake resumes and market candidates for IT jobs? Why has this practice continued?


Indian recruiters, the new trend!


Indian Recruiters are SCUM!

Over 50 fake call centers in Delhi-NCR duping job seekers: Delhi police http://bit.ly/1IikoE6

Indian Recruiters? What Is Wrong With This Country?


Low-Rate Recruiters – the Bane of My Existence


Recruiter Hall of Shame – List of “Bad Egg” Recruiters and Recruiting Firms


Also, read this book: Ants Among Elephants It explains very well why India has so much potential with a population of 1.3 Billion people, but its Annual GDP is only $2.8 Trillion.


In the United States, our Economy has an Annual GDP of $20.8 Trillion, and we do that with a workforce of only 158 Million People. Maybe they should sell your wonderful services to places like Bangladesh, Pakistan, and China. Americans don’t like doing business offshore anymore. By the way, the Indian Spammers make our online lives miserable here in America.




Fraud and Proxy Interviews – They Have No Shame

https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=proxy+interview+indian H1B-Episode 88 Indian Incs and fake Resumes


Amit Vij !?!?!?!?

http://billslater.com/amit.pdf =========== #Yuge!

#ImmigrationFraud Sting News!

ICE Sting Triggers Outrage from #Progressives A skewed news report triggered many progressive politicians, activists, and journalists to declare outrage towards the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) deportation of more than 200 #IndianStudents — even though the #ICE operation was launched under former #PresidentBarackObama to block commonplace #Fraud against U.S. college graduates. [ Excerpt ] Newspaper buried the facts in the sixteenth paragraph, which explained why the #Indians were #BreakingTheLaw when they signed up at a no-show university to get fast-track #WorkPermits. The Indians used the work permits to grab #WhiteCollar jobs sought by #American #CollegeGraduates.


#TCS, #Infosys & #Wipro – The Market Makers




#USCIS #CIS #Trump #Immigration #Deportation ===================================================== Long Live the Wonderful Indian Recruiters!!! ============================== Jai Ho!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxkhp7tHzHQ Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!! Jai Ho!!!


This message is filled with great links and commentary. Unfortunately when we tested a number of the YouTube videos they had been made private or taken down, so we did not include those links in this article. The same was true of several of the article links that we had to remove because they were no longer active.