A List of Supplements and Dosages to Support the Immune System

Executive Summary

  • This article covers which supplements I have been taking to support my immune system.


While reviewing the treatments for covid, I found something of interest regarding the natural supplements that were as effective as drugs like Ivermectin. I cover the logic for the supplements selected in the article Why Are Some Supplements Treatments Against Covid?

This article explains which supplements I began taking and the dosage.

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Treatments for Covid

The following screenshots are from the website C19 Early, which tracks treatments for covid. Note the treatment name and then the improvement versus covid right next to it. The following significant value is the number of studies performed.

Most of the treatments in the table are drugs, and however, C19 Early also includes natural substances in the comparison table. I noted that the following natural supplements were often as effective as the drug treatments.

The logic that flowed from the table was to take supplements that showed a benefit against covid. These items address diet deficiencies and, therefore, are desirable to improve one’s immune system.

Nutrient deficiencies are both acknowledged by health authorities, but then simultaneously ignored by health authorities when it comes to the topic of supplementation. I cover this topic in the article The Reality But Ignored Topic of Widespread Nutrient Deficiency.

This video covers how to improve the immune system. 

As is this video. 

Supplement #1: Vitamin D3 (Aka Vitamin D)

  • Dose: 10,000 IU per day for lower-weight individuals, 25,000 for the more heavy individuals.
  • Instructions: Taken with a fat, such as an avocado slice or slice of cheese.

This video covers the benefits of Vitamin D. 

This video describes how to better absorb Vitamin D.

This video explains the interactions of Vitamin D with other nutrients that are also covered in this article. 

I take this early in the day before I have been exposed to the sun. Vitamin D3 requires sunlight exposure to convert properly. This dosage is complicated, as is explained in the following quotation.

For example, I know of two people, about the same weight, they both started taking 20,000 IU of D3 per day. One’s blood level of D3 skyrocketed to 180+ ng/ml  while the other’s blood level barely budged from 30   to  50  ng/ml. We call them high responders and low responders. The reasons for this are not yet clear, but it might have to do with the differing levels of magnesium in their systems. – Bowles, Jeff T.

I have a separate article on Vitamin D which provides much more background at The Cover-Up by the Medical Establishment on Vitamin D Levels

Observed Benefits

  • Within around 10 days of taking Vitamin D, I noticed my skin was softer. However, I also take Udo’s Oil. This had me thinking that it was the Vitamin D that gave the instructions to use the good quality oil I had already been taking. This brings up the topic of how much the body will use material it is given, without appropriate levels of Vitamin D.

Supplement #2: Zinc

  • Dose: 200 MG per day.
  • Instructions: Taken with water.
  • Timing: Evening (On Vitamin D cycle)

Zinc is frequently used to fight colds as part of Zinc lozenges. However, the only reason this works is that virtually everyone is Zinc deficient. Better to take Zinc year-round, rather than just after one has a cold.

Supplement 3: Multivitamin

  • Dose: 3x the normal dosage.
  • Timing: Morning

Multivitamins have relatively low doses of each vitamin. And these are listed as a percentage of the RDA or recommended daily allowances. However, the percentage of recommended allowances is meaningless.

The problem with the FDA’s RDAs is covered in the article How the Recommended Daily Allowances or RDAs Are Set Too Low by the FDA.

Supplement #4: Fiber

  • Dose: 50 G per day.
  • Instructions: Taken with milk.
  • Timing: Multiple times per day. Take different fiber types (currently Benefiber or Optifiber and then Psyllium Husk.