Breitbart on Mass Domestic Worker Discrimination in Favor of Indians

Executive Summary

  • Breitbart brings up excellent points in their article on domestic US worker discrimination in favor of Indian workers.
  • This article reinforced many other data points on domestic worker discrimination.


See our references for this article and other articles on Indian IT Discrimination at this link.

Census data shows that one-in-seven software developers in Hudson County, New Jersey, were born in the United States, down from a six-in-seven share in 1980.

This wholesale replacement of American software experts by foreigners — mostly by Indian visa workers — is repeated in many counties across the United States, according to 2017 federal census data analyzed by R. Davis, a software developer in Silicon Valley.

The trend is spreading into other sectors, including accounting, health care, and design because U.S. investors and Indian firms are cooperating to transfer many professional-grade jobs to India and the payroll savings to Wall Street.

In 2017, American-born programmers were just one-in-four software employees in Santa Clara, California, down from four-in-five in 1980.

Moreover, the huge inflow of foreign visa workers — and expanding loss of young American graduates — is gradually filling middle-management and leadership teams with foreign-born executives.

There is a growing volume of anecdotal reports and courtroom evidence that Indian managers at U.S. companies and subcontractors prefer to hire Indians, usually by covertly discriminating against better-qualified American applicants.

Much of the evidence comes from Indian immigrants to the United States who are appalled by the predatory Indian business practices that have pushed American graduates out of their jobs and careers. These Indian “ex-immigrants” tell Breitbart News that they identify with their fellow Americans.

They also say they strongly favor Americans’ emphasis on individual competence and open competition over many Indians’ traditional reliance on family nepotism, caste solidarity, and ethnic chauvinism.

These visa programs allow U.S. companies to keep an army of roughly 1.5 million foreign graduates — including roughly 800,000 Indian graduates — for a wide variety of jobs across the United States. Most visa workers will work for low wages in the hopes that their employers will provide them with the hugely valuable prize of green cards. – Breitbart

Discrimination at Infosys

Talent Acquisition Unit Observations: Recruiters in Talent Acquisition observed that Indians were highly favored, and it was extremely difficult to move non-South Asians ahead in the hiring process. Non-Indians were regularly rejected as being “not a good fit,” – an Infosys euphemism for “non-Indian.” This discrimination is on-going. In 2016 for example, an Infosys manager in their Talent Acquisition Unit observed that of Infosys’ 2,900 hires in the United States, 2,200 (76%) were Indian. She observed a similar hiring disparity in prior years. – Breitbart

Companies that Look the Other Way

U.S. employers tolerate the growing evidence of corruption because the inflow of Indian workers helps to lower the marketplace wages for all software workers, including skilled Americans. Early-stage investors are especially eager to shortchange their employees because they need to display good profit-and-loss numbers to their targeted stock-sale customers on Wall Street. – Breitbart


Breitbart’s article on H1-B abuses is excellent. This shows a complete systematic breakdown of the immigration system and IT employment. This is making the IT business far less desirable and looks to be that unless domestic workers are in sales, marketing etc…they are set to lose large amounts of jobs.