Oracle Support

Brightwork Comparison and Scoring of Oracle Support

Executive Summary

  • All of the providers of Oracle support are very aggressive about providing the best option in the market.
  • This is our Oracle Support rating across the most critical criteria for support.


Oracle normally presents Oracle Support as the only option for customers. And Oracle uses a wide variety of pressure tactics and false information to prevent customers from choosing other support options, as we covered in the article How Accurate Are Oracle’s Criticisms of Rimini Street? All of this posturing leaves out how poor a value Oracle Support is for customers.

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How Oracle Stacks Up

Any entity that attempts to provide support for software they did not create will be at some disadvantage. This comparison shows how Oracle Support stacks up.

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Brightwork Oracle Support Scoring Criteria

Brightwork's scoring of Oracle support.
The CriteriaCriteria Definition
1. PriceThe direct price of the support.
2. Total CostsThe overall cost of being supported by the entity. It includes costs for internal support, costs in communication, costs in time from unanswered or slowly answered support calls, etc...
3. ResponsivenessHow quickly the initial response is to the ticket, and then how quickly it is followed up to a resolution.
4. Support BreadthHow broadly the support practically covers. (not what the entity says it covers)
5. End of Life ArgumentThe argument that all third party support is only for companies that intend to move off of Oracle.
6. Support for CustomizationsWhether the entity provides support for the customizations made by the customer.
7. UpgradesWhether the support option provides upgrades.
8. SecurityThe security provided by the support option.

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