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Comment #1: Marken Kisimo

Thank you for the information, as IT Manager I was fighting for the right decision to make. Taking in count all what you said, complements my analisis, I think Hana is not for everybody, is not mature as SQL Server, not for multiple purpose, and is too complex and expensive , I would have to change from a stabailzed environment to one which every piece has to be in place in order to work fine, and get adittional knowledge to be able to managed. Gretings

Those things that you say are all true. SAP tries to massively increase the cost and complexity of databases to customers primarily by making false claims around HANA.

SAP shops that know the least about database, and that are most in controlled by SAP have tended to move to HANA.

Comment #2: Marken Kisimo

What I do worry, is the fact that SAP is making more R&D investment on Hana, do you think that will be changed in the future?

HANA is now around 9 years old. It’s possible for things to improve — but HANA can never be what SAP said it would be. As you must know, the claims around HANA have been ludicrous. And the expense of HANA is off the charts — particularly when you include maintenance. Here is a question. After 9 years, why is HANA still having CPU overconsumption issues as I cover in the article How to Understand HANA’s High CPU Consumption.

You do not want a man without much of a database background like Hasso Plattner designing databases. See the origin story Did Hasso Plattner and His Ph.D. Students Invent HANA?

Vishal Sikka then followed Hasso, after Hasso essentially gave up getting HANA to work the way he wanted and wanted to move on. Vishal, who basically lies as you or I might breathe, told Hasso that he could make HANA’s promises come true as I cover in the article How Accurate Was Vishal Sikka on the Future of HANA?

And Vishal was also not qualified to lead a database development project.

If HANA ever does get better — it will essentially approximate the performance of an open-source DB offering, with virtually none of the initial claims about HANA (except that it performs better in read performance for queries) coming true.

Remember, this will never be covered. SAP’s enormous consulting ecosystem and paid off IT media entities (and don’t forget Gartner and Forrester How Gartner Got HANA So Wrong) will go to their graves repeating the same thing about SAP.

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