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  • This article contains comments from the article Did Africans Americans Enslave Liberian Africans.


These comments are in response to the article Did African Americans Enslave Liberian Africans?.

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Comment #1: From KW5GM

Americo Liberians Have No Moral Agency?

Who taught Americo-Liberians how to kidnap and enslave native Africans for profit? Who taught them survivor hood? How to sustain economically via abuse, rape, murder, and forced free labor from forced migration to America for profit and stolen work? Who did they watch rape, abuse, beat, and learn how to gain from the atrocity? WHO TAUGHT THEM THAT WAY OF LIFE? No matter how much you try to lessen your guilt of being a beneficiary of slavery (economically and politically), the root of its atrocities lies with your ancestors.

At the time the Americo-Liberian project was begun, slavery had been abolished in the US. African Americans repeatedly talked about how they opposed slavery, so the fact they would move to enslave Africans when given the opportunity immediately would be the height of hypocrisy. This is why blacks today do not want the history of Liberia known because the reality is that blacks did not actually object to slavery. They objected to being enslaved.

This comment follows a long path where blacks cannot accept any moral agency and must blame moral shortcomings on being taught to them by someone else. This is common in Africa, where rape by Africans is blamed on colonialists, even though rape by colonialists in Africa was not at all common.

Author Was Involved in Slavery?

Yet, your self righteously continues the generational brainwashing and gaslighting articles written to deny your present-day oppression. Thus, you still benefit from the foundation of slavery.

This is a standard and quite unknowledgeable proposal by blacks that all whites were engaged in slavery. In reality, a minority of whites were involved in slavery.

The vast majority of whites did not participate in slavery. A tiny fraction of whites in the US-owned slaves and the slaves were used primarily against the domestic white working population to drive down wages and debase the value of labor, in the same way, that worker visas are used against the US domestic working population today. Those that think “all whites” in the US benefitted from slavery don’t seem to know why slaves were used in the first place.

The author’s ancestors did not arrive in the US from Ireland and Germany until long after slavery was abolished. It is tough to see how the author benefited from slavery.

Secondly, as I just explained, most whites in the US did not benefit from slavery but were hurt by the existence of slaves. Slavery reduced the wages of white laborers, which was the point of slavery, free labor combined with decreasing the wages of paid labor. If slavery had been outlawed, the wages of labor would have risen. This is the same as if all illegal aliens and all foreign work visa holders were deported from the US today; wages would swiftly rise. However, it is critical to American blacks that they present all whites as beneficiaries of slavery so that the entire white population owes them restitution.

The Author States That Slavery Is Not A Bad Thing?

Your writing is essentially saying, see, this is why slavery wasn’t a bad thing. It was a pathway to social, political, and economic classism, the foundation of white supremacy ideology.

There are many articles about slavery on the Brightwork Research & Analysis website, and all of them write in opposition to slavery.

However, the problem so many people have with the articles is that the website brings up slavery. It does not follow the established presentation that slavery is a black-white issue. Here are problems that those who know little about slavery, particularly blacks, don’t want to know.

  • Slavery was universal in human history. Slavery was not questioned as a practice until the 1830s, and the abolitionist movement started in England, not in any black country.
  • Africans sold all of the slaves to the Europeans. So they were first enslaved by other Africans before being sold to Europeans. If all slavery is based upon white supremacy, why were so many African tribes dedicated to capturing slaves? Where African slave capturing tribes were driven by white supremacy.
  • There is a great deal of slavery in India and Southeast Asia, yet none of the slaveholders are white. Are they also white supremacists?
  • Most slaves in history were not substantially different in race than the slave masters. Many whites, for instance in Rome that did own slaves, often owned other whites. Slavery before the age of long-distance sailing technologies typically involved enslaving those in close proximity, usually those that lost military conflicts.
  • Slavery is not based upon white supremacy ideology for several reasons. First, for the reason given in the previous bullet point, second, the vast majority of slaveholders of blacks were not white, and they were Arab. Arabs preferred European slaves as their concubines.

This entire comment falls into the historical inaccuracy that slavery was either invented by whites and that virtually only blacks were ever slaves.

As a beneficiary of chattel slavery, your article dangerously communicates that slavery could not have been a bad thing. Why? Because free slaves enslaved poor people in the country where your ancestors kidnapped natives and transported them to America (indigenous land) and enslaved them.

I am not a beneficiary of chattel slavery or any other type of slavery. My ancestors arrived in the US after slavery had been abolished. This statement asserts that any white person anywhere benefitted from slavery, which is an unsupported claim.

Secondly, the article communicated that Liberian Americans or black Americans very quickly moved to convert the local Africans in Libera into slaves when given the opportunity. This is after protesting the slavery of their ancestors in the US.

Third, Africans were not kidnapped by Europeans. Europeans before 1888 only came to the slave ports. All of the kidnappings were performed by Africans, who captured Africans from other tribes. And they did so for money. There was no stigmatism against slavery in Africa at this time, and African nations continue to have slavery or slavery by another name.

Europeans purchased Africans from other Africans and slave ports and then transported them. They did not have to capture Africans. They were sold to them willingly by Africans.

Blacks in the US can simply not process this fact. They also cannot process the fact that blacks in the US also owned slaves. Nor can they process that only around 3.5% of Trans Atlantic slaves went to what is now the US and that the balance went to the Caribbean and Brazil. It is important to know that there was slavery in Africa before the arrival of Europeans, slavery after the Atlantic Slave Trade ended, and slavery in Africa to this day. Blacks generally cannot process any of this information and do not want any of this information known. Blacks want slavery to be rewritten as only existing in the US and that the only slaves in human history were black. The reason for this is simple — it allows for race scamming. This illustrates very clearly that the vast majority of American blacks have no interest in studying history or making historically accurate statements, but view slavery as a way to help maintain their position as victims.

White Americans taught Liberians Slavery

WHO TAUGHT Americo-Liberians how to steal(LOOT), enslave, and abuse humans? YOUR ANCESTORS. Nice try. You will NEVER convince Black people that slavery couldn’t have been a crime against humanity and feel less guilty about being a beneficiary of it. NEVER. But, keep trying to transfer guilt.

Again, my ancestors were not slaves. There is no history of the Irish or Germans being involved in the slave trade.

Once again, the author has no ancestors who could have been slaveholders. All white people did not have ancestors that were slaveholders. This demonstrates a complete misunderstanding of the elite nature of slavery. The vast majority of slaves were held by a tiny percentage of all whites in the US.

This commenter does not seem to realize that slavery was abolished by the time the Americo-Liberian experiment began. Ex slaves desired to go to Africa as they thought they could not be given fair treatment in the US. These comments illustrate the overall focus of blacks to become hostile and triggered when they have to read about the reality of slavery. Slavery exists all over the world today and is a principle in non-Europeans-based countries. India is a perfect example of this, but the topic is not discussed because there are no white slaveholders in India. According to blacks, slavery becomes “slavery” when a white person is a slaveholder. Blacks owning blacks is not slavery. Arabs owning Indians, Pakistanis, or Philippinos is not slavery (the owners are not white, and the slaves are not black). Blacks do not appreciate any type of slavery being discussed outside of the white-black dynamic.

The False and Poorly Educated View of Most Blacks on Slavery

Blacks have decided that slavery is what they determine to be slavery. Even though the vast majority of blacks don’t appear to care about any modern or historical person who is a slave, who is not black, they put themselves forward as the international experts on slavery but without the objectivity or study to support the claim. According to blacks, expertise in slavery does not come from studying the topic, but being born black is automatically born with expertise in slavery. Because of this view, it appears that the vast majority of blacks don’t feel obligated to educate themselves on this history of slavery and feel comfortable making unsupported claims. Under the WOKE white culture, blacks should not be contradicted on the topic of slavery, even if it is false, because it is insensitive. 

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