Does SAP’s Experience Management Make People Happy?

Last Updated on February 24, 2021 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • SAP produced the following video, which proposes their experience management makes the customer happy.
  • How accurate is this proposal?


SAP’s argument here is that SAP Experience Management immediately leads to companies making their customers very happy. There are several questions here.

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  1. SAP implements Experience Management for its customers, so are SAP customers “pleased?”
  2. SAP intends its customers to use Experience Management to make their customers “very happy.” Is there evidence this is true?

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The Video

SAP Marketing Fact Check

Having worked on SAP projects for decades and now receiving data points from all over the globe on SAP project status, I can say that SAP customers do not feel this way about SAP. I would say very happy would be zero and five percent, and there are probably close to 35% that are quite unhappy or close to enraged. A high number is moderately dissatisfied. The only individuals who are happy with SAP are SAP consultants and people who make SAP money.

If this ad were accurate, it would show Clive Owen frowning with the dogs, occasionally biting him. The person washing his hair would be delighted — because they are making money from SAP. Deloitte and Infosys are very, very, very happy. They are overjoyed. The customer of these firms — not so much.

To SAP’s point, does SAP “Experience Management” allow SAP customers to make them exceptionally happy? It’s difficult even to tell what EM is. It seems to be Qualtrics, but merely taking surveys will not make customers happy. Doing something about it would. But SAP has had dissatisfied customers for quite some time and has done very little about it. They prefer to focus on their own happiness.

This advertisement fails the reality check.


This video receives a 0 out of 10 for accuracy.