Elon Musk Exposed A Major Part of Twitter’s Business Model is Lying to Advertizers

Executive Summary

  • Twitter has been lying to advertisers for many years about its number of users.
  • Elon Musk was the first major person to put a spotlight on this issue.


We have covered in different articles how Facebook has been lying to advertisers about the reach of their ads. One of these articles is Facebook’s History of Lying to Advertizers and Ad Buyers About Ad Reach. Now in this article, we will cover how Twitter has been doing the same thing.

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Elon Musk’s Request for External Testing

This video covers the issue that Elon Musk pointed out.

They will fin

d out the number of bots is far higher than 5%, and Twitter rigged the sample. All of these companies, Facebook, etc…lie to advertisers about their followings.

How Elon is Allowed to Constantly Change His Statements

Elon is constantly saying things and then changing his mind. He was going to accept crypto for payment; then, he said that he was concerned about environmental concerns. Elon has a halo and is never held accountable for his actions. Without lying to advertisers, which is Twitter’s primary business model, Twitter has no alternative business model. By exposing this, Elon has just reduced the value of Twitter now and in into the future.

Good Analysis

This video above explains that Musk’s offer occurred before a major sell-off in tech. And most likely, Musk does not want to pay $54 per share.