How Trump is the Only Person Doing Anything About Out of Control Indian IT Immigration

Executive Summary

  • Nearly all forces — from multinationals to the H1-B lobby are pushing for more and more Indian immigration.
  • Only the Trump Administration is restricting Indian immigration.


Amazingly, even with Coronavirus, there have been howls of Indians and the H1-B visa lobby. 

The Media’s Full Court Press Against Restricting H1-B Visas

Virtually all of the media has come out against these restrictions, even though it is behind the debate that both H1-B visas and foreign worker visas are generally negatively impacting domestic US workers, as we cover in the article How Flooding of the H1-B Visa Program is Commoditizing Technical Labor.

The official justifications for these policies are the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and the protection of American workers from wage competition. Neither rationale can justify such a sweeping restriction on immigration. Even more troubling, the order is a large-scale executive-branch power grab that sets a dangerous precedent. It makes a mockery of conservative jurists’ insistence that there are constitutional limits to the amount of authority Congress can delegate to the executive. – The Atlantic

This is the typical type of article written on this topic. The author does not bring up the fact that enlargements to the H1-B visa program are passed in secret with massive industry lobbying as we cover in the article Why Are 47 Entities Lobbying in Favor of the H.R.1044 IT Immigration Bill?

That, according to the author, is perfectly fine. The fact that the Department of Labor does nothing to oversee the program for false information provided by Indians or those that sponsor Indians as we cover in the article How the US Department of Labor is Useless in Policing The H1-B Program.

No, none of those things set a dangerous precedent. But Trump intervening on the unending importation of Indian workers — THAT is the dangerous precedent.

Among the victims are American citizens who have already waited years to be reunited with relatives who are now trapped abroad. While the measure exempts spouses and children of U.S. citizens (if the children are under the age of 21), it still bars siblings, parents, and other relatives. The administration has compounded the injustice by blocking almost all asylum applications from refugees trying to cross the border, despite the fact that such a measure violates both American and international law, which forbid the expulsion of refugees facing persecution based on race, religion, political opinions, and other similar categories in their countries of origin. – The Atlantic

Misplaced Compassion

This is the angle used — an appeal to compassion. However, something that The Atlantic, New York Times, Washington Post, or any of the other major media outlets do not have is compassion for US domestic workers. In terms of asylum seekers, there is mass fraud in the asylum applications as well. Increasingly, “asylum” simply means one does not currently live in a white country. Immigration lawyers now train new immigrants to apply for asylum, regardless of whether they are actual refugees or not. Immigration attorneys don’t care whether these immigrants will fit in with the culture, or if they will clash with the existing citizens, immigration attorneys just care about getting paid. The cultures that these new arrivals come from are perfectly comfortable lying to gain entry, and immigration attorneys are very comfortable telling them how to lie. Indians aggressively lie to gain entry into white countries.

Asylum has become a scam. The vast majority of those that apply for asylum are simply looking for a “country upgrade.” At this point, virtually any disturbance or desire to find better economic opportunity becomes political asylum. 

Notice, Vox, another progressive outlet, that again takes the side of the large importation of non-whites into the US. Nearly every single media outlet takes the same view. Once in the US, Latin Americans immediately being having babies. Indians also have babies extremely quickly as their children are US citizens and therefore anchor babies. Latin American have many more. Latin America is extremely overpopulated — leading in great part to their problems. They are repeating the same pattern that caused them to have to migrate, and do not see the pattern themselves.

This massive influx is changing the country to the degree that immigrants now consider is insulting to be told to speak English in public places.

Yes, it is offensive. Modern immigrants expect to be able to keep their own language and to treat those that would ask them to speak English with hostility. If this is not apparent that the entire construct of immigration is changing, nothing else can describe it. There are now large swaths of the US that do not use English and are not expected to use English. 

A 14-day quarantine may be a deal breaker for tourists. But for immigrants, it is a small price to pay for the chance to live in a society that offers greater freedom and opportunity. And unlike migration restrictions, a regime of free migration with some targeted quarantine measures does not create a large population of undocumented immigrants, who in turn have strong incentives to avoid testing for the coronavirus, thereby facilitating the disease’s spread. – The Atlantic

Why Not Just Open All White Countries to Unlimited Non-White Immigration?

Yes, if the US wanted to, or any white country wanted to, they could allow themselves to be overrun with non-white immigrants. However, only 10% of the global population is white. Most of the developed world would jump at the opportunity to immigrate to the US. India has an overwhelming population problem.

  1. Which should the US take in?
  2. The US already has a population of 320 million and grows by 2 million per year.
  3. The US is also beyond its carrying capacity and fracturing at the seams due to the increased diversity.

Overpopulation is the biggest problem in non-white countries, and this problem is only getting worse. These countries accessed white medical advancements that reduced infant mortality, but they did not modify their reproductive rates. India went from 350 million in 1947 (at independence) to between 1.3 and 1.5 billion (they do not have precise figures — and the Muslim population is known to underreport their numbers). These people desire to leave their countries, with most thinking their countries cannot be saved. They have given up on developing their own countries and desire a soft landing in a white country. 

Understanding this would mean understanding developmental history and ecology, but don’t worry, because The Atlantic would never have a person who understands these topics write for them on this issue.

The author for the Atlantic is I assume too busy cashing checks from the H1-B lobby and telling us the sky will fall if we for the slightest moment question how many foreign workers are coming into the country.

Immigrants Contribute More to Health Care and Innovation Than US Citizens?

Severe restrictions on migration actually damage public health in the long run. Immigrants contribute disproportionately to medical care and innovation. The Trump order includes an exemption for current medical professionals, but not for scientists or those who might become medical workers after entering the country. – The Atlantic

Mexican immigrants most definitely consume far more health care services than they provide. Mexicans infuse Emergency Rooms and use them as a clinic — and these costs are then passed on to taxpayers.

Innovation is not higher in immigrant groups — this is a myth created by pro-immigration entities. Furthermore, the US already has far too many scientists. They are being driven out of STEM due to low-cost immigration, as we cover in the article How The H1-Bs Are Pushing Out Domestic US Workers of IT and STEM.

If the US is less innovative than its immigrants — then why do these immigrants want to come here? The US achieved technological preeminence in the 1960s — back when immigration was quite low.

Increasing Supply Does not Reduce Prices?

The wage-competition rationale for the new policy is equally specious. Economists consistently find that most Americans’ wages actually benefit from immigrant labor. That is the case even during times of severe recession and unemployment, such as the present. A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that the mass deportation of Mexican workers during the Great Depression did not result in increased wages for American workers, and may even have lowered them. Far from helping American workers, barring immigrants is likely to make the economy less productive. The recent expansion of Trump’s immigration ban to cover a wide range of work visas will damage the economy further, particularly by reducing innovation, to which H1-B-visa recipients are important contributors. – The Atlantic

Most economists work for elite interests — and their research conclusions are not reliable. But there is a not very complicated analysis as to what happens with increased supply. And that is if the supply of labor is increased, this reduces the value and wage of that labor. The supply of Mexican labor, for example, is well known to have significantly brought down the wages in Los Angeles in construction.

This author is arguing against supply and demand.

Who is the Author — And Who Are Authors Generally That Write on H1-B?

The author of this article is Professor of Law at George Mason University who has never worked in IT, will never work in IT, and has no idea of how Indians discriminate and create a hostile work environment for US domestic workers. This professor in his ivory tower writing about things he has never experienced and potentially living off of H1-B lobby contributions does now know what a terrible experience it is to work with Indians. I have observed that media entities do a terrible job of checking guest authors for conflicts of interest. Therefore, the reader ends up with no idea how the article is connected to off-record financial contributions.

Does this professor know anything about the corruption in Indian society or the corruption that Indians bring to the US? Why anyone would listen to an attorney about IT, working with Indians, economics, labor markets, or any of the items in his article (except for the legal analysis of what Trump did) is beyond me.

What is clear is that The Atlantic, which is a progressive web site, allows people to write for them that oppose the interests of US domestic IT workers.

Advice on Enjoying the Indian H1-B Lobby Quiz

To see the full screen, just select the lower right-hand corner and expand. Trust us, expanding makes the experience a whole lot more fun.



The push for more foreign labor and to worsen the condition of US domestic IT workers is intense. Either hundreds of thousands of Indian IT workers must be brought in every year — without stopping, or these types of articles begin to appear. They are almost always written by people without any experience in IT or any experience working with Indians. In fact, a very high percentage of articles on H1-B visas and foreign worker programs are written by two types of people.

  1. Attorneys — often immigration attorneys who have a financial bias. (It is curious that I can’t recall a single attorney who opposes immigration. Why is that? Why to attorney, even those that are not specifically immigration attorneys only seem to ever be on one side on this issue?)
  2. Journalists who have never worked in IT.

This brings up the question of why The Atlantic and so many other prominent media entities have individuals who author articles on H1-B and Indians IT workers who have no idea what they are talking about. These are people who also have never touched technology beyond email and Word, who explain to me what drives innovation. It should be quite obvious that if we are listening to attorneys what drives innovation, or how the IT workplace or IT market functions — we probably should not listen to them.

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Financial Bias Disclosure

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Should You Talk to Indians?

Executive Summary

  • Indians do not interact or converse the same way or with the same intentions as whites.
  • We cover what happens in conversations with Indians.


Indians are immigrating to the US and other white countries in massive numbers. Most Americans initially treated Indians as if they were American in culture without considering the cultural differences of Indians. In this article, we will cover how Indians use language differently.

American Culture

American culture is to use conversation to share ideas, to give instruction — in the case where one person is higher in the hierarchy. That is, conversing is primarily about sharing information. Indians do not follow this approach when conversing — and this particularly true when an Indian is dealing with a non-Indian.

Cheating or Taking from Non-Indians

Indians generally view whites as lacking “survival skills.” India is a brutal place to live — and it creates a highly suspicious and grasping culture. Most Indians are incredibly comfortable with theft and labor exploitation. That is just how things are in India. When Indians interact with whites, they primarily see it as a way to take something from whites. This is where the problem with sharing information comes into play.

These are some of the things we have noticed when interacting with Indians — primarily because of our work in the IT field, which has a high percentage of Indians.

  1. Indians are not potential customers. Indians will get into touch with us, but it does not lead to buying research. Indians will often be very congenial, but they do not follow through on what they say they will do. Indians will effortlessly lie about how they will do something, and then just never do that thing. Indians are unreliable, and the information they provide to you has little meaning.
  2. Indians are very comfortable lying. For example, in recruiting, they will take a resume from a white person, place an Indian name on it, and then obtain a higher margin by faking the background of the white resource. The intent in speaking with the white resource is to obtain their resume, which they can then use to market an Indian. We cover in the article Why Dealing with Indian Recruiters is Futile and Pointless for Domestic Workers. 
  3. Indians have a high class, caste, and discriminatory racial history. Through false education in India, Indians have been taught that most of the problems of India have nothing to do with India but are due to the British colocalization of the country. India has had 70 years since the end of British colocalization and has done virtually nothing except increase their population from 350 million to 1.5 billion. Most Indians consider India hopeless — and want to leave. In India, everything is highly tribal, and they have brought this pattern of behavior with them from India to the white countries where they have immigrated.
  4. Indians routinely ask for things for free. At the Brightwork Research & Analysis website, we have the message box that you see in the lower right corner. The majority of requests for free information that we receive come from Indians. We added a message that the comment box is not for free requests for information — and Indians ignore our message an ask for free information in any case.
  5. When Indians are gatekeepers, they want to direct resources to other Indians. We cover this article in The Problem With Indians as GateKeepers for US IT Purchases. 

Conversation as Espionage

Much of the intent of Indians is to use conversation as a way to gather information — that is then used against the provider of the information. This means that conversations with Indians are not like conversations with other people. And it means that nearly every time a white person speaks with an Indian, they communicate information that the Indian plans to use against that white person.

Making Adjustments

Over time we have come to make the following adjustments to deal with Indians properly.

Adjustment #1: Indian Email or Message

If we receive an email or a comment on the website from an Indian, we ignore that email. The message will invariably be asking us to do something for free for them.

Adjustment #2: Indian Conversation

In conversations, it is important to give Indians false information. One cannot provide 100% false information, but the information can be falsified that is strategic. It is important to remember that Indians are waiting for you to say something that they can use. They are probing for a weakness. For example, an Indian will ask what issues there are in a project. The Indians will pretend that they just want to help. As soon as they find the issue or the weakness, they will often send that problem to the superiors, and then point out that some people that work in that department could be replaced — which would solve the issue. Then they, of course, have some people they can “recommend” that are naturally Indians that they know.

Adjustment #3: Indian IP Theft

Indians have no historical experience with respecting the IP of others. For Indians, IP is something for them to steal. We installed a plugin that prevents copying text — and we did this specifically to stop Indians from using our IP. Although we later also found that Chinese, both in China and Chinese that have immigrated do not have respect for the IP of others. Someone from China translated an article we wrote and placed it on their website. Again — they never contacted us. Both India and China blame their problems on whites — and therefore, it is considered acceptable to cheat to whites as whites were involved in colonialism — and of course, even whites that had nothing to do with colonialism or lived in countries that had colonies (like Ireland or Norway) are also to blame — as all whites are part of a single group that can be cheated.


We recommend to all whites that deal with Indians that they put into place controls for how they share information with Indians. For us, blocking Indians has saved us a lot of time. The first step is to attribute mal intentions to not just some Indians, but all Indians. We tried being selective and ran into the same problems with what we thought were “good Indians” versus “bad Indians.” The primary difference is that it took longer for “good Indians” to show themselves — whereas “bad Indians” were more transparent about their desire to steal from us. Indians have a sense of entitlement that is extra-ordinary and persistent. It means that Indians feel they have the right to take advantage of other people. Once caught, they will typically either complain about the forceful response as being “unprofessional,” or they will accuse the person that caught them of being racist. There is literally no way to win. As explained in the movie War Games — the only way to win — is not to play.

Advice on Enjoying the Indian H1-B Lobby Quiz

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The Complications of Having to Please Wall Street

Executive Summary

  • Software companies need to focus on two goals, one bettering their companies the other pleasing Wall Street.
  • We will provide a quote of how this second goal interferes with the first.


At Brightwork, we have covered false statements presented in quarterly reports, such as in the article Inaccuracies on SAP’s Q2 2017 Earnings Call. In earning calls, the picture presented to Wall Street analysts appears like a fictional world that has little to do with the reality of the software vendors that I cover. I later learned that analysts only ask softball questions because all of the analysts invited on the call work for firms that are long on the stock, as is covered in the article Why Analysts Do Not Ask Challenging Questions on SAP’s Quarterly Calls.

This pressure to conform to Wall Street expectations is enormous. It is equally problematic in that Wall Street firms don’t themselves run companies, and are often confused about how companies function as we cover in the article What Wall Street Does Not Understand About SaaS.

This means that software vendors are having to conform to the expectations of individuals with know demonstrated competence in running software companies.

While reading the excellent book Snake Oil: How Fracking’s False Promise of Plenty Imperils Our Future by Richard Heinberg, there is an explanation of the demands placed on the oil and wildcatting industry by Wall Street, and how it pushed that industry too often counterproductive outcomes. 

Wall Street and the Fracking Industry

This quote is highly instructive.

Investment bankers make money on the way up (as bubbles inflate) and on the way down (as companies sell off assets and submit to mergers and takeovers). Therefore, it is in their interest to support drillers’ exaggerated claims for reserves and future production potential. When the fracking boom inevitably goes bust, it won’t be the banks that will take the hit; it will be the investors who bought shares of stock in oil and gas companies.

BP has been forced to write off nearly two billion dollars in assets. Rex Tillerson, the CEO of ExxonMobil, told the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City in June 2012, “We’re losing our shirts [on shale gas production]. We’re making no money. It’s all in the red.”

Why did the industry shoot itself in the foot by overproducing shale gas? In some respects, the glut resulted in inevitably from a land rush that occurred in the early years of the shale boom, when companies were leasing as much land as possible, as quickly as possible: the term of drilling leases required drilling sooner rather than later, even if that meant oversupplying the market. But this is not a sufficient explanation for the price plunge. For a deeper understanding of the industry’s puzzling self-destructive behavior, we must follow the money.

In a New York Times investigative article (“After the Boom in Natural Gas,” October 20, 2012), Clifford Krauss and Eric Lipton wrote, “Like the recent credit bubble, the boom and bust in gas were driven in large part by tens of billions of dollars in creative financing engineered by investment banks like Goldman Sachs, Barclay, and Jefferies & Company.” The article details how this “creative financing” forced drillers to keep drilling even when each new well represented a financial loss.

Deborah Roger, a former Wall Street financial consultant and member of the Advisory Council for the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas from 2008 to 2011, has further traced the toxic connections between major investment banks and shale gas/tight oil operators in her report, “Shale and Wall Street: Was the Decline in Natural Gas Prices Orchestrated?”

She writes:

In order for a publicly traded oil and gas company to grow extensively, it must manage only its core business but also the relationship it enjoys with its investment bankers. Thus, publicly traded oil and gas companies have essentially two sets of economics. There is what may be called field economics, which addresses the basic day to day operations of the company and what is actually occurring out in the field with regard to well costs, production history etc.; the other set is Wall Street or “Street” economics. This entails keeping a company attractive to financial analysts and investors so that the share price moves up and access to the capital market is assured.

I ordinarily don’t like using so much of a quote, and I trimmed some of it. But with such a fantastic quote, I could not see using less of it than what I did. I ran into the same problem with the quote I used in conclusion.


This is why software vendors provide so much false information to the market. Wall Street firms demand this false information.

It is why so many vendors cloud wash, that is pretending to be much more involved in the cloud than they are when in reality, they are primarily on-premises vendors.  Wall Street has this type of negative impact on virtually all industries. People that can tell a good story now have much more power than people who know how to run a company. Private equity firms entirely dispense with giving money to companies, and simply directly take over the company, and then raid it for short term profits. In the case of the private equity take over of Remmington, Cerberus Capital Management purchased the firearms manufacturer, and then had Remmington take out a bond, that paid Cerberus Capital Management back. And due to mismanagement of Remmington and the high debt payments required due to Cerberus Capital Management, Remmington eventually declared bankruptcy.

Some interesting questions arise from this story.

  1. What was the value add to the Cerberus Capital Management purchase of Remmington?
  2. How was Cerberus Capital Management allowed to pay itself back the money it used to purchase Remmington by making Remmington take out a bond?

Counterfeit Capitalism

The rise of companies that specialize in raising money over running a business is a term by Matt Stoller called counterfeit capitalism. 

Generally speaking, Softbank’s model is to manipulate private capital markets as a way of drowning out competitors with cash. For instance, there were several ‘rounds’ of WeWork investment where Softbank was buying more shares at higher valuations. WeWork ostensibly became more valuable because Son said it was more valuable, and bought shares for higher prices. And since there was no public market for these shares, the pricing of the shares was totally arbitrary. WeWork then used this cash to underprice competitors in the co-working space market, hoping to be able to profit later once it had a strong market position in real estate subletting or ancillary businesses. (emphasis added)

This is of course Amazon’s model, which underpriced competitors in retail and eventually came to control the whole market. And Amazon has spawned a host of imitators, including WeWork. It has also reshaped venture investing. The goal of Son, and increasingly most large financiers in private equity and venture capital, is to find big markets and then dump capital into one player in such a market who can underprice until he becomes the dominant remaining actor. In this manner, financiers can help kill all competition,(emphasis added) with the idea of profiting later on via the surviving monopoly.

What predatory pricing does is to enable competition purely based on access to capital. This model has spread. Bird, the scooter company, is not making money. Uber and Lyft are similarly and systemically unprofitable. This model is catastrophic not just for individual companies, but for their competitors who have to *make* money. I’ve written about this problem before. Amazon has created a much less competitive and brittle retail sector. Netflix’s money-losing business is ruining Hollywood.

Endless money-losing is a variant of counterfeiting, and counterfeiting has dangerous economic consequences. The subprime fiasco was one example. Another example was the Worldcom fraud in the late 1990s, which forced the rest of the U.S. telecom sector to over-invest into broadband. Competitors have to copy their fraudulent competitors.(emphasis added) It’s a variant of Gresham’s Law, which says that “bad money drives out good.” If you can counterfeit something for cheap, the counterfeit will eventually take over the entire market and drive out the real commodity.(emphasis added)

As euphoria in capital markets takes hold, predatory pricing scheme come to entirely wastes capital on money losing enterprises, and eventually these companies become Soviet-style generators of white elephants and self-dealing. The men and women who run them have to be charlatans, because they are storytellers justifying losses.(emphasis added) Powerful men like Dimon are sucked in, consultants start explaining to old-line economy companies how they too can become like WeWork, and eventually more and more of the economy just adopts counterfeit capitalism.

This story of the financialization of companies is greatly underreported and is causing massive damage to the economy and workers.


How Indians Flood the US Market with Indian Resources

Executive Summary

  • The Indian strategy for the IT market has been to flood it with Indian resources.
  • This strategy is designed to overwhelm the hiring apparatus at companies.


By flooding the market, and then using their position inside the company to bring in other Indians, once Indians have entered a company, they seek to replace the domestic IT workers with Indians. They also consistently infiltrate the hiring apparatus in companies to push them to hire more Indians. Indians often do this under “diversity,” a concept that was designed for disadvantaged minorities in the US — like Latinos and blacks. Diversity was never meant to be used as a pretext to bring in large numbers of foreign workers who happen to be non-white.

How Indians Flood the IT Market

How this works is described by Mark Graham.

Indians have become successful by flooding the market. It is nothing more than that.  By having 100 to 1 resume ratios a hiring manager just gives up and hires an Indian because he never noticed the other candidates.

Many of the recruiter websites are setup just to capture the white person’s resumes and put an Indians name on it.

We covered this theft and impostering of experience in the article Why Dealing with Indian Recruiters is Futile and Pointless for Domestic IT Workers.

This quotation of flooding is reinforced in the analysis of the takeover of the IT recruiting market by Indians and Indian firms.

Indian Recruiters Quality

Not only do Indian recruiters have close to universally terrible ethics, but they typically have enormous English communication problems, they lack conscientiousness, they usually know less about the technology and even what terms stand for than US domestic recruiters.

Still, with their awful performance as recruiters, they now dominate the US contract recruiting market. This illustrates that whatever they did to accomplish this feat, it was not based upon quality.

Ready for another discussion with an Indian recruiter? Don’t forget to read out article Preparing Your Mind to Deal with Oracle and Indian Recruiters.

Who Hates Indian Recruiters?

Literally everyone — and I mean everyone who is domestic detests Indian recruiters. I have never heard a single positive review given to an Indian recruiter.

But domestic IT workers feel they are forced to go to them.

Even companies complain about Indian recruiters to me. This is due to the fact that communication skills and other associated things they do poorly don’t automatically change when they speak to clients. Furthermore, Indian recruiters take a much larger margin, so the price charged per hour goes down to the contractor far less than it goes down to the client. When rates do go down, it is primarily due to Indians who will take lower rates.

Indian Labor Lobbying

Indians have far more entities lobbying for them in the US than do US domestic IT workers. NASSCOM is the lobby group that is behind most of this. NASSCOM does not fight for improved labor standards, and they don’t confront US companies, rather they are a lobby against US domestic workers. NASSCOM lobbies to help Indians monopolize the US IT labor market and exclude US domestic workers from the IT market.

Advice on Enjoying the Indian H1-B Lobby Quiz

To see the full screen just select the lower right-hand corner and expand. Trust us, expanding makes the experience a whole lot more fun.


Indians show a hive approach to overwhelming areas in order to take it over. Indians would not be so successful in the US if they did not exist in such numbers in the US. Indians are about supporting Indians at the expense of the local domestic individuals in that country. This same pattern of behavior has been found in every country that Indians have immigrated — from Fiji to Singapore, from Australia to the US.

Financial Disclosure

Financial Bias Disclosure

Neither this article nor any other article on the Brightwork website is paid for by a software vendor, including Oracle, SAP or their competitors. As part of our commitment to publishing independent, unbiased research; no paid media placements, commissions or incentives of any nature are allowed.


What We Can Learn About Trump’s Inept Advice on Drinking Lysol for Treating Coronavirus

Executive Summary

  • We propose that we value competence; however, it does not appear we do for powerful individuals.
  • Powerful individuals have entirely different standards applied to them while we pretend that they don’t.


In a recent press conference, Trump told us a number of interesting things, that called into question basic knowledge of topics that are related to things like how household disinfectants should be used.

The core of the comment in this video is complete by the 1:56 minute mark. The rest of the video is just filler with Trump bragging about the government’s response to the virus.

Decoding Trump

Trump speaks in a rambling and imprecise manner, so his speech can not be concisely quoted without editing down the and moving words around so that grammatically correct sentences are created. However, in this press conference, Trump proposes the following:

  1. Ultraviolet light may be able to be used to penetrate the body to kill the coronavirus.
  2. Disinfectants may be able to be injected into the body to kill the Coronavirus.
  3. Sunlight may be able to be used to kill the Coronavirus. Trump seemed to imply that just being out in the sunlight will help fight the Coronavirus.
  4. Heat may be able to be used to kill the virus.

He also stated he has a good “you know what.” Which seems to be the word he was searching for is “brain.” He admitted he was not a doctor, but he was a person with a good, you know what.

Protecting the Clotheless Emperor

In this session, his medical support team is doing everything they can to try to minimize the damage of the comments, including a response the White House Virus Chief Deborah Birx who tries to save Trump. She does so by bringing up the analogy of the bodies temperature raising to fight a fever — which has absolutely nothing to do with anything that Trump said. The body raises its core temperature as it makes the body more efficient at fighting infection, but that is not applying heat to the body — which is one of the things that was tested when the virus was outside the body on a surface.

All of this misunderstanding came from Trump being somehow exposed to a study that demonstrated how the Coronavirus reacts to the application of disinfectants and different types of light on surfaces in a laboratory environment.

The Source of the Mix Up

Somewhere along the way, without consulting his specialists, he converted this in his head to mean that the study showed that these applications INSIDE the body — which is, of course, something else entirely, and then brings up the question of Trump’s general health and even household cleaner knowledge.

Lysol Reacts

Due to this mixup, Lysol, a disinfectant, placed this on their website.

The beginning of this statement is false. It is highly doubtful that this statement was added due to rumors on social media. This statement was added right after Trump’s mix up and is in direct response to keeping people from trying to ingest or otherwise insert Lysol into their bodies to fight the Coronavirus. Furthermore, various Poison Centers in the US have received calls about not only possibly using disinfectants like Lysol, but also ingesting bleach.

The US comedy show Saturday Night Live has not yet aired as of the publication of this article, but there is little doubt that Lysol will be part of one of their skits. And I have been emailing family members and friends asking them to pick me up some Lysol because I am going to start putting it in Martinis as a regiment to protect me from the Coronavirus. And I have the feeling that a lot of these private email jokes have been making the rounds since Trump’s comments were made.

Is Trump All That Unique?

Many people like to say that Trump is uniquely stupid. This may seem like it is true, Trump, after all, says many ridiculous things — however, it is not true that Trump’s knowledge level or honesty level is so divergent from other powerful and wealthy individuals.

I would know.

I study enterprise software marketing literature and record the statements of the top executives at companies. Hasso Plattner has said things that are just as stupid as things stated by Trump, and they share the same problem that all-powerful people face, that the people around them are too busy kissing up to them to contradict them. The fatal flaw of the highly ambitious is that they don’t do things that would reduce their career options — which is why we end up with so many people who are so happy to lie in such prominent positions. And this is why very ambitious people are the last ones to say that the emperor has no clothes.

Each dictator through history was surrounded by enablers that created a reality distortion field around the individual, that gradually drove them insane as they lacked any realistic feedback from the environment. These enablers are obsessed with presenting a fantasyland to the dictator so that they can receive the benefits of their favor. The presentation of the lone dictator is a myth. A convenient myth that allows us to concentrate the blame to one individual who is declared “sick.” We love to talk about Hitler as if he worked almost alone.

Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, just a bunch of “bad apples” working mostly by themselves?

That is the story we are to believe and to repeat.

Unfortunately, I have witnessed this same type of sociopathy in many people I have debated on LinkedIn. I have performed tests where I have replayed ridiculous statements from the very tippy-top of SAP and Oracle to SAP and Oracle resources and asked them to publicly (on the LinkedIn comment thread) confirm or repudiate the statement. I found that no matter how ridiculous the statement, the individual I was debating would never publicly repudiate it — but they would not confirm it either. Their most frequent response was to leave the conversation. They could simply not be seen saying anything their “dear leader” said was false. This means that the people at the top of these organizations can say the moon is made of cheese. The devotees that within the ecosystem will make up any ridiculous excuse as to why what was said was not what was meant to be said, his words were taken out of context (he meant that cheese could be sent to the moon, not that the moon is made of cheese, etc..)

Hasso Plattner or Larry Ellison could say the moon was made of cheese, and millions of individuals who are part of those ecosystems would nod and say

“Yes that is true, and beyond true, visionary.”

These people are primed to support some dictator someplace. They are just waiting for the opportunity to present itself.

However, each dictator is part of an ecosystem that allows for reality distortion. As Hillary Clinton might say, being a true dictator, well…

”It takes a village.”

Our understanding of dictators is also not accurate.

Royalty and Dictatorship

The Royalty based system was a dictatorship. It was a genetic dictatorship that saw 5-year-olds or ten-year-olds ascend to the throne. This was the predominant method of governance in all countries and still exists to this day. For example, Jordan is the “Kingdom of Jordan,” indicating it is a royalty-based system. Absolute monarchies are dictatorships.

Jordan often advertises its catchphrase “The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan,” as if it is a positive.

It isn’t.

It means that there is no due process, and the King or Queen can have anyone killed for any reason, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. “Kingdoms” have no due process, no freedom of speech, and they are dictatorships.

Disney makes quite a lot of money selling the idea of princesses to children. The problem, of course, is that princesses eventually become queens, and are part of the monarchial and dictatorial systems of governance.

Little girls like to pretend they are princesses, but princesses are incompatible with just systems. Little girls should not be taught that monarchial systems are desirable and that they should seek to be at the top of these abusive hierarchies.

Isn’t she cute?

Real princesses and queens ran monarchial systems of patronage, which conveyed monopolistic concessions upon members of the royalty that had nothing to do with competence or fairness. They presided over serfs, which was a step above slaves.

None of these facts were included with this dress that this little girl’s parents bought from the toy store.

Rather than being princesses, why not have little girls could be taught to aspire to be like Kim Jong Un. A dictatorial monarchial leader who completely controls the citizens of North Korea.

While Western media obsesses over North Korea being communist, what they seem to miss is that the Un family is a monarchy.

Russia was an absolute monarchy until the Russian Revolution of 1917.

The Bolsheviks pretend to replace the monarchial system of the Tsars with a system that would be good for the population, but they never did. An oppressive faction of the Bolsheviks took over the movement lead by Joseph Stalin, and the Soviet Union was a dictatorship through Stalin’s death and until Gorbachev when the society was somewhat liberalized.

The Soviet Union suffered, not so much from being “communist.” After all it a strange communist country where workers could not unionize and had little power, as communism was designed by Karl Marx to be worker-centered. But instead was a type of monarchy where there was facia that the state was going to look out for the population. Noam Chomsky once stated that there were two groups that wanted the Soviet Union presented as a communist system — one was conservatives in the West (so they could justify their own elitist capitalist systems) and the Soviet leadership — so they could virtue signal to their population about the “collective” benefits of the Soviet system.

After a brief period of experimenting with some input from citizens, Putin has installed a monarchial or monarchial like system. Russia’s political system has a veneer of citizen participation. Putin calls this system a democracy. 

Unless Putin is deposed, the next leader of Russia will most likely be not necessarily Putin’s children, but someone very very chummy with Putin. The following quotation reinforces this.

Seventeen years after Vladimir Putin first became president, his grip on Russia is stronger than ever. The West, which still sees Russia in post-Soviet terms, sometimes ranks him as his country’s most powerful leader since Stalin. Russians are increasingly looking to an earlier period of history. Both liberal reformers and conservative traditionalists in Moscow are talking about Mr Putin as a 21st-century tsar. Like a tsar, Mr Putin surmounts a pyramid of patronage. Since he moved against the oligarchs in 2001, taking control first of the media and then of the oil and gas giants, all access to power and money has been through him. These days the boyars serve at his pleasure, just as those beneath them serve at their pleasure and so on all the way down. He wraps his power in legal procedure, but everyone knows that the prosecutors and courts answer to him. – The Economist

The British love their Royal Family. And the UK has moved away from a monarchial system of government. However, this celebration of the Royal “tradition” is an endorsement of absolute power, of incompetence, of 5 to 10-year-olds becoming monarch, and almost the entire citizenry in the UK has no input as to the government and not protection from the government.

Why this is celebrated is a bit of a head-scratcher. A tradition that is itself virtuous should be celebrated, but celebrating abusive systems is illogical, and it sanitized how monarchial systems worked. As with US billionaires, the British Royals scrub their image by being involved in “charitable” endeavors.

The movie The Dictator was a comedy. However, it describes a situation that is the norm in human history. The brutal dictatorships Saddam Hussain or Mohamar Khadafi, only seem unusual or despicable to us because many countries have moved beyond the monarchy system. Several hundred years ago, they would be considered typical.

Recall, monarchies have zero to do with either public choice or competence. They are lineage-based systems of power and entitlement (literally to be “titled”).

Are We Truly “Shocked” by Trump?

Trump is no expert on household cleaners, but he is not the only powerful person to overstep their domain expertise in their comments.

  • David Benioff is no expert in improving society.
  • Hasso Plattner is not an expert in databases.
  • Bill Gates is not expert in pandemics (knowledge he does have is grossly inferior to those who have spent their careers in epidemiology, but that does not stop him from replacing real epidemiologists when asked to offer his “expertise” on the Coronavirus.).
  • Elon Musk is no expert in going to Mars, in transportation policy or, apparently, in the difference between ventilators versus sleep apnea machines (he recently had Tesla donate sleep apnea machines to hospitals — which in addition to being 1/60th as expensive — are not used to treat Coronavirus patients.

The Case Study of Elon Musk

I am not proposing that Elon Musk is unintelligent, but his domains of expertise are greatly overestimated by both himself, media entities, and his followers. Elon feels compelled to offer his view on a wide range of topics (and topics ranging from AI to how to extract children trapped in a cave in Thailand); however, he is not the best person to listen to in each of the different topics he opines. There are many thousands of individuals with far more education and knowledge in the areas that Elon Musk discusses. Elon Musk is not a “Swiss Army Knife,” which can be used to provide accurate and useful questions on any technical subjects. Like anyone else in a technical field, he has some expertise in some specifics technology areas. Even Albert Einstein was famously inaccurate when he moved from explaining astrophysics to subatomic particles. And while subatomic subjects are related to theoretical physics, Musk ventures into areas that have little to no connection to his background.

Here is an MD’s analysis of Musk’s statements around ventilators. 

Furthermore, when challenged, like other dictators (oh, did mention that overpowered executives are also much like dictators?), Musk has a habit of getting being underhanded and abusive and being unable to admit when he was wrong.

  • When told that his submarine would not be useful in rescuing the Thailand kids from the cave they were stuck in by an experienced scuba diver, Vernon Unsworth, who was in Thailand trying to rescue these kids, Elon called him a pedophile, a “child rapist,” and that Unsworth had a “12-year-old child bride.” That is Elon was proposing that the reason this scuba diver was expending this effort to save these children was so he could then molest them. Musk then hired a private investigator to dig up dirt on the scuba diver, and offered bonus to the PI if he could find evidence that Vernon Unsworth was, in fact, a pedophile. Thailand officials also critiqued Musk’s submarine that eventually showed up in Thailand, and Musk tried to bully the Thailand officials into praising Elon.
  • Elon Musk threatened the anonymous writer who writes under the name “Montana Skeptic,” with legal action. The Montana Skeptic’s affront? He thinks Tesla is an overpriced stock and that Tesla is misleading investors.

Elon Musk seems to have a problem with freedom of speech and abusing his power, and he also is always lying, and not held accountable for his lies. The website dedicated to tracking Elon Musk’s inaccuracies is Elon Musk Today.

Musk was described in the court filing by Unsworth as…

Musk is described as “a thin-skinned billionaire who is obsessed with his public image and who has a history of vindictively and intentionally ignoring truth to maintain that PR-created image.”

When Elon Musk proposes drilling tunnels to drive between LA and SF or sending rockets off to Mars with 1000 people in them every day to colonize the planet or robotaxis, media entities don’t question the sanity of these proposals. Just the opposite, they instead present them as “visionary.”

In a few years, when Tesla is gone, the media entities that looked the other way on all of Elon Musk’s ridiculous statements and things that never came true, they will not hold themselves accountable. Instead, they will gravitate to the next showman they can promote to the general public.

An Epidemic of Elite’s Faking Domain Expertise

Trump is simply the canary in the coal mine, which illustrates that we are increasingly commingling wealth with domain expertise. But while Trump’s gaffe on disinfecting our bodies with Lysol is amusing, it would be a mistake to think that Trump is the only one faking his expertise or that he is even that extreme in his fakery.

I often wonder how good our collective memories are on this topic when I hear that Trump is such an outlier.

“Rarely is the question asked, is our children learning?” – George W Bush

“Trees cause more pollution than automobiles do.” – Ronald Reagan

“”I was recently on a tour of Latin America, and the only regret I have was that I didn’t study Latin harder in school so I could converse with those people.”” – Dan Quale

The fact that Trump was able to sufficiently hide his incurious nature is as much a testament to the media’s inability to serve its function of exposing high-status people in terms of how little they know. And when you are high status, you can get away with knowing close to nothing on topics. You can also get away with not even being functional. Joe Biden in such a state of mental decline that he could not get a job if he were just an ordinary person. He is either currently diapered, or soon to be diapered. I question whether he could walk into a US Department of Motor Vehicles and walk out with a driver’s license. However, many of the people currently talking about Trump’s idiotic statements are perfectly happy having a person in cognitive decline as their president — as long as they feel like he is on their side.

Biden does not have to be coherent. He can have Alzheimer’s and wear a diaper while in office — something monarchs have known for thousands of years. If you are a person of high status and supported by the establishment, there are no standards. If Biden were to be elected, he would convalesce while the advisors would run the White House. These are the standards applied to the people at the tippy top of society. Biden cannot concentrate in short bursts while doing long-distance interviews. How would he ever put in a full workday? And next year (obviously) he will be older, and his stamina and ability to concentrate will be even worse. 

People who have complained about Trump’s mental fitness for 3.5 years have remained silent on Joe Biden’s mental fitness.

Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, has served as a conduit for laundering money to influence policy on the part of Joe Biden. Hunter Biden sat on the well-publicized Ukrainian energy board where he was paid $80,000 per month for doing nothing, and then owns 10% of a private equity fund named Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co that is 80% controlled by Chinese entities, which is how the CCP peddles influence to Biden. Bohai Harvest creates a massive conflict of interest for Joe Biden as he would have a significant influence over relations with China. One would expect money from China to increase significantly into Bhai Harvest if Joe Biden were elected president. 

Hunter Biden is low functioning, was kicked out of his military job for drug addiction, has had a long term addiction to crack cocaine, and lives in a $12,000 per month house in Los Angeles.

In other words, he is a typically entitled offspring of a powerful person. If Biden is elected, Joseph Biden will be sitting on so many boards; he will barely be able to make time to attend any board meetings. Every corrupt US corporation and nation seeking to buy off Joe Biden will be offering Joseph Biden some type of position.

People that have complained about the demonstrable incompetence, corruption (The imbecilic Jared Kushner took classified CIA intelligence over to Mohammed “Bone Saw” Bin Salman, and traded it for a massive loan. This intelligence showed other Saudi princes that secretly opposed Bin Salman. MBS then retaliated against these political opponents) and the entitlement of Trump’s children has remained silent on Hunter Biden. Because competence and ethics become so much less important if the issue is within one’s own political party.

There is an election coming up where the Democrats perform an Oscar-winning performing in pretending that they are offended by Trump’s corrupt family and cronies — when in fact, the Democrats want to replace Trump’s corrupt family cronies with the Bident/Clinton/Obama corrupt facilities and cronies.

And this is nothing new. Performance, competence, or even ethics does not apply to billionaires, monarchs, or dictators. Louis the 16th employed thousands of minor royalty that catered to his every whim at the Palace of Versailles. He could instantly change their fortunes, and the most favored courtiers were rewarded with living quarters closest to the King’s room. Activities included top-level courtiers being invited to Louis the 16ths room to watch him eat. It may sound boring to you or me, but for the courtiers, who owed their entire wealth and position to Louis the 16th, being invited to watch Louis eat was an enormous privilege and cemented your status in the hierarchy. You might use this to establish your dominance over other lords in conversation. As in..

“Well, you may think me an idiot, but I just was invited to watch Louis eat a bowl of soup, have YOU ever been invited to watch Louis eat.” 

This fawning over the powerful, corrupt, and incompetent is clearly what much of the population prefers. It is disingenuous and inaccurate to isolate Trump’s incompetence and corruption and state it is some type of outlier, as it implies that adhere to some hypothetical standards, that we don’t.


Does American Express Have So Many Indians It is Now Indian Express?

Executive Summary

  • One US company after another has been infiltrated with Indians.
  • Indian….or that is American Express is just the latest to become a hotbed for Indian discrimination and nepotism.


Stories keep coming from all over the US and Europe about companies that have had large parts taken over. What follows is always the same, discrimination against non-Indians (and preference for Indian family members, etc.

Another example of this is from American Express.

American….or Indian Express?

See the following quotation from a person with information from within American Express.

I left AMEX a few months ago as it is no longer “American” and its American culture has been replaced with incompatible, corrupted, nepotist discriminatory hostile culture through its mafia like gangster mentality Indians. I was impressed with a very few of them but it is fair to say that it is no longer American Express but Indian Express, they not only run the IT but the business side as well.

When I left there were 600+ outstanding complaints against Indian leaders and nothing was done.(emphasis added)

I also came to know about that a high level VP hired her own sister brought her from India, promoted her to a Director in less than a year and now she too is a VP on the business side. I am speechless and stunned by the level of corruption the Indians injected into a country like US which was all about transparency, accountability and above all fairness.

Once corruption takes over incompetent people will be in power. US is the leading nation of the world because of competent people, how these left oriented people fail to see that is beyond my understanding.

Advice on Enjoying the Indian H1-B Lobby Quiz

To see the full screen just select the lower right-hand corner and expand. Trust us, expanding makes the experience a whole lot more fun.



This story is essentially the same every time it is reported to us.

  • Indians across the US, Europe, and Australia and New Zealand can discriminate against non-Indians and feel confident that they can, and not run afoul of regulations.
  • Companies like TATA Consulting can have almost all of its employees be Indian even though they have a substantial presence outside of India as we cover in the article The Amazing Fact That 99.7% of Tata Consulting is Indian.
  • Indian firms, with the “look the other way” attitude of US companies, can bring bonded labor in the US as we cover in How Indian IT is Bringing Bonded Labor to the US, and those Indian firms can be confident that nothing will be done to enforce US law that states bonded labor is illegal.
  • Indian consulting firms can steal the wages of their employees as we cover in the article The Broad Scale Wage Theft by Tata Consulting and Infosys, and the Indian firms can be confident they will only get a slap on the wrist if caught.

Indians and Indian firms clearly have soft targets in European based countries, and they have absolutely no reason to stop their practices.

In the meantime, we wonder if there is any truth to the rumor that Roman gladiator on the front of the card will be replaced by a picture of Mahatma Gandhi.

Financial Disclosure

Financial Bias Disclosure

Neither this article nor any other article on the Brightwork website is paid for by a software vendor, including Oracle, SAP or their competitors. As part of our commitment to publishing independent, unbiased research; no paid media placements, commissions or incentives of any nature are allowed.


Why Most IT Workers Lack Business Knowledge or Critical Thinking

Executive Summary

  • IT work has become increasingly entirely technically focused, with little concern for how the business functions.
  • A significant reason for this is the IT employers.


There is a great deal of emphasis on technical details in IT, with far little emphasis on understanding what is being modeled. It turns out there are specific reasons for this, which have to do with the way that IT organizations, consulting firms, and IT departments are structured.

The State of Affairs

The state of affairs is described by Loknath Rao, himself as a long term IT consultant.

Software firms should resist the temptation of telling the users how to do their jobs. People create pictures and flowcharts in Microsoft word too,  knowing fully well that this isn’t the right tool for the purposes. but what matters the most is the purpose and familiarity with the tool. If something is not their primary job, do not tell them about better tools to do their not so important jobs. They are just not interested. The CEO of a customer I worked for never logged into any of the ERP or OLAP systems run and maintained by several consulting firms. A pen and paper guy. He grew the firm from 100Cr to 15000Cr in 10 years. The ones who had access to all the slick tools didn’t know how to use them. The ones who knew how to use them, never questioned why it is set up the way it is. But they are experts at scaring the users. No rationale. No economic consequence. Many of them ended up in consulting Industry. Production Planning consultants who have never worked in a factory. Sales and Distribution Consultants who have never sold anything. Business Intelligence consultants who do not know what metrics are relevant for the business. Demand Planning consultants who do not know determinants of demand of the products and services in the Industry!

This is a global phenomenon. And I have concluded there is a reason for it, which relates to what IT organizations and vendors value in employees.

What IT Organizations and Vendors Value in Employees

There is minimal career incentive to learn the practicality reality of the business. First, it will put you into conflict with consulting firms and with vendors. Both of these entities claim to have all of the answers in their software. I covered this in the evaluation of “best practices” in the article How Accurate Was SAP on Containing Best Practices? and in the article How SAP Uses Best Practices to Control the Implementation.

The concept of “best practices” has been thoroughly discredited in the scholarly literature, but the IT industry never lets what is objectively true or false get in the way of memes that can be used to drive sales. It is considered entirely normal in IT to lie to your customers. The logic given is that one has to lie because of the lies told by the competition.

The Narrow Spectrum of the IT Field

In IT, there are not that many places to work, and they mostly work the same way. For example, our Brightwork SAP Corruption Deception Quadrant covers how one can choose to be ripped off by the multinational consulting firms that, for all intents and purposes, function roughly the same way. All of them have enormous income and authority inequality, demand a constant stream of foreign workers and have their websites filled with falsehoods. For their business model, they demand a specific type of worker.

The Perfect Worker for Multi Hundreds of Thousands of Employee IT Consulting Firms

All of the major consulting companies and vendors agree that they want mindless robots to implement their software without thinking about the project.

So, this is what we have.

It is a top-down system where what is “right” is determined at some headquarters of a vendor and then pushed out to consulting firms. There is no evidence presented in this system. The system works like a Swiss watch to promote projects with very high failure rates.

Gartner is paid to agree that A is true, then A gets “hot,” and then everyone starts doing A. Don’t question if A is true because that does not matter. What matters is selling A. 


All of this is why it requires close to zero business knowledge and zero critical thinking skills to work in IT.

Neither consulting firms nor vendors nor end clients expect it or want it.

They say they do, as most employers will bristle at the idea that they just want to employ human automatons. However, but as soon as you begin asking them questions, what is true and what is not true, they change the subject or become dissociative. But the behavior of their firms illustrates what they actually value.

Financial Disclosure

Financial Bias Disclosure

Neither this article nor any other article on the Brightwork website is paid for by a software vendor, including Oracle, SAP or their competitors. As part of our commitment to publishing independent, unbiased research; no paid media placements, commissions or incentives of any nature are allowed.


The Problem With Indians as GateKeepers for US IT Purchases

Executive Summary

  • Indian immigrants have taken IT by storm since the H1-B program was enlarged beyond its original intent in 1990.
  • Meant to be brought in for technical roles, Indians are becoming increasingly influential in IT purchases.


Indians have been accepted very rapidly in the US and into all manner of jobs, without native-born US citizens having much of an understanding of Indian culture or how things work in India.

Understanding India

India ranks 80th on the website for levels of corruption in the world, while the US ranks as 23rd. See the graphic below for the most and least corrupt countries, with the least corrupt countries being green, and the most being red.

This means that one cannot assume, as most native-born US citizens do, that once Indians work in the US, that they will automatically follow the standards of corruption of the US. And so far, the behavior of Indians has been highly distinct from native-born US citizens in IT.

Indian immigration has already been a significant force for increasing corruption in everything from bonded labor. We cover in the article How Indian IT is Bringing Bonded Labor to the US, to labor exploitation, to discrimination by Indians against natural-born US citizens as we cover in the article How Indian IT Workers Discriminate Against Non-Indian Workers.

The Problem With a History of Paying and Taking Bribes

Bribes are common in India. The vast majority of Indians who come to the US have paid bribes at some time in their lives in India, and most will have paid many bribes in their life. In an average year, most of the Indian population, according to surveys by, will end up paying a bribe. did not ask, but it would seem reasonable that a decent percentage of Indians take bribes or ask to be bribed.

Therefore, when Indians work in procurement or have some say or influence over procurement, they bring this orientation with them.

The Problem with Indian Discrimination

Beyond bribes, there is an even more significant issue with Indians showing a long term and well-documented pattern of discriminating against non-Indian suppliers in favor of Indian suppliers. This is true at the individual level, as well as at the firm level (that is Indian dominated firms versus non-Indian dominated.) This means that when Indians are in the position to influence a procurement decision, it is infrequent that the non-Indian offering will be selected. This has little to do with the fit of the item in question to the requirements but is a selection based upon whether the offering is Indian or an Indian company. This is found very clearly in Indian IT recruiting, where Indian recruiting firms prefer to place Indian candidates. Indian recruiters have little interest in placing non-Indian resources, Their technique is to show non-Indian candidates to their clients, as a way to pretend they are not discriminating against non-Indian candidates, but then stacking the deck in favor of Indian candidates (sometimes by taking skills from the resumes of non-Indian candidates and placing them on the resumes of Indian candidates, as we cover in the article Why Dealing with Indian Recruiters is Futile for Domestic Workers.)

Lying as a Natural Part of IT Recruiting

The amount of lying in Indian recruiting is extraordinary for a US-born citizen. This is why Indian recruiters are known as places where “resumes go to die” if you are not Indian. This would be less of a problem, but Indian recruiters have come to dominated the contract market (at least) in IT recruiting, as we cover in the article The Frightening Rise of the Indian Recruiters in IT. The entire rise of Indian recruiting in the US is odd when one considers that people who have feeble English skills (Indians that work in recruiting have noticeable weaker English skills than say Indian IT consultants and generally have lower education levels) are placing US citizens (or presenting to) into US companies?

Both US IT directors and US IT workers (including Indians) have complained to be how bad Indian recruiters are. Yet, they have somehow managed to dominate a large sector of IT recruiting. That is not competing on quality. There is some other factor at work.

The Indian Domination of IT

Indians have not followed a normal pattern of immigration into the US. They have instead come to dominate the IT sector and to apply Indian rules to how the sector works. The result is that all non-Indians (unless they exploit Indian labor) have lost from this situation.

This pattern is set to only continue along its present course. If one visits IT departments or IT companies, the differences in the ages of Indian and non-Indian workers is apparent. The Indian workers are younger, and the non-Indian or native population is older. This, combined with Indians consuming an ever-larger percentage of the H1-B program, (such as with the passage of the HR1044 adjustment to the H1-B program in favor of Indians), every year that passes Indian dominance in IT will grow. The dominance is to the degree where it is increasingly considered accepted to speak Hindi or other local Indian dialects in the office. The experience is increasingly off-putting for anyone but an Indian (and maybe some Indians too, not all Indians I have spoken with are on board with the total Indian-ification of IT). We can most certainly expect an exodus from IT on the part of non-Indians in the future as IT is increasingly hostile to non-Indian workers.

Each Indian in the US has many friends back in India that want to come to the US and ask for the Indians in the US to help them. The only way for Indians to be faithful to their friends is to help them displace US workers. Indians could try to change their own society to do things like have labor standards, reduce income inequality, reduce corruption — but why when you can immigrate to a country where all of this has already been done for you? Then the next generation of Indians can be raised in the same system and say.

“I have to get out of here.”

Seven decades after independence from India, the primary hope of Indians is to immigrate from India. So much for the post-independence excitement.

Indians don’t behave as do most of the US working population. The best analogy is a hive mentality. The hive is Indians who work together but against the domestic US population.

The US already had a highly collaborative system where American workers functioned more or less as individuals — which the higher-level executives being more “cliquish.” Through this behavior, Indians are breaking down well functioning the US system that took many decades to develop into a system with merit being considered an important element. By dominating an area (hence, making it more diverse?) and then discriminating against the rest of the population (a pattern that is repeated in Singapore, Canada, Australia to Europe). Now the rest of the population has to worry about no longer acting as individuals but behaving more like Indians to create their own “hives” to combat the Indian “hive.”

Breaking the Trust of a High Trust Society

If Indians want to hire Indians, hire Indian suppliers, make US companies as Indian as possible, have Indian based companies that operate in the US that are almost entirely Indian (as we cover in the article The Amazing Fact That 99.7% of Tata Consulting is Indian), apply Indian labor standards (as we cover in the article How Infosys and Tata Keep Indentured H1-Bs)..why did Indians migrate to a non-Indian country?

That is why not stay in India?

The answer is obvious, Indian culture is so intensely tribal, such a low trust society, that the society cannot prosper when a significant percentage of the population act this way. Indians need to migrate to a country where there most of the population does not act tribally. And it is just so easy to bring an intensely tribal behavior pattern to a high trust society.

Indians seek to and are effectively parasitizing a European based country that does not have the natural defenses against them.

Don’t be “Racist”

Indian discrimination is considered something that should not be pointed out, as it is seen as “racist.” All whites in the US and in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada know that their freedom of speech is now entirely secondary in importance to the tyranny of the politically correct. The right to not be offended or to adhere to PC is nowhere in US law. However, most of the white populations in the named countries have agreed to give up their freedom of speech so that they can receive the knowing social approval of being politically correct.

Under this construct, corporate environmental destruction, labor exploitation, greed, and the rest of the sins are a distant second to the most terrible accusation that one can receive….the accusation of racism. And the term has also changed in its meaning, from meaning believing that other races are lower than your race and therefore should be dominated by your race, to being any observation regarding cultural differences. Original racists proposed “genetic” differences, not cultural differences. Phrenology, or example, is the study of head configurations to determine criminality. It, like racism, is a biological construct, not a cultural construct.

Hitler did not think that Jesse Owens could not do well in the 1936 Olympics because Jesse Owens was trained in an inferior black culture, but because Jesse Owens was inferior biologically.

The term racism has been heavily weaponized against whites and from unreliable sources. The book Little Black Sambo is a story about an Indian boy who is confronted by tigers, who eventually chase each other around a tree until the tigers become a sort of pancake batter. The boy then makes pancakes from this “tiger batter” for his family.

According to several people, this story is also racist. The boy is Indian, so why is he “black.” (what a terrible affront, although, white people are not actually “white” but more pinkish, so perhaps we should be similarly offended)

There is supposedly all of this racist meaning in the story — which entirely eluded me somehow when I read this story as a kid. It must be very, very subtle. I only learned it was racist after I was told it was racist.

How about the poor tigers?

The ended up turning in to pancake batter and were eaten. It seems more “speciest” than racist.

There was a restaurant called Sambos. It had to change its name because of the accusations against the book. Can you see the racism in this restaurant? Sambo is depicted in the restaurant as having light skin, but now wearing a Dastar. So he is not black anymore, but perhaps Sikh. How terrible. Hopefully, the entire restaurant was burned to the ground. 

This type of complaining only works in white societies. If you try to bring up racism in non-white societies, its a difficult “business model,” because racism only works to create guilt in white societies.

Try going to Malaysia, Fiji, Tanzania (or India) and complaining about any type of racism and prepare to be met with indifference.

A New and Wholly Inaccurate Definition of the Term Racism

The “new” and “adjusted” definition of racism is entirely ignorant of the term’s meaning and has morphed into being any criticism of a non-white individual, by a white individual. Under this “adjusted definition,” roughly 15% of the world population is held to ethical standards of behavior. In comparison, the rest or 85% of the world population has a race card that can be played at the first hint of criticism. Don’t believe it? Here is a perfect example. Right now, Indian, Pakistani, and other South East Asian labor is kept in borderline slave conditions in Middle Eastern countries like Qatar and Bahrain. However, we have very little media coverage of this. These workers have no rights, can’t leave the country…why is this not pointed out? Again, the Middle East is held to no ethical standards. And wouldn’t pointing it out be “a little bit racist?”

The only opening is when a non-white person critiques another non-white person — then criticism can be said to be not racist.

This is illustrated in the article How H1-B Indians Create a Hostile Work Environment for Women,  where I outline that feminists frequently have decried the fact that women tend to drop out of STEM fields within ten years of graduation. However, the article How The H1-Bs Are Pushing Out Domestic US Workers of IT and STEM, points out that most male STEM graduates also leave the STEM field within ten years of graduation, feminists and journalists have nothing to say. As long as the narrative is sexist white men pushing women out of their chosen field, there aren’t enough articles that can be written. But when the story is (as it is in reality) domestic US STEM graduates of both sexes being pushed out by Indians and other foreign workers, now the attention of feminists seems to wander, and they become dissociative. In the mind of MS magazine, the biggest issues are how Hollywood starlets are treated who agree to take meetings with producers at 2:00 AM at the Peninsula Beverly Hills — women in non-white countries don’t matter much, because, well that would be racist to criticize those countries.

Furthermore, feminists are careful to focus on women’s “issues,” but men’s “issues” don’t exist or are part of the “patriarchy.” Whatever happens to men, happens, its not the concern of feminists. Taking up time discussing problems men face, only serves to take the spotlight away from women’s issues. Don’t be a narrow-minded bigot.

Feminists might like to point out that Indians generally don’t accept women as equals (back in India or the US), and that leads to strong discrimination against US-born female citizens, (in addition to discrimination by Indians against white men, but forget about them for now) however when the offender is not white, feminists don’t know what to do.

They become lost children, and their entire worldview falls apart.

Remember, the “patriarchy” globally is white. The biggest problem in Africa? Clearly, the white patriarchy. It is insidious! The victim must be either a woman or a non-white.

Those are the rules.

Demurring in Situations Where There Are Indians in Procurement

Brightwork Research & Analysis is a company that deals with customers for things like research services. I have these prospects who put me in touch with an Indian employee to follow up on possible business.

The problem?

I have never once received business from a company where the contact was Indian.

I have started telling prospects that I am not working with them if they make my contact an Indian. I know from that point the Indian will never decide to select my company, so why am I wasting my time?

Dealing with White Guilt

I have felt compelled to take meetings in the past even though I realized I was being put into contact with an Indian that would never lead anywhere. Still, then I asked myself, why do I feel guilty for properly allocating my time rather than just handing my time over to a company that is intent on pretending that they are going through the process of evaluating Brightwork Research & Analysis. This is when the gatekeeper has no interest in recommending a non-Indian firm be hired for anything?

I have concluded that too many non-Indians are doing this. Indians have shown their hand in terms of how they will behave. Now it is time for non-Indians to call them and their employers out on it, and to refuse to be put through a time-wasting experience.

Thinking Indians Will Act Like Americans

The issue is that companies seem to think that the Indian will act like a native-born American. I have the right to follow up with customers and eschew others, and all companies have this right. I also have the right to tell the customer I don’t think I will be given a fair shake by an Indian procurement gatekeeper.

The company that hires Indians in positions of procurement will eventually find that nearly all of their suppliers are Indian. And are these suppliers to be held to a standard?

Advice on Enjoying the Indian H1-B Lobby Quiz

To see the full screen, just select the lower right-hand corner and expand. Trust us, expanding makes the experience a whole lot more fun.



Indians have brought an enormous amount of corruption with them from India, a country which Indians that immigrated to the US do not want to live in, and where they complain about the corrupt nature of the country. However, once they arrive in the US, they repeat the same corrupt pattern that they learned in India.

When non-Indian individuals and non-Indian companies compete for business, when there are Indians in procurement, they will be put at a disadvantage. Indians need to know that they are either being paid something or that you will hire a friend of theirs or that you are helping to employ Indians.

All of this has happened in an extremely short time, and it is little discussed and seldom a topic that is published. The speed this has occurred means that this is set to become a whole lot worse. However, if non-Indian companies continue to pretend that Indian gatekeepers funding as US-born citizens, or non-Indians, it means continually losing business to Indian offerings.

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How H1-B Indians Create a Hostile Work Environment for Women

Executive Summary

  • India is a traditional society that is still primarily agrarian.
  • The absorption of enormous numbers of H1-B Indian men with traditional views on women is setting back the US workplace for women.


There has been great consternation about what is considered a shortage of women in STEM fields. The following case is an example of the little-discussed topic, which reduces the number of women working in STEM and IT.

Article by Protect US Workers

Sara Blackwell of Protect US Workers observes the following.

Outsourcing takes us decades backwards in women’s rights. Seventy percent (70%) of all H1B visas (high skilled visas) are given to young men from India. American companies, like AT&T, fire many of their female workers. However, those fired workers are first required to train young, male Indians to do their jobs. That, in and of itself, without anything more, is a significant violation of women’s rights. But the AT&T women are also told that they must accept being treated different, and lesser, than men when around Indian visa holders. So, why no word from the women’s rights movement? Where is the Times Up people fighting against this business model?

We think we know where they are…or why women’s groups are not focusing on this issue.

We knew where to go to find out what feminists are focusing on.

We checked the MS Magazine website, and we found that nearly every article had to do with women’s issues in developed or white countries — the exact places where women already have the greatest freedom and equality. MS Magazine is apparently much less interested in areas of the world where the most significant disparity exists between women and men.

Harvey Weinstein, with the cooperation of much of Hollywood, abused his power versus women. However, Weinstein’s crimes are less than what goes covered up or unprosecuted in Europe by Muslim men (as just one example). This demonstrates that the #MeToo movement can be so focused on the problems of sexual harassment in white countries. In contrast, the movement ignores far more significant issues in non-white countries.

MS Magazine and feminism, in general, is “woke,” which means “culturally sensitive.” This means blaming white societies and holding them accountable while being silent on non-white societies. And this extends to non-whites living in white countries.

In Europe, there has been a massive increase in the horrific Muslim sex trafficking or grooming; in some cases, one right affected 1400 young girls. The women admitted they did it because they did not want it to become public and reinforce racist stereotypes.

The following quotation explains this.

Who is allowed to be part of the #MeToo movement? I ask because on Friday five men were found guilty of horrific sexual crimes against eight girls and yet the case hasn’t trended on Twitter. There have been no hashtags. The girls’ suffering hasn’t been widely talked about. There have been very few declarations of solidarity from feminists. There’s pretty much been silence. It isn’t hard to see why. The problem for the mostly middle-class, well-connected feminists who make up the #MeToo movement is that this case involved both the wrong kind of victim and the wrong kind of perpetrator. Strikingly, the judge didn’t only condemn the men – he also criticised the authorities in Rotherham. He said they had at best been ‘totally ineffectual’ and at worst ‘wholly indifferent’ to the abuse of girls by Muslim gangs. He said he was ‘quite satisfied’ that the ‘relevant authorities’ in Rotherham knew girls were being targeted for sexual exploitation. And their failure to do anything about it is a ‘lamentable state of affairs’. Boiled down, this really means that they considered it more important to protect Muslims from criticism than to protect working-class girls from sexual abuse. Even now, discussion about Muslim grooming gangs is shushed. Anyone who raises it will be branded an Islamophobe, a racist and maybe even a fascist. – The Spectator

What has been the response of feminists? It has been primarily t0 critique those bringing up grooming as racist.

What is Feminism Again?

How confused are feminists on topics related to non-white initiated female exploitation?

During The Woman’s March in 2016, which was primarily a protest against Trump’s election for his misogyny, Linda Sarsour, a Muslim, was introduced as a speaker. Linda Sarsour is a Muslim and supports Sharia Law, which she has said she wants to be instituted in the US. Sharia Law declares that for one, women who are found guilty of adultery be stoned to death. 

Feminists that arranged The Woman’s March could not observe the fact that Islamic countries score the worst for their treatment or women, making it ridiculous for an Islamic speaker to be included in the “festivities.”

As soon as feminism has to address topics that don’t relate to the oppressors of women being white, the entire logic appears to break down.

This video explains how feminists in undeveloped countries pushed back on feminists in the West pointing out sexism or mistreatment of women in non-Western countries. This caused feminists in the West to not point out abuses in non-white countries.

This, in part, explains by feminism is really only focused on women’s rights and issues in the developed world, which has moved to parity in some ways, and superiority in other ways (for example, the right to choose one’s role — homemaker or provider, strong preferential treatment in family courts, more education on average)

The Necessity of Woke Signaling

This debate on Islam between Ben Affleck and Bill Maher and Sam Harris went viral. Ben Affleck has no demonstrated understanding of Islam and does not display any knowledge of Islam in this video, Sam Harris, on the other hand, has a Ph.D. in religious studies. Everything Sam Harris says about Islam in this video is factual. However, Ben Affleck has a response that requires no understanding of the topic area….which is that the statements which he does not like are “racist.” 

According to Ben Affleck and Beverly Hills liberals, it is progressive to encourage Islam, honor killings are to be covered up (pointing them out is racist). It is also culturally insensitive to push back on men not shaking women’s hands — because it is intolerant of cultural differences!

Women don’t appreciate being seen as second class citizens by Indians right off the boat who are displacing them? To feminists, this is already beginning to sound a little racist.

Therefore, women can expect no help from feminists when it comes to women being discriminated against by Indians. According to elite feminists, unless the discrimination is by a white man, the discrimination does not fit into their mental model. Therefore it is met by turning away one’s eyes.

How AT&T “Educated” Women on How to Make Indians Comfortable

Sara goes on to say.

Attached is a real handout given to AT&T workers who are being forced to train their foreign visa holder replacement. It explains the phases of the “knowledge transfer”–aka train-your-replacement. Slipped inside the training slides are pages on rules that women are not permitted to shake the hands of male Indians. The handout specifically states: Indian men will shake hands with other men but not women. American men cannot shake an Indian woman’s hand unless she makes it clear that it is acceptable.

The AT&T women are supposed to “understand” that they will be treated as if they are less than men. Also, American men are supposed to jump back centuries and treat women different than men. Cultural differences or not, America believes in equality and we supposedly ended gender discrimination. The American company should give a handout to all of the foreign visa holders that says: “Shake men and women’s hands equally or don’t shake any at all.”

It is humiliating enough to be fired then to be forced to train a foreigner to do your job. But, can you imagine the hundreds or thousands of AT&T women training Indian men on visas who refuse to even shake their hands because they are merely a woman and not worthy of a handshake? Worse are the American companies that allow it and require it. It is disgusting.

This is a slide from AT&T’s deck to its soon to be displaced employees. 

Notice the inappropriate topics. Don’t talk about India’s standard of living — India is a country where people are poor, while there are a few billionaires — which is one reason most of them want to leave the country –but AT&T would like this not to be discussed.

Furthermore, it is not a good thing to talk about human rights in India or the fact that there is no freedom of the press or the fact that people can generally be killed for as little as $200. And related to the subject at hand, it is good not to bring up the fact that India is ranked as one of the worst places in the world to be a woman.

How Women are Treated in India

The following is from an article by The Guardian.

India’s women are traumatised in less obvious ways than by tanks in the streets, bombs and warlords. Our oppression starts innocuously: it occurs in private life, within families, with girls being locked up in their own homes. This everyday violence is the product of a culture that bestows all power on men, and that does not even want women to exist. This is evident in the unbalanced sex ratios at birth, even in wealthy families.

Almost every woman I interviewed had experienced some form of sexual molestation.

Over 50% of Indian men and women still believe that sometimes women deserve a beating. One woman is killed every hour for not bringing enough dowry to a husband.

The real genius of this system lies in the fact that oppression has been recast as a virtue. So erasure of self – the most treacherous human rights violation – hides in plain sight, sanctified by loving families, perfumed by our definitions of goodness. And the private sphere, the family, remains impenetrable and untouchable.

Yes, I also don’t discuss any of these issues. But US domestic female workers should feel entirely comfortable working with men from this culture. 

Soon to be displaced, AT&T employees are told to respect Indian family values. We are curious, are the Indians taking the jobs of Americans given a similar presentation about how to respect US values? Who is adjusting to who here? 

As the US employees at AT&T are being fired, the important thing is to focus on the employees that AT&T will be keeping or the Indian employees.

The US Government to the Rescue?

Sara continues..

I am ashamed of this America! I am ashamed of American companies all over this country who do this business model (for greed no less). I am ashamed of the American government who permits it

If the government does not speak against this, then they are passive supporters. Without someone,or something,to make these companies change, the discrimination will get worse and our country will lose years and years of fighting for those rights we hold so dear.

STOP the abuse of the intent of the immigration system and STOP gender discrimination in our workplaces in the guise of “culture”.

The US government not only permits it but encourages it as we pointed out in the article How the US Department of Labor is Useless in Policing The H1-B Program, the US government allows massive H1-B fraud. As we pointed out in the article Hillary Clinton the Big Supporter of Indian Outsourcing and US Worker Displacement, and in the article Why Are 47 Entities Lobbying in Favor of the H.R.1044 IT Immigration Bill?, the US political system is being used against US workers.

What Has Been Responsible From Driving Women Out of STEM?

Sara continues..

Also, please read this email from just one of the hundreds of AT&T Workers who have sent me their stories. This is a common story among outsourced workers:

The outsourcing business model, the abuse of the intent of the immigration system, discriminates against women. Please STOP telling our little girls to go into STEM. We have stepped back decades in our fight for women’s rights and no one is acknowledging it. The discrimination against women is blatant and intentional. The companies put it in writing.

If Times Up and Women’s Rights groups refuse to stand up against this discrimination then there is a serious bias to their “outrage” over gender discrimination.

We cover in the article How The H1-Bs Are Pushing Out Domestic US Workers of IT and STEM, H1-B visa workers have been reducing the pay in the US STEM graduates and pushing them out of the field.

Most of the articles that point out that female STEM graduates often leave STEM within ten years, and that point to the sexism by white men, seem to miss the fact that most male STEM graduates also leave the field within ten years.

This follows the same pattern as described earlier — which is that the perpetrators must always be white males, even though H1-B visa holders and other foreign workers (as described in this article) tend to be far less accepting of female coworkers. Those authors of these articles never seem to point out that male STEM graduates are also driven out of the field. This illustrates how articles either have to fit within the work narrative or don’t get written. That is if it’s not “woke,” it won’t get “wrote.”

Advice on Enjoying the Indian H1-B Lobby Quiz

To see the full screen just select the lower right-hand corner and expand. Trust us, expanding makes the experience a whole lot more fun.



Women are being driven out of IT as they have been in STEM. Indian workers create a hostile work environment for US domestic male workers, often targeting their jobs for replacement by their Indian associations, as we cover in the article How Indian IT Workers Discriminate Against Non-Indian Workers.

However, it makes it extra difficult the culture of Indians is that women are not treated as equals. This means that Indian work environments are extra hostile to US domestic women, and will lead to them leaving the IT field even faster than US domestic males. This topic is guaranteed to not be covered by large media outlets.

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How Poor Venture Capitalist Firms Have Become Increasingly Fatigued

Executive Summary

  • VCs have a reputation for investing in things they don’t understand.
  • Now it turns out that VCs are also fatigued!


VCs appear to work on the way to the public but work very differently when those who have experience dealing with VCs. In the article How Much of Vishal Sikka’s Explanations on Artificial Intelligence is Complete BS, we cover how people who have a track record of providing bad quality information to the public can raise many millions from VCs.

The Issues with Inexperienced VC Employees

VCs have developed a reputation for hiring family members into plum positions with a minimal background. And this comes across to people who have interacted with VCs, including the author of this article.

The following is a quotation on VCs from Reddit.

I run a self-funded SaaS startup that is getting decent traction, and just last month was contacted by one of the Silicon Valley big boys.

As I could see from the screenshots, this phone call was assigned by one of the managing partners to one of the young associates. I guess that is pretty common.

Anyway, we did have a nice conversation, but what struck me the most, this young Euro guy was completely clueless about my area of business, and since my startup also has some business specifics that only Americans & Canadians would understand, I was quite disappointed this big firm would assign a young kid with no understanding of this niche business to my account.

Anyway, my point is, if you are hiring these kids to do the work for you, they should have some understanding of the business.

The Reality of VCs in Overheated 2020

The following quotes are from a curious article in TechCrunch.

The reasons were similar if not perfectly overlapping. The biggest driver was the sheer flood of venture dollars targeting too few deals in the Valley these days. Consumer investing has become passé as exits disappear and the mobile wave crests (last year was the first year B2B investing overtook consumer investing in modern memory), forcing everyone to chase the same set of SaaS companies.

So VCs have too few deals they are chasing after? So there is more money chasing a limited number of SaaS companies it seems.

How Long to Close a Fundraising Deal?

VCs described to me how the top deals start and close their fundraises in 48-72 hours. Several VCs groused that dozens of firms now descend like hawks on the unwitting but fortunate target startup, angling for a term sheet and willing to give up valuation and preferences left and right for any chance at the cap table. Earlier investors are just as desperate to own that equity, and no longer play any sort of honest broker role that they might have in the past.

This is difficult to believe because it is difficult to see how one can adequately research an investment opportunity this quickly.

Unending Work Schedules for VCs?

Plus, the FOMO of the moment is more acute than ever — a VC at the end of the day might have already seen a dozen companies, but gets a late night intro to one last company — perhaps the company that could make or break their career. And so they will take that one last meeting, and then one more last meeting, hoping to find some meaningful edge against the competition.

This sounds “dynamic” however, fatigue affects all humans, and one has to wonder how many deals have been agreed to because of sleep deprivation.

No one can resist the effect of sleep deprivation on their judgment.

VCs Feeling Tired?

Firms are doing what they can. They are staffing up, trying to hire more raw talent in the hopes of finding that last undiscovered company. They scour their own portfolios and probe their founders, trying to find a tip to a deal that their competitor may have missed. They host dinner after dinner (sometimes multiple in one night — as I sometimes witness when I get an invitation to all of them, as if I can be in more than one place at the same time), again, hoping to find some bit of magic.

Ironically, the “tired” line was something I used to hear from seed investors, who constantly had to churn through dozens of under-hearted startups to find the gold. Now, I’ve heard this language more and more from later-stage VCs, where the Excel spreadsheet drives the valuation more than a relationship with a founder — and everyone can read the gridiron of SaaS metrics.

This lays out more explicitly the grind that venture capital has become.

The Outcome?

Less due diligence is happening before the term sheet is signed (again, to beat out the rabid competition), and there is now more buyer’s remorse from VCs (and very occasionally founders) that can lead to a botched round along the way.

Lack of bandwidth, hyper-velocity, a pittance of sleep — all of these are intensifying the sensitivity of VC returns. Email a VC an hour before or after and it may well change the result of a fundraise. VCs once had a reputation for plodding and slow deliberation. That old normal is definitely dead right now, and in its place is a new, modern VC who is going to determine millions of dollars in a few minutes on a jet fuel of caffeine and ambition.


It does not take much projection to realize that many of these deals signed in the late stage of the bubble of VCs are going to be low quality. We have observed companies that really should not be funded, getting money. This is a consequence of too much funding chasing the number of legitimate opportunities in the market, which invariably leads to standards being lowered.

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