The Importance of Seeing Your Employer as an Opponent

 What This Article Covers

  • Keeping Employees Controlled
  • Union Strike Funds
  • Seeing Employers as the Opponent


When commenting on a previous article, Ahmed Azim made the following observation about why people resist unions.

“Here’s the thing Shaun Snapp. Most people prefer a steady paycheck until something better comes along or they get laid off because the company is downsizing quietly. Something better never comes along because usually the skill sets in declining companies are obsolete. So people simply live in daily anxiety and develop 6 varieties of ulcer clinging to a false sense of safety. It’s a bad way to live life. People age very badly and turn into miserable posers.

That’s why I like what the Koreans did. They’re fighting back. Good for them.” 

Keeping Employees Controlled

The intent is to get people to spend up to their level of income with a relatively small savings level. That way you can’t resist. You have seen me debate SAP resources and you have no doubt noted the zombielike conformity to whatever SAP says.

Part of me makes we wonder how much of this conformity is because they have high spending driven by status attainment purchases. Nice houses, fancy cars, maybe kids in college. If a person is financially strapped, they can’t say what they think. And they are required to conform.

Union Strike Funds

Unions draw money from their members, and part of what they do is create a strike fund. That means the workers can strike and still have basic expenses covered.

This is the reality of the relationship with your employer. The lower the union participation, the more the companies filter the money to the top 10% and even the top 1% of the country’s earners.

With low union participation, the top few percentage points take all of the productivity gains and place them in their pocket. 

Seeing Employers as the Opponent

All of this requires workers to see their employers as their opponent. And employees have been conditioned into thinking their employer is their buddy. Moreover, that HR is someone they can confide in, when in fact HR is an intelligence gathering entity for owners. With the Harvey Weinstein affair, it showed how HR was more than happy to side with a serial sexual harasser/rapist in order to protect “the company.” You can find HR people to defend any type of behavior because they see it as their job to do so.

The amount of propaganda within each of these companies is amazing. Its role is in part of try to get the employee to turn their brain off and give up their interests in favor of the interests of the company.