US Workers Fear Being Called Racist When on H1-B Issue

Executive Summary

  • A major reason why US domestic workers will not fight back against abusive H1-B practices is the fear of being called racist.
  • This article will describe this scenario and why the charge is unfounded.


A primary inhibiting meme for standing up to the Indian takeover of IT, to the H1-B abuses, to corporations using the H1-B program to replace domestic workers at lower rates, to Indians who target US domestic workers to be removed so they can be replaced by other Indians they know, is being called racist.

The United States is an interesting country. The previous generations that lived in an built the US, beat both the Japanese and the Nazis in WW2, put a man on the moon, developed one of the best and largest national road systems and a large middle class.

The current inhabitants, however, burst into tears if a person even begins to use the “R-word,” much less calls them a racist. Under the current concept, there is only response to being accused of racism — acquiescence.

  1. If another party uses the R-word, this means that the entire argument must be ceded to the person who used the term.
  2. There is no response to the R-word, the recipient of the word is required to sit in a corner for several hours, and then later to repent in some type of public forum.

How Racism Works in India

India never rose to the level of discrimination of racism — India is several hundred years prior in its development to discriminating on the basis of race. Indians discriminate on the basis of tribe and caste distinctions.

This video shows the caste in India system. 

This video explains how the caste system on partially based upon the lack of a social security system in India. 

Bringing Indian Modalities to the US

The way Indians function in the US and Europe and Australia is basically how they function in India. India is a place with extremely limited resources, and there are basically countless divisions, and it is expected that you support your family or your tribal affiliation. For people that grew up in developed countries, it is a very foreign concept. That is the Indians don’t function as individuals, they function as a group to block out other groups. This is why the more Indians that come over the bigger the problem will be.

Many IT workers are well paid, if they were smart they would support an organization to curtail the H1-B program. If I were to develop a strategy it would be to publish on the program’s real outcomes. I do a lot of work on IT media analysis. And my conclusion is that all the IT media entities do is refect the interests of the funding entities — which is big vendors, consulting firms, etc. So they don’t cover the reality of what is happening.

The Petition

I offered this petition to one IT worker I discussed this topic with.

The response to this was interesting.

I don’t have any problem with US companies hiring Indian programmers, architects, etc.
I have no idea – at all – about how to stop the tsunami of Indian recruiters. That is what I’d like to stop.

Re: the Move On petition – there is no way in Hell I’d sign that thing – it smacks of racism and I would never
ask our “President” to stop foreign workers from coming here. as Racist?

Looking at this petition, it is difficult to see where the racism is. In fact, it calls out many important technical details of the H1-B program and nowhere is race even discussed. Furthermore, MoveOn.rog is actually a democratic sided grassroots organization. See this link.

This proposes that a street close to a Trump tower be named Barack Obama Avenue. is filled with people who would probably commit suicide if they found out someone thought they were racist.


Accusations of racism stop what is pressing legitimate points against the H1-B program. In order to fight for jobs for US domestic workers, and to fight against the abuses of the H1-B program, it is necessary to break from this concern of being criticized.

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    Because the major IT media entities are funded by IT companies, this issue will never be covered in any realistic properly. IT media entities support the employing firms against IT workers. They have every incentive to not cover this issue.

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