George Floyd and the Long History of Falsifying Autopsy Results

Executive Summary

  • According to the Minnesota Coroner’s Office, George Floyd was killed by underlying health conditions.
  • We cover the long history in falsifying illegitimate police killing autopsies.


The George Floyd killing was very obviously an unjust murder. It should lead to the prosecution of the police officers involved, as well as an inquiry into why police officers are still using highly dangerous suppression techniques that interfere with breathing. We cover the case in the article What Are the Real Motivations Behind the George Floyd Protests?

See our references for this article and related articles at this link.

Case Study #1: George Floyd Dies from Underlying Health Conditions

However, according to the Minnesota authorities have already tried to cover up the murder by stating that the autopsy showed that George Floyd died from..

“underlying health conditions.”

US law enforcement has a long history of falsifying autopsies to shield the system from blame. In effect, the Minnesota Medical Examiner’s office is saying.

“Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes.”

Let us review a few historical examples of law enforcement falsifying autopsies to observe the pattern.

Case Study #2: Pressuring Medical Examiners to Fake Autopsies and the Attica Prison Riot

Police killed both prisoners and hostages taken by prisoners.

Ten of those slain by police bullets were state employees, guards and civilian staff who had been held as hostages since September 9th when inmates first seized the prison. Several other hostages were grievously wounded. The hostages had been murdered by the inmates, they said, their throats slit. Another had been castrated. Within hours, the story was around the world. None of it was true. – The Marshal Project

However, because the authorities wanted the deaths of hostages blamed on inmates, the medical examiner was pressured to create fake autopsy results.  The following quotation illustrates what happens to medical examiners who don’t go along with creating the right concocted autopsy results.

Many of the dead were sent to Edland, the medical examiner for Monroe County, N.Y. As Thompson writes, Edland was forced to conduct the autopsies in a morgue packed with state troopers, “milling around and trying to oversee everything.” Edland also heard from officials at all levels of state government, right up to the governor’s office. He was under an enormous amount of pressure to confirm the official narrative.

Yet Edland found that the hostages’ wounds weren’t consistent with police accounts of the raid. In fact, he found that all of the deceased hostages had been killed by gunfire. Because the prisoners didn’t have guns, his findings meant that the hostages weren’t murdered by inmates but had been mistakenly killed by raiding police officers.  Some law enforcement authorities tried to argue that the hostages must have been shot with crudely fashioned prison guns, but the wounds didn’t support that theory either.

Edland’s conclusions ruined the official narrative. They also put him in the crosshairs of some powerful people.  The harassment started almost immediately, when a spokesman from the state’s department of corrections called Edland a “clown coroner” and promised a new autopsy from another doctor they were flying in from New York City. Others called Edland a “radical left-winger” and insinuated he was part of a communist plot. Edlund was a registered Republican who had voted for Barry Goldwater, and Richard Nixon three times. As Thompson writes, Edland was also known among other medical examiners to be a “right-winger.” (He was also known to be an excellent medical examiner.)

He faced professional retaliation too, as local police and prosecutors vowed to stop sending him bodies for autopsy. Later, state troopers descended on funeral homes across the region to pressure morticians to claim that the bodies of the hostages had no bullet wounds. (This was just part of a much larger coverup that included hiding and destroying evidence, all thoroughly detailed and sourced in Thompson’s book.) – Washington Post

And then, after he refused the pressure from multiple law enforcement bodies, Edland was harassed by police who targeted him.

Over the next several years, New York state troopers pulled him over more than 40 times. Police questioned his family and friends, looking for details about his personal life that they could use to embarrass him.

The constant harassment continued. Edland, his wife and their three daughters had to give friends and relatives a code under which to call the house so the family would know the call was friendly and safe to answer. Edland grew depressed and despondent. In 1976 he suffered a psychotic break that required a six-month hospitalization. – Washington Post

This is a very similar story to what the FBI did to Martin Luther King.

After J. Edgar Hoovers’ attempt to get MLK to kill himself failed, there is considerable debate as to whether the man who may have killed MLK, and was prosecuted for the murder, James Earl Ray, was set up and coordinated by the FBI.

James Earl Ray escaped to Canada and was found to have entered Canada with documents he could not have attained without assistance from a US federal agency.

J Edgar Hoover — Hero of the FBI?

The intended strategy of J Edgar Hoover (hero of the FBI, and showcased at the FBI headquarters), was to harass MLK to such an extent to get him to kill himself.

J. Edgar Hoover’s crimes have been thoroughly exposed. He kept decades of surveillance on US presidents so that he could not be removed from power. Even the establishment Life Magazine published on them.

The FBI has done nothing to account for Hoover legacy, and continue to have their building named after him, and his bust displayed prominently in their lobby.

What Failing to Disavow J. Edgar Hoover Means

This is a perfect illustration that the FBI does not care about ethics or the citizens of its policies. The FBI is merely an instrument of power. The FBI expects their agents to violate laws, and never to be held accountable.

In terms of faking stories, the FBI never tires of the practice.

For three years, the FBI created another fake story, Russiagate. To support RussiaGate, the FBI indicted a Russian troll farm, which they knew had no impact on the 2016 election, and then issued a fake report on the claimed hacking of the DNC emails, that has a title that does not match the interior of the report. In a footnote in the report, the FBI issued the disclaimer that they did not actually have any evidence of hacking even though the title of the report indicated that they did. 

Prior to this, the FBI was extremely confident that Saddam Hussain had WMDs. Did Meuller actually think Saddam Hussain had WMDs? Meuller was Director of the FBI, and the Directors of the FBI don’t care what is true. They care about accumulating more power. If Saddam Hussain having WMDs or Osama Bin Laden can help him accumulate more power, then he is in favor of constructing false information to support the narrative. 

J. Edgar Hoover would have been so proud.

The FBI has not disavowed J. Edgar Hoover, because the leadership of the FBI agrees with J. Edgar Hoover’s philosophy, that the FBI should function only to look out for its own interests and gain as much power as it can. The FBI tell any lie and violate the rights of US citizens as much as possible.

The FBI also thought they would entrap Michael Flynn. The FBI’s own emails state that they interviewed Michael Flynn intending to get him to lie. There was no underlying crime that was being investigated. 

Case Study #3: Pressuring Medical Examiners to Fake Autopsies and Waco

This video shows how the government stated that the corpses of Branch Davidians showed that they committed suicide on mass when the FBI attacked the compound.

  1. The FBI stated that the Branch Davidians with multiple bullet holes had “shot themselves to death.”
  2. Several of the Branch Davidians were run over by the FBI’s modified tanks/breach vehicles. If the FBI’s narrative is to be followed, the Branch Davidians took over the modified tanks and ran themselves over with the tanks.

After the carnage at Waco, Bill Clinton defended the FBI’s actions by stating that children were being molested. 

This is super cuddly Bill Clinton. The multi-decade hero of Democrats. So charismatic, and he felt “everyone’s pain.” He would never defend oppressive and illegal acts by the government, would he? 

Even though the FBI infused the compound with flammable gas, and then ignited the gas with flash-bang grenades, according to the FBI and to Bill Clinton, the Branch Davidians immolated themselves.

Let us review the claims by the government regarding the causes of the death of the Branch Davidians.

  1. The FBI never fired on the Branch Davidians even though many of their corpses were riddled with bullet holes. (again self-inflicted)
  2. Some of the Branch Davidians were run over by the tread of modified tanks but were not killed by the act of being run over by the tank (it is unknown as to whether they had “underlying health conditions.”)
  3. The Branch Davidians immolated themselves, even though the fire was started by the FBI. The Branch Davidians added to the flames by starting their own fires in the compound — timed for when the FBI happened to attack the compound.
  4. The FBI is so confident in their assertion that the Branch Davidians fired through their door when the FBI raided the compound, and that no shots were fired through the door from the FBI, that after the FBI entered the door into evidence, the FBI promptly lost the door. The government also had a videotape of the raid that would have corroborated their story that the Branch Davidians fired on them first. However, the government “lost” that piece of evidence also. As the government controls the evidence, they can choose to lose or not be able to find evidence at any time that shows their guilt.

The Government’s Expectations for the Acceptance of Extraordinate Coincidences

Notice that as with George Floyd, whose underlying health conditions caused him to die at the exact moment that a police officer kneeled on his neck for close to 9 minutes, the Branch Davidians took a break from their busy child molesting schedules to shoot themselves to death, start fires in the compound, and run themselves over with FBI tanks.

However, it is also true that it is not as cut and dried as the video makes it appear.

The Branch Davidians did all of this at the exact moment that the FBI decided to attack the compound, and not in the 51-day standoff prior to the FBI attacking the compound.

The argument was that the cult was irreparably dedicated to suicide. Apparently, not all that dedicated as they procrastinated for over a month and a half before they all killed themselves (9 people escaped the inferno).

The number of coincidences presented by the government is truly astounding. Luckily, after nearly all of the children in the compound were dead, they no longer had to be molested by the Branch Davidians — which was Bill Clinton’s primary concern.

Bill Clinton simply will not tolerate any nonconsensual or otherwise inappropriate sexual relations.

Bill Clinton only happens to, since this time, have been frequently visited with international underage pedophile and human trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Curiously, as what Bill Clinton was doing flying with and traveling with Jeffery Epstein, as the primary thing that Jeffrey Epstein did was provide underage women to powerful men. We most likely will not find out, because establishment media has no interest in following up on this story. When powerful men do the exact same thing that David Koresh did, nothing happens to them. 

Were the Branch Davidians Engaging in Child Molestation and Cooking Meth?

There was never any evidence of child molestation occurring in with the Branch Davidians — what was occurring was David Koresh was having sex with a number of the young women and underage women. This is not “child molestation.” It is legally categorized as statutory rape. And there is not any evidence that anyone but David Koresh was doing this. But there is another problem with doing this, as pointed out by the local Sherrif. And that is that parental consent is 14 years old in Texas. As the parents were with the children and in the compound, they were giving consent for sexual relations with David Koresh. This is not a very good situation — but Texas should perhaps think of changing the law. All of this was why this issue, which had been looked into previously by the local police, never led to any charges being brought against David Koresh.

The Branch Davidians were also accused of cooking methamphetamine by the ATF. But this accusation was less nefarious and had to do with intergovernmental billing. The ATF did not tell the courts this, nor did they want it to come out during the hearings that they had said this. The concoction appears to be about obtaining free financial support from the US special forces.

If the ATF were to receive training and the use of military helicopters from US special forces, they needed an excuse for the use of the training, or the ATF would have to have reimbursed the military.

“According to now deceased Congressman Steven Schiff of New Mexico, ”In order for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to have obtained the military assistance they did receive, not because of the Posse Comitatus Act, but because of existing military policy, they misrepresented to the military that this was an anti-drug raid when it was never an anti-drug raid.(emphasis added)– Libretarian Institute

Hmmmmm….where did the US military get the idea that the raid was for a meth lab?

From the ATF.

Curiously, the warrant the ATF obtained to search the Branch Davidian compound did not mention meth or meth or amphetamine a single time.

The following is the listed reason for the warrant.

A quantity of firearms, including but not limited to: an assortment of AR-15 rifles and AK-47 rifles, and parts thereof, along with a quantity of assorted machinegun conversion parts, which, when assembled, would be classified as machineguns, machinerty and implements used or suitable for use in converting semi-automatic weapons to fully automatic and for constructing destructive devices such as pipe bombs, and homemade grenades, this machinery would include, but not limited to metal lathes and milling machines, .50 caliber anti-tank rifle, sten guns, grenade launchers, practice rifle grenades, practice hand grenades, various chemicals, including but not limited to black powder, igniter cord, aluminum metal powder and potassium nitrate, magnesium metal powder, metals in various forms, inert “pineapple” type hand grenades, pipe bombs and parts thereof, and other suitable casings of unknown description which, when assembled, would be classified as destructive devices as those terms are defined in Section 5845 (b), and Section 5845 (f), Chapter 53, Title 26, United States Code, which are not registered with the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record, Washington, D.C., as required by law, and documentary and computerized evidence of receipt, ownership and instructions for converting semi-automatic firearms into machineguns, and the construction of improvised explosive weapons, including computer hardware, peripheral equipment and software containing files and directories and the information theron. This is to include any disks, manuals, printouts and other assorted computer equipment. – The ATF’s Request for Warrent

This means that the ATF told the US military one thing, and the court they obtained the warrant another. Of course, the ATF does not deal with drugs, that is the DEA. However, if the ATF suspected a meth lab, why wasn’t the DEA contacted to assist in the raid, and a second methamphetamine warrant requested by the DEA?

This also means that the US special forces pilots that piloted the helicopters were operating under the pretense that the raid was of a meth lab.

So this false claim of meth cooking, helped the ATF save some money. And why not convince other government entities to provide you with resources by leveling a false claim against people you intend to search?

In David Hardy’s, This is Not an Assault, he stresses, “Once the military trainers pointed out that the ATF would have to pay, the ATF suddenly claimed that the Davidians—who in fact eschewed hard liquor, tobacco, cow’s milk and junk food—were a ‘dangerous extremist organization’ believed to be producing methamphetamine.” (This is Not an Assault, Hardy, p. 258) – Libretarian Institute

Something else was missing from the ATF submission to the court asking for the warrant.

Child molestation.

If Bill Clinton was so confident that the Branch Davidians were molesting children, why does the warrant not mention child molestation? Of course, the ATF does not deal with child molestation — but if child molestation was suspected, then one is actually required to contact Child Protective Services. However, CPS was not contacted. Perhaps the ATF did not think that child molestation was happening at the compound. The ATF appears to have told different parties different stories depending upon what was helpful to them at the time.

All of this, like so much law enforcement, is on the up and up—nothing to see here obviously, move along.


Authorities rig the autopsies and create fantasy narratives when law enforcement is at fault. Law enforcement will lie to other agencies about what they suspect if the price is right. They will pressure and harass medical examiners if they don’t get the autopsy results they like. They will accuse the deceased of shooting themselves or burning themselves alive, and of people, they kill of having “underlying health conditions.”

This should now simply be expected from US law enforcement.

With the George Floyd falsified autopsy, law enforcement has demonstrated that once again, there is no ridiculous story they will not concoct to cover up for the misdeeds of police.