How H1-B Indians Create a Hostile Work Environment for Women

Executive Summary

  • India is a traditional society that is still primarily agrarian.
  • The absorption of enormous numbers of H1-B Indian men with traditional views on women is setting back the US workplace for women.


This article will take a while to get to the point about Indian discrimination against US domestic female IT workers. The first part of the article is necessary as background to understand the issue, and why it is virtually absent from media coverage.

Women Leaving STEM

There has been great consternation about what is considered a shortage of women in STEM fields. The following case is an example of the little-discussed topic, which reduces the number of women working in STEM and IT.

See our references for this article and other articles on Indian IT Discrimination at this link.

The Article by Protect US Workers

Sara Blackwell of Protect US Workers observes the following.

Outsourcing takes us decades backwards in women’s rights. Seventy percent (70%) of all H1B visas (high skilled visas) are given to young men from India. American companies, like AT&T, fire many of their female workers. However, those fired workers are first required to train young, male Indians to do their jobs. That, in and of itself, without anything more, is a significant violation of women’s rights. But the AT&T women are also told that they must accept being treated different, and lesser, than men when around Indian visa holders. So, why no word from the women’s rights movement? Where is the Times Up people fighting against this business model?

We think we know where they are…or why women’s groups are not focusing on this issue.

We knew where to go to find out what feminists are focusing on.

We checked the MS Magazine website, and we found that nearly every article had to do with women’s issues in developed or white countries — the exact places where women already have the greatest freedom and equality. MS Magazine is apparently much less interested in areas of the world where the most significant disparity exists between women and men. I cover in the article the double standards that feminists apply to rape in the article Is It Rape If the Rapist Is Not White? 

What is Feminism Again And Who Does it Aim to Protect?

How confused are feminists on topics related to non-white initiated female exploitation?

During The Woman’s March in 2016, which was primarily a protest against Trump’s election for his misogyny, Linda Sarsour, a Muslim, was introduced as a speaker. Linda Sarsour is a Muslim and supports Sharia Law, which she has said she wants to be instituted in the US. Sharia Law declares that, for one, women who are found guilty of adultery be stoned to death. 

Feminists who arranged The Woman’s March could not observe the fact that Islamic countries score the worst for their treatment of women, making it ridiculous for an Islamic speaker to be included in the “festivities.” While most likely screamed at if I attended (for denying that there are biological differences between men and women, perhaps), Muslims are welcomed at feminist celebrations with open arms. It would seem that people who think women should be stoned to death could be excluded from the Woman’s March — but on the other hand, Linda Sarsour has stated to Muslim clerics that she is more of a “marketing front end” and is not exactly a Muslim scholar. So she may not know.

As soon as feminism has to address topics that don’t relate to the oppressors of women being white, the entire logic appears to break down.

Video Removed from YouTube

This video explains how feminists in undeveloped countries pushed back on feminists in the West, pointing out sexism or mistreatment of women in non-Western countries. This caused feminists in the West not to point out abuses in non-white countries. This has been a multi-decade agreement that not to be accused of insensitivity to other cultures; Western feminists would give all non-white societies a pass — and only focus on the Western world. 

This, in part, explains that feminism is only focused on women’s rights and issues in the developed world, which has moved to parity in some ways and superiority in other ways (for example, the right to choose one’s role — homemaker or provider, strong preferential treatment in family courts, more education on average)

The Necessity of Woke Signaling

This debate on Islam between Ben Affleck, Bill Maher, and Sam Harris went viral. Ben Affleck has no demonstrated understanding of Islam and does not display any knowledge of Islam in this video. Sam Harris, on the other hand, has a Ph.D. in religious studies. Everything Sam Harris says about Islam in this video is factual. However, Ben Affleck has a response that requires no understanding of the topic area….which is that the statements that he does not like are “racist.” 

According to Ben Affleck and Beverly Hills liberals, it is progressive to encourage Islam; honor killings are to be covered up (pointing them out is racist). It is also culturally insensitive to push back on men not shaking women’s hands — because it is intolerant of cultural differences.

How Does All of This Play Into The Current Issue with Indian Discrimination Against US Domestic Female IT Workers?

Women don’t appreciate being seen as second-class citizens by Indians right off the boat who are displacing them. To feminists, this is already beginning to sound a little racist.

Therefore, women can expect no help from feminists when it comes to women being discriminated against by Indians. According to elite feminists, unless the discrimination is by a white man, the discrimination does not fit into their mental model. Therefore, it is met by turning away one’s eyes.

How AT&T “Educated” Women on How to Make Indians Comfortable

Sara goes on to say.

Attached is a real handout given to AT&T workers who are being forced to train their foreign visa holder replacement. It explains the phases of the “knowledge transfer”–aka train-your-replacement. Slipped inside the training slides are pages on rules that women are not permitted to shake the hands of male Indians. The handout specifically states: Indian men will shake hands with other men but not women. American men cannot shake an Indian woman’s hand unless she makes it clear that it is acceptable.

The AT&T women are supposed to “understand” that they will be treated as if they are less than men. Also, American men are supposed to jump back centuries and treat women different than men. Cultural differences or not, America believes in equality and we supposedly ended gender discrimination. The American company should give a handout to all of the foreign visa holders that says: “Shake men and women’s hands equally or don’t shake any at all.”

It is humiliating enough to be fired then to be forced to train a foreigner to do your job. But, can you imagine the hundreds or thousands of AT&T women training Indian men on visas who refuse to even shake their hands because they are merely a woman and not worthy of a handshake? Worse are the American companies that allow it and require it. It is disgusting.

This is a slide from AT&T’s deck to its soon-to-be displaced employees. 

Notice the inappropriate topics. Don’t talk about India’s standard of living — India is a country where people are poor, while there are a few billionaires — which is one reason most of them want to leave the country –but AT&T would like this not discussed.

Furthermore, it is not a good thing to talk about human rights in India primarily because unless an Indian is rich, they don’t have any. One should not discuss that there is no freedom of the press or the fact that people can generally be killed for as little as $200, and it is common for Indians to threaten other Indians they agree with — and that given the low cost of assassination services, the threat is very real.

And related to the subject at hand, it is good not to bring up the fact that India is ranked as one of the worst places in the world to be a woman. Of course, according to the multinationals that bring over Indians in the boatloads to replace US domestic workers, this will have zero negative impact on the women who still have jobs and must deal with Indians.

These people will help the Western world create a better society. And if you don’t believe that, you can attend some sessions with your local HR department to work on your attitude.

How Are Women Treated in India?

The following is from an article by The Guardian.

India’s women are traumatised in less obvious ways than by tanks in the streets, bombs and warlords. Our oppression starts innocuously: it occurs in private life, within families, with girls being locked up in their own homes. This everyday violence is the product of a culture that bestows all power on men, and that does not even want women to exist. This is evident in the unbalanced sex ratios at birth, even in wealthy families.

Almost every woman I interviewed had experienced some form of sexual molestation.

Over 50% of Indian men and women still believe that sometimes women deserve a beating. One woman is killed every hour for not bringing enough dowry to a husband.

The real genius of this system lies in the fact that oppression has been recast as a virtue. So erasure of self – the most treacherous human rights violation – hides in plain sight, sanctified by loving families, perfumed by our definitions of goodness. And the private sphere, the family, remains impenetrable and untouchable.

Yes, I also don’t discuss any of these issues. However, US domestic female workers should feel entirely comfortable working with men from this culture.

Put on a happy face, ladies; why are you so severe? And of course….smile! 

Soon to be displaced, AT&T employees are told to respect Indian family values. We are curious: are the Indians taking the jobs of Americans given a similar presentation about how to respect US values? Who is adjusting to who here? 

Some Indians indeed put collective goals ahead of the individual. Still, a more accurate description of this is that Indians function as a collective — to push Americans out of jobs. This is presented as a positive in this slide, but Indians are using this modality against the workers who would be reading this slide. Indians have a lot of collective behavior, like targeting US domestic workers in companies to replace them with Indian friends, collaborating on cheating on certifications as we cover in the article How Indians Coordinate to Fake Their IT Certifications, rigging procurement to buy from Indian friends and family and cover in the article The Problem With Indians as GateKeepers for US IT Purchases. This translates to Indians being aggressively opposed to merit-based societies, as they prefer to rig outcomes from friends, family, and Indians (and Indians in their “tribe”) over all others.

As the US employees at AT&T are being fired, the important thing is to focus on the employees that AT&T will be keeping or the Indian employees.

The US Government to the Rescue?

Sara continues..

I am ashamed of this America! I am ashamed of American companies all over this country who do this business model (for greed no less). I am ashamed of the American government who permits it

If the government does not speak against this, then they are passive supporters. Without someone, or something, to make these companies change, the discrimination will get worse and our country will lose years and years of fighting for those rights we hold so dear.

STOP the abuse of the intent of the immigration system and STOP gender discrimination in our workplaces in the guise of “culture”.

The US government not only permits it but encourages it, as we pointed out in the article How the US Department of Labor is Useless in Policing The H1-B Program, the US government allows massive H1-B fraud. As we pointed out in the article Hillary Clinton the Big Supporter of Indian Outsourcing and US Worker Displacement, and in the article Why Are 47 Entities Lobbying in Favor of the H.R.1044 IT Immigration Bill?, the US political system is being used against US workers.

What Has Been Responsible For Driving Women Out of STEM?

Sara continues..

Also, please read this email from just one of the hundreds of AT&T Workers who have sent me their stories. This is a common story among outsourced workers:

The outsourcing business model, the abuse of the intent of the immigration system, discriminates against women. Please STOP telling our little girls to go into STEM. We have stepped back decades in our fight for women’s rights and no one is acknowledging it. The discrimination against women is blatant and intentional. The companies put it in writing.

If Times Up and Women’s Rights groups refuse to stand up against this discrimination then there is a serious bias to their “outrage” over gender discrimination.

We cover in the article How The H1-Bs Are Pushing Out Domestic US Workers of IT and STEM, H1-B visa workers have been reducing the pay the US STEM graduates and pushing them out of the field.

Most of the articles that point out that female STEM graduates often leave STEM within ten years and that point to the sexism by white men seem to miss the fact that most male STEM graduates also leave the field within ten years.

This follows the same pattern as described earlier — which is that the perpetrators must always be white males, even though H1-B visa holders and other foreign workers (as described in this article) tend to be far less accepting of female coworkers. The authors of these articles never seem to point out that male STEM graduates are also driven out of the field. This illustrates how articles either have to fit within the work narrative or don’t get written. If it’s not “woke,” it won’t get “wrote.”


Women are being driven out of IT as they have been in STEM. Indian workers create a hostile work environment for US domestic male workers, often targeting their jobs for replacement by their Indian associations, as we cover in the article How Indian IT Workers Discriminate Against Non-Indian Workers.

However, it makes it extra tricky the culture of Indians is that women are not treated as equals. This means that Indian work environments are extra hostile to US domestic women, which will lead to them leaving the IT field even faster than US domestic males. This topic is guaranteed not to be covered by prominent media outlets.

What is curious about this is that women constitute a significant force pushing for what billionaires want — making societies created by whites less white to lower wages. Women are much more likely not to think illegal immigration is a big deal because of “empathy.” Women also seem to generally assume that non-white cultures are more progressive and tolerant than non-white cultures — which is incorrect. For example, white liberal women have adopted Islam as their pet religion — while not being willing to face what Islam believes or how women are treated in Islamic societies. When women have to work with Indians their ridiculous liberal ideas are put to the test and turn out to be false. However, it’s very important for white liberals never to admit they were wrong — so white women are much less likely to publicly communicate poor treatment by non-whites as they are afraid of being called “racist.” This illustrates how unsustainable female-oriented societies. The more women have a voice in a society, the more it will be conquered by another society where women have less of a voice. Women push for society to lower its natural defenses against invaders. When women have a more significant say in parenting, children become less disciplined and more self-centered. The worst outcomes come from single mothers. This is for a similar reason.