How Indians Exploit US Diversity Rules While Practicing Extreme Levels of Discrimination

Executive Summary

  • Indians enjoy their categorization as a minority in the US and receiving minority protections, while at the same time discriminating against non-Indians.
  • We cover how Indians use this double standard.


Indians have, in essence, hijacked the US’s emphasis on non-discrimination against minorities to move into positions that allow them to discriminate in favor of Indians.

This article covers a quote that describes how Indians do this.

Our References

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The Indian Double Standard on Discrimination

Indians have aggressively opened businesses as minorities in the US, which were not designed for them but for historically underperforming/disadvantaged groups like blacks and Latinos. Why would the US allow programs to be infiltrated by people who just recently entered the country under foreign worker visas?

One Reason Media Entities Will Not Call Out Indian Behavior

Media dogs are sitting on the side with a piece of meat in their jaws and cant bark or bite, also because money from corporates, and fear of being labeled racist along with fear of losing their jobs. HR 392 is preventing real hi skill talents from Europe, Japan, South America Korea,  Africa. Most Indians play both sides of racism aisle, In their caste culture discrimination is legitimate as a superior race, duty, that’s why you will see them discriminating against anybody who is not not from their caste, without shame, they even value cows more then people from other caste’s. – Indians Are Gatekeepers to IT Jobs & Deny US IT Opportunities

Indians have a level of protection that even though they are involved in an enormous number of shady practices in the US, they are not held accountable and are not called out. The fear is that a non-Indian calling out unethical or even illegal practices will result in the person accusing of being called a racist.

How Indians are Solidifying Their Control Over US IT

Those who came under H1B temp visa about 2.5 decades back are now citizens, they move up fast in IT, leveraging the numbers of their ethnicity while crying discrimination. They are quick to bring up discrimination when it suits them, likewise they don’t hesitate to discriminate in a heartbeat, because there is group and unity among them, called upper caste who as culture of their belief promote discrimination in their favor. Like they don’t know any better? Worse, they prepare their children in IT field and are convinced that they are of superior intellect to US citizens today.

When the current crop of H1B become citizens, there will be very little legal protection/recourse for today’s US born and their children. – Indians Are Gatekeepers to IT Jobs & Deny US IT Opportunities

This is an exceptionally insightful quotation and is rare inside information that Indians related to the control of the foreign worker programs would not want US domestic workers to read. The active and aggressive discrimination on the part of Indians against US domestic workers is corroborated by our article How Indian IT Workers Discriminate Against Non-Indian Workers.


Indians who promote diversity in the US (which translates to jobs going to Indians) come from a society that has rampant discrimination. Due to the large numbers of Indians now working in IT and IT recruiting, it is becoming increasingly difficult for US domestic IT workers not to have their careers negatively impacted by Indian discrimination. Somehow, immigrants from a country with a caste system, with enormous income inequality, which is habitually rated as the worst country to live for women, are presented as providing people to the US who are more enlightened and progressive than US domestic workers.

Indians have used the tolerance of the US workplace and of US domestic workers against them to come to dominate the US IT labor market and to discriminate against US domestic workers aggressively.