How Indians Lie About Indian Corruption to Non Indians

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Executive Summary

  • Very little accurate information about Indian corruption or corrupt Indian schemes comes from Indians.
  • Indians have learned to hide as much as they can from non-Indians.


The objective of Indians is to take over as much of US IT as they can. This will not be assisted by telling non-Indians the commonality of Indian corruption.

See our references for this article and other articles on Indian IT Discrimination at this link.

Covering Up the Real Story

My friend was telling me that he saw the beginning of fraud in 1988 at southern California Edison, a utility company with national security implication. Indians were taking over critical jobs then. In 1995 when my friend was in social security he saw Indians entering social security administration under the guise of Y2K bug fixes. Again a critical national security implications. In 1998 he saw the beginnings of mass scale fraud in H1B from India where US consulate in Chennai had to maintain educational records of Indians graduated from Indian colleges and universities. That is the only US consulate in the world that maintains educational records of indians from southern india as the abuse and fraud was so rampant then and now. Again in 1999 there was a week long article on front page about Indian H1B fraud being perpetrated by Indians, in San Jose Mercury News. After that Indians especially Telugu’s and Tamils got wiser and never spoke to any journalist. So there is very little light shed on the crimes committed by South Indians in the dark of the night literally. – Indians Are Gatekeepers to IT Jobs & Deny US IT Opportunities

Indians have no interest in addressing cheating on the part of Indians because cheating is part of the Indian culture. They also do not want Indians to develop a bad reputation.


Most Indians in the US actively lie to US domestic workers. This lying is so extensive that it approaches the creation of a complete fiction on the part of Indians about Indian culture.

Indians view the US as a country to penetrate and take over various segments of the US economy. Indians have made enormous strides in capturing the IT industry in multiple European-based countries. This is not helped by interfering with Indian corruption. It is not assisted by explaining the fraud in the H1-B system.