How JAMA Created a Video on The mRNA Covid Vaccines Filled With False Information

Executive Summary

  • The Journal of the American Medical Association, or JAMA, produced a highly misleading video on the mRNA vaccines.
  • This shows how controlled JAMA is by pharma.


JAMA produced a shocking video where they supported the lies of covid vaccine manufacturers. Analyzing these lies is instructive.

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The Video By JAMA

JAMA produced the following video on the mRNA vaccines.

This video, produced by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), supports the asinine math used by Pfizer and Moderna called relative risk reduction which provider a fake 95 and 94% efficacy.

This video is ridiculous. Below, we have analyzed the false claims presented in this JAMA video.

JAMA False Claim #1: The Vaccines Were Measured for Adverse Events

This video falsely claimed that the vaccines were measured for adverse events. Quite the contrary, the FDA never followed up on any adverse events or tracking, as is covered in the article How The FDA Did Nothing to Verify the Long-Term Safety Of The Covid Vaccines.

JAMA False Claim #2: The Vaccines Protect Against Transmission

This video was uploaded to YouTube in Feb of 2021. As I write this in Feb of 2022, it is now known that the mRNA vaccines do not limit transmission, and this is covered in the article How The Covid Vaccines Do Nothing to Stop The Vaccinated From Getting Or Transmitting Covid. However, at roughly the 2 minute 56-second mark, the video states that the vaccines may protect against transmission. However, the studies did not test for this, which is acknowledged in the video. Yet, the video claims that something the studies did not test for is likely true.

This is an excellent time to bring in the Canadian Covid Care Alliance graphics.

The Canadian Covid Care Alliance

The following graphics are from the Canadian Covid Care Alliance.

This graphic shows the bizarre logic used by Pfizer to test for covid. Pfizer did not measure the middle group for covid, and they ran precisely 170 (162 + 8) PRC tests. Finally, what JAMA proposed was probably true, looked “promising” and was wholly falsified as time passed. By Feb 2022, health authorities eventually had to admit that the vaccines do not stop or even limit transmission. 

And there is another problem with this, which I cover in the article Understanding the PCR Test and How There Was Never a Reliable Test for Covid, which is that Pfizer (and all testing facilities globally) are using an unreliable test for covid that cannot differentiate between covid that is alive or dead, or covid or influenza or covid or the common cold.

JAMA False Claim #3: The Vaccines Had 2 Months of Phase III Trials

The claim made at the 5-minute, 24-second mark is that there were two months of data available for the phase III trial participants. First, the JAMA video did not explain how atypical that is, as the placebo group was lost after two months.

This is described in the following graphic.

This graphic shows that the placebo group was removed, which begs why the study was unblinded early. 

But more than this, it has now come out that the study was blinded before this date. This topic is covered in the article How The FDA Did Nothing to Verify the Long Term Safety Of The Covid Vaccines.

JAMA False Claim #4: The Vaccine Side Effects Were Mild To Moderate

At roughly the 5-minute 43-second mark, JAMA states that the most common side effects were mild to moderate.

However, a question that should be asked is how does JAMA know?

The Pfizer and Moderna studies hid significant side effects. Observe the following graphic from the Canadian Covid Care Alliance.

Pfizer faked and miscategorized the adverse reactions as far less severe than they were. This is fraud. However, as the FDA is in bed with Pfizer, and so many senior people at the FDA are paid off by Pfizer or hope to work for them in the future, there will be no repercussions for Pfizer. This is shown in the following graphic. 

Since the vaccines have been rolled out, they have earned an abysmal safety record, as can be verified in the article How Safe Are the Covid Vaccines VS Ivermectin and Remdesivir?

Furthermore, the vaccines killed people who dropped dead right after getting them vaccines. That is a highly unusual thing to happen to people in their teens, twenties, and thirties, which is what has happened with these vaccines.

JAMA False Claim #5: The Vaccines Adverse Effects Were Monitored

At roughly the 6-minute 40-second mark in the video, JAMA states the adverse events from the vaccines were closely monitored and promoted by the negative event databases. The video left out that these systems are commonly thought to capture around 1 and 2% of adverse events.

Furthermore, these databases have shown very concerning levels of adverse events that the health authorities have ignored. Still, those analyzing the adverse events from these databases have been critiqued for doing so, as is covered in the article, The Medical Establishment Resents the Calculation of Risk Using VAERS.

The Long-Term Pattern of Hiding Adverse Effects for Drug Companies

It has long been the policy of the FDA, NIH, and CDC to minimize adverse effects from drugs and gaslight the public on the topic covered in the article The FDA, CDC, and NIH Do Not Want Adverse Drug Reactions Counted.

None of these entities see themselves as working in the interests of public health. Their financial incentives and career growth are connected to the pharmaceutical industry’s claims, and they have captured government entities that are cutouts for the pharmaceutical industry.

This demonstrates that it is not valid, as the video states…

“FDA and CDC scientists and others are continuing to watch safety and efficacy signals vigilantly”

What Did The JAMA Video Leave Out?

So much. One major topic is the conflicts of interest between the Pfizer report authors and Pfizer. Why did JAMA not see fit to show the following graphic?

One reason is that JAMA has enormous financial conflicts with Pfizer and the rest of the pharmaceutical industry.

At the end of the video, an MD brags about the vaccines’ safety and effectiveness. He also does not declare his financial connections to drug companies. None of these videos or interviews on major media outlets cover the economic ties between the MD and the pharmaceutical industry.

More on JAMA

I wrote the above analysis of the JAMA video before having that much exposure to the journal. It was simply obviously false. However, since initially writing the article, I came across this explanation of how JAMA functions. The following quote is from the article How Corruption Dictates the Practice of Medicine.

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) appears to be the most biased publication in this regard, and in most cases you can predict what an entire article will say on a topic before you even read it (ie. does the COVID vaccine have any possible harm associated with it…no).

The one interesting exception I have seen to this was a recently published study debunking the use of ivermectin. Here the conclusion of the article argued against the use of ivermectin, while the actual data argued for it, raising the possibility the authors phrased the conclusion to say the opposite of their results so that JAMA would publish the study (it is very common for conclusions in journal articles to not be representative of their results).

This should not be that surprising. This is the journal of the American Medical Association. The AMA is a corrupt lobbying group for MDs and the medical establishment with massive undisclosed financial conflicts.


JAMA supports research fraud in making this video. There would be no difference in the content of this video if it were produced by JAMA or the marketing department at Pfizer or Moderna.

There is no other conclusion that JAMA is so controlled by pharma companies that they will produce videos designed to mislead the public.

Addressing the Damage

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