How Jelena Perfiljeva Strongly Agrees with Brightwork’s Analysis of SAP Fiori

Executive Summary

  • Jelena Perfiljeva recently stated a view of SAP Fiori that Brightwork Research & Analysis had published years ago.
  • It is great to see Jelena come around to the value offered by our analysis.


We have sounded the alarm on Fiori for several years; a sampling of this coverage can be found in the article What is Actually in the Fiori Box? And in the article, Why is the Fiori Interface so Slow. Now Jelena, a very deep drinker of the SAP Kool-Aid, seems to have figured out our research value into SAP.

See our references for this article and related articles at this link.

Jelena Perfiljeva Has the Emphiany That Not Everything SAP Says is True

On the 13th, Jelena published the following tweet on Twitter.

Yes, Jelena exactly.

And while all of the conventional sources on SAP were falling all over themselves to agree with everything that SAP said about Fiori, we were virtually the only source to question Fiori’s value. Let us see, do we have any articles that provide evidence to support this claim?

Yes. Try reading Why it is Time to Jump Off of the Fiori Bandwagon, (Published in October of 2016, The Math of Probable S/4HANA & Fiori Usage, (Published in the same month), Considering What is Required to Setup Fiori, (Published in August of 2017).

We could go on, as we have many more articles on Fiori, but Brightwork Research never bought SAP’s claims about Fiori. Jelena did not have to wait close to 3.5 years to figure out that SAP’s Fiori claims were false.

How Much Time and Money Has Been Wasted of Fiori?

Many hundreds of millions of dollars have been wasted on implementing Fiori at companies. All of this could have been avoided if SAP customers had just listened to what we said about Fiori back in 2016. How many SAP consulting firms lied to their customers about Fiori? What is the problem of having no independent entities in the SAP space that will challenge SAP? Well, it is that SAP’s claims go unchallenged for years.


Jelena Perfiljeva may not realize it, but she is aggressively repudiating SAP Fiori’s story in this tweet. Hasso Plattner said as soon as Fiori was introduced that SAP had the best user interface in software. Jelena is not only saying that Hasso was wrong about Fiori being the best user interface in software, but that Fiori is not even worth moving to, and that all of the expense of moving to Fiori ultimately results in “remaking screens.” But what about Kai Richter’s article on Fiori in 2019 right on the SAP blog? 

SAP Fiori started in 2013 as an initiative to re-imagine business software by applying a “mobile first” design approach to the most frequently used use cases. At that time, no one could have envisioned this to become so successful that it would revolutionize the way how business software would be designed in future.

In 2018, the third iteration of SAP Fiori was announced. The continued success and proven ability to scale and integrate latest trends and requirements already had established SAP Fiori as the design system for the intelligent enterprise. All product areas committed to work towards the adoption of SAP Fiori 3 as the iteration of the design system that would integrate the experience of all SAP products. This decision was further operationalized into the newly founded product standard for UX consistency.

Jelena is saying, “not so fast.” Imagine what a surprise this is for me to see false and entirely promotional information published on the SAP blog. Has it ever happened before?

Furthermore, Jelena is also contradicting the messaging that has been delivered by SAP salespeople and the heads of all of the major SAP consulting firms for seven years.

And Jelena is correct. They are all (including Hasso Plattner) guilty of lying. However, it is good to see Jelena come around and see that Brightwork Research & Analysis was correct on this topic going back to 2016.