How Muslims Killed 270 Million People Who Refused to Become Muslim

Executive Summary

  • Islam is presented as a religion of peace.
  • How did a religion of peace kill over 270 million people?


The religion of peace has an enormous death count. And it has a history of killing those who refuse to convert to Islam. This history is effectively hidden from the West by dishonest media entities trying to be PC and by Muslim sources practicing “Taqiyya,” which lies to the Kafir (non-believer).

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The Evidence for Muslims Murdering 270 Million Non-Believers

The following video addresses Islamic sources about the murder of non-Muslims.

At the 8-minute mark of the video, David Wood states the following.

After Mohammed died, Abu Bakr went on a killing spree against people that tried to leave Islam because they had only become Muslims in the first place to avoid getting slaughtered by Mohammed. Umar/Omar took over after Bakr and forced Christians to sign an agreement saying they would not rebuild churches, repair churches, sing loudly in their churches. They had to give up their seats for Muslims. They had to feed Muslims, and they had to let Muslims sleep in their churches. And if the Christians ever violated any of these rules, the penalty was death. Over the next 14 centuries, over 270 million people were slaughtered in the name of Islamic Jihad. Jews, Christians, Hindus, Zoroastrians, everyone who refused to become Muslim.

Furthermore, Muslims ruined the lives of far more than this as they oppressed those who lived in lands they conquered who refused Islam by making them second-class citizens and making them pay a tax for living in a Muslim-controlled land without being Muslim. This oppression is why it is rare to find other religions in Muslim controlled lands.

How Muslims Continually Win Our Golden Pinocchio Award

Muslims receive our Golden Pinocchio Award for proposing that Islam is a religion of peace. 


This is an amazing body count for a religion of peace. Mohammed was a warlord. Mohammed promoted attacking on-Muslims, taking them as slaves, raping slaves, etc. And then there is this extremely high body count.

How is that the behavior of the prophet of a religion of peace?

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