How Muslims Lie About Islam Respecting Other Religions

Last Updated on May 6, 2022 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • Muslims like to say that Islam respects all religions.
  • We cover whether Islam does, in fact, respect all other religions.


Muslims state that they respect other religions, and everywhere they migrate; they complain that Islam is not respected. How true is it that Muslims have this long history of respecting other religions?

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The Historical Respect for Non-Muslims

This video does an excellent job explaining how Islam insults other believes and has historically conquered other religions. 

At the 11:00 minute mark, the quote from Sahih Bukhari Hadith is shown.

Allah’s Apostle said, “I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: ‘None has the right to be worshipped by Allah.”

Muslims conquered regions and subjugated other religions.

How this can be translated into respecting other faiths is very difficult to see. How can you both conquer and force convert other faiths, and then say that you also respect other faiths?

Muslims not only attempt to wipe out other beliefs, but they also destroy their history and seek to wipe out evidence of beliefs before their beliefs.

If Islam was not spread by forced conversion, why were the areas on this map converted as a direct consequence of conquest? Muslims imposed extremely harsh living conditions for non-Muslims after conquering an area, creating a strong motivation to convert. 

Does this sound peaceful and consensual? Is this respect to other religions?

In this video, David Wood shows yet another example of Muslims presenting the idea that Muslims have historically respected other faiths. Wood makes the point that the myth of “non-insulting Muslims” is used to keep Islam from being insulted in places where Muslims are in the minority. If other faiths were consistent with how Muslims behave when they are in the majority, non-Muslims would not only insult, but would actively pressure Muslims until they submit to conversion.   

Example #1: What Does Boko Haram Say About Non-Islamic Beliefs?

Boko Haram, which is funded by Saudi Arabia, has the following to say about any government that is not Islamic.

We want to reiterate that we are warriors who are carrying out Jihad (religious war) in Nigeria and our struggle is based on the traditions of the holy prophet. We will never accept any system of government apart from the one stipulated by Islam because that is the only way that the Muslims can be liberated.

We do not believe in any system of government, be it traditional or orthodox except the Islamic system and that is why we will keep on fighting against democracy, capitalism, socialism and whatever. We will not allow the Nigerian Constitution to replace the laws that have been enshrined in the Holy Qur’an, we will not allow adulterated conventional education (Boko) to replace Islamic teachings.

We will not respect the Nigerian government because it is illegal. We will continue to fight its military and the police because they are not protecting Islam. We do not believe in the Nigerian judicial system and we will fight anyone who assists the government in perpetrating illegalities.

So Nigeria, which is only partially Islamic, must according to Boko Haram must be Islamic.

Example #2: What Does ISIS Say About Other Religions?

This is what ISIS plans for the future and how they show their “respect” for other religions.

“We will conquer your Rome, break your crosses, and enslave your women,” Adnani, the spokesman, promised in one of his periodic valentines to the West. “If we do not reach that time, then our children and grandchildren will reach it, and they will sell your sons as slaves at the slave market.” – The Atlantic

Example #3: How Did Janjalani Show Respect for Non-Islamic Constructs?

Janjalani, however, was no mere Muslim fighter or mujahideen; he was a charismatic and a serious Muslim scholar. Born on the Philippine island of Basilan (see map), today an ASG stronghold, Janjalani (ironically) attended high school in the Catholic-run Claret College in the Basilan capital, Isabela. Though he did not finish high school, he obtained a scholarship from the government of Saudi Arabia to the Ummu I-Qura in Mecca, where he studied Islamic jurisprudence for three years. Later he studied Islamic revolution in Pakistan, becoming attracted to the concept of jihad. In 1984, Janjalani went back to Basilan and became an avid preacher, if to limited audiences, in the Santa Barbara madrassa in Zamboanga City. His various theological statements and public proclamations revealed a deep grasp of Islam, particularly Wahhabi theology, which considers other Muslim communities heretical. Janjalani delivered at least eight discourses, or khutbah, within a radical framework based on the Quranic concept of jihad fi-sabil-lillah (fighting and dying for the cause of Islam). His discourses indicted both Muslims, even mullahs, and non-Muslims for superficial knowledge of the Quran and the Hadith (the collected tradition of Muhammad and his sayings). One of his discourses vehemently condemned the Philippine constitution as a guide for Philippine society and asserted the Quran “as the only worthy guide for human life since it is perfect creation of Allah who cannot err and who knows everything.” (emphasis added)

He lamented the sufferings of Muslim Filipinos as victims of oppression, injustice, and lack of development, urging them to fight and die for Islam, thus to deserve “paradise as martyrs.”

Again, are we getting a feeling of respect for the beliefs of others?

Muslims receive our Golden Pinocchio Award for lying about how Islam has historically respected other faiths. The fact that this lie works, indicates how little non-Muslims know about Islamic history. 


This proposal is so unreasonable as to fall into the category of comedy, except that this claim is accepted by many people who then restrict their criticisms of Islam. The myth of Islam respecting other religions are used to gaslight non-Muslims from being aware of the threat of Muslims.

Given the aggressive history of Islam, this opens the question of why any other religion or non-religious should respect Islam. Islam is dedicated specifically to crushing other religions and coercing groups who want to have their own beliefs and wipe out those beliefs and replace them with Islam.