How Muslims Lie About The 14 Century History of Forced Conversion to Islam

Last Updated on May 6, 2022 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • Muslims like to say that Islam has no history of forced conversion.
  • We review the evidence for this claim.


Muslims state that Islam is never forced onto people. We review the evidence that Islam is never spread through forced conversion.

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This video does an excellent job explaining how Islam was primarily spread through conquest and therefore forced conversion. This begins at the 1:40 mark. 

If Islam was not spread by forced conversion, why were the areas on this map converted as a direct consequence of conquest? Muslims imposed extremely harsh living conditions for non-Muslims after conquering an area, creating a strong motivation to convert. If you have to pay a high level of tax for being non-Muslim, if you are not allowed to practice your religion in public, if you are enslaved, if you, in essence, become a second class or third class citizen for the simple reason of not being Muslim, it cannot be said that your conversion to Islam is under your consent. 

This is a video timeline of the Muslim invasion. Observe that virtually all of these areas also converted to Islam. How did that happen unless there was compulsion? Islam replaced and in some cases wiped out the already existing religions. 

Non-Conquest Spreading of Islam?

There are places where the sword did not spread Islam. A good example of this is in Southeast Asia. However, this was only because Islamic traders lacked the resources to conquer Southeast Asia. However, just because one region where Islam was spread was not facilitated by conquest does not mean that Islam’s primary transmission method was not non-consensual.

Furthermore, for a religion that has not forced itself on people, there are many quotes from Mohammed that this is what he exactly said should be done. He told his followers to fight people until they accepted Allah as their god. What is the reason for fighting people until they accept Allah if there is no forced conversion? What did Mohammed mean by saying he would “run Christians and Jews out of Arabia?”

Observe this quotation right from YouTube on the above video.

Hinduism still exists not because of the “merciful peaceful” Islam (which is bullsh*t) , but because of great Kings like Shivaji Maharaj, Sambhaji , Rana Pratap, Ahom kings , Sikhs who fought back and sacrificed themselves to protect Dharma.

These Muslims only know how to lie. They’ll never talk about the atrocities done by the Mughal kings. The number of monstrous invasions, rapes, murders, etc is way too much to call themselves as peaceful. – Veen A

Does this sound peaceful and consensual?

The Apostate Prophet describes how compulsion in Islam really works. The Koran does say this regarding compulsion, however, Islam repeatedly compulsed non-Muslims to convert to Islam. Islam early in Mohammed’s life was more accommodating. This changed with verses later in Mohammed’s life when Islam became powerful and was subjugating other neighboring regions. 

When ISIS Tried to Bring About the Islamic State

The compulsion to Islam continued when ISIS simply followed the playbook of conquest as laid out by Mohammed in the Quran.

The enslavement, for Isis, is meant to eventually bring the women to Islam, and is part of their ideology of conquest. “[It is] among the greatest forms of the honour of Islam and its sharia [Islamic law], as it is a clear affirmation showing the supremacy of the people of sharia, and the greatness of their affairs, and the dominance of their state, and the power of their might,” according to an Isis pamphlet on slavery.

Dividing up the captive women and children among the Isis mujahideen [holy warriors] and “sanctioning their genitals” is described as a sign of “realisation and dominance by the sword”. – The Guardian

Muslims receive our Golden Pinocchio Award for lying about how Islam was not spread through forced conversion. 


It is rather disgusting that while the history of Islam is conquest, Islam was spread through consent. By doing this, Muslims are whitewashing 1400 centuries of violent conquest. Islam is the most violent and despotic religion the world has ever known — and Muslims seek to present this history as peaceful and consensual.

And this article does not imply that other religions have not also performed forced conversions. Beyond forced conversions, extreme pressure has been applied to Christians to maintain their faith. Leaving the faith in Europe often meant losing the ability to earn a living as you would be considered an outcast.

However, of the faiths, while Islam was the religion with the most forced conversions, its modern-day practitioners are some of the most aggressive in asserting that the spread of Islam was unrelated to conquer or forced conversion.