How Safe Are The Covid 19 Vaccines?

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Executive Summary

  • There has been a greatly oversimplified the real safety of the effectiveness and safety of covid 19 vaccines.
  • We cover this safety issue that the CDC, FDA etc.. have minimized.


Western health authorities and media have been nearly entirely focused on funding and promoting historically quickly-created coronavirus vaccines as the approved public policy response to the coronavirus. The pharmaceutical-controlled major media entities immediately hailed these vaccines as highly effective and safe.

Our References for This Article

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How Safe Are the Vaccines?

We covered the effectiveness of the vaccines in a separate article How Effective Are the Covid Vaccines. On the other side of effectiveness is the safety of the vaccines — or what is the potential of the vaccines to harm.

What Do The Adverse Reaction Databases Show About the Covid Vaccines?

Contrary to the statements by the pharmaceutical companies and health authorities, the adverse reaction databases of the CDC and the WHO, in addition to reporting worldwide, show that the vaccines are not safe.

The Complete Lack of Safety in Testing the Vaccines

This issue with the testing timetable is explained in the following quotation.

With mRNA-1273 and with all of the other COVID- 19 vaccines, clinical trials were rushed through in a very short period of time, which has meant that proper precautions to ensure their safety were not taken. – Doctors 4 Covid Ethics

The Effect of the Boosters

The more vaccination shots you get, the worse your immune system will get.

In this video, Jimmy Dore reviews the evidence that boosters are bad for your immune system. The first two shots are also foul for your immune system, and the more times you receive these vaccines, the worse it is for your health. 

Lies About the Vaccines Only Staying in the Shoulder or Injection Site

One of the lies told by pharmaceutical companies was that the vaccines would only stay in the injection site area and were, therefore, very safe.

This is disproven in the following quotation.

The mRNA component of the model vaccine was detected in multiple organs as soon as two hours after the injection, which indicates rapid onset of uptake into the bloodstream. The organs that accumulated the mRNA at levels higher than those found in the plasma included the eyes and the spleen.  – Doctors 4 Covid Ethics

The Covid Vaccines and Myocarditis

The following is essential information about myocarditis.

About 1.5 million cases of acute myocarditis occurred in 2013. In 1990, 294,000 individuals died from cardiomyopathy (including myocarditis) which increased to 354,000 deaths in 2015. Myocarditis is a rare disease and typically presents in males and younger individuals as previously stated. The trigger for myocarditis is considered idiopathic but generally thought to be the result of infection or toxin. [2] However, in the context of vaccine-induced myocarditis, report numbers have typically been very low. That is, however, until recently. Consider that 2021 is the only year we have been able to collect AE data for the COVID-19 products and prior years are exclusively non-COVID products, except for 2 weeks in December 2020.

In the context of COVID-19, and according to Dr. Leslie Cooper, there are a significant number of patients who present clinically as healthy who are experiencing heart-related complications, including myocarditis. There is a high risk of cardiac involvement both from COVID-19 infection and from COVID-19 injectable products and the risks of the latter must be further assessed and evaluated.

The fact that the VAERS reporting of myocarditis is 6X higher in 15-year-olds following dose 2 may be indicative of a cause-effect relationship. It is vital to recall that children have a negligible risk for COVID-19 respiratory illness, and yet
they are a high-risk group for myocarditis with vaccination – Jessica Rose

Deaths Per Vaccine

The following is the percentage of deaths per vaccine.

Table 2 COVID-19 vaccine-related adverse events and deaths reported to EudraVigilance, by manufacturer, as of September 11th, 2021 (EudraVigilance is the European reporting adverse reaction system)

This table is just for Moderna.

Curiously, the high fatality rate is for the 21 to 30-year-old cohort. Notice the fatality rate is the highest for the 71 to 80-year cohort and then the 80 and up cohort, but this is expected as these individuals are the weakest in the table. 

The Most Dangerous Vaccines Ever Taken

What is curious is how, while the health authorities and the establishment media tell everyone that the vaccines are “safe and effective,” there is no disputing that these are the most dangerous vaccines ever taken.

..note that total of the COVID vaccine fatalities in VAERS already exceeds that reported for all other vaccines combined, over the entire 30 year period that this reporting system has been in existence. It is therefore clear that these vaccines are far and away the most deadly ones in history—quite predictably so, and all for a disease whose case fatality rate does not exceed that of influenza and is negligible in otherwise healthy persons. – Doctors 4 Covid Ethics

These vaccines are far worse than the outcomes of getting covid. No establishment media entity will cover this information, and doing so may impact their pharmaceutical advertisement income. We must remember that media companies do not have a public health function, and their responsibility to their shareholders is to maximize advertising revenue.

How the Vaccines Damage The Body

Understanding the specifics of how the COVID-19 vaccines damage the body and then learning how the vaccines do not work against COVID-19 illustrates that the pharmaceutical companies had no idea what they were doing and just needed to introduce vaccines to bring in billions of revenue. The way the vaccines damage the body is covered in the article How The Covid Vaccines Damage The Body.

The Mass Vaccination is a Clinical Trial

The entirely experimental nature of the vaccines is explained in the following quotation. As noted by Dr. Lidiya Angelova in a recent Genuine Prospect article:

“Many people are unaware that they are participating in the largest clinical trial test of our times. It is because World Health Organization, healthcare authorities, politicians, celebrities, and journalists promote the experimental medical treatments (wrongly called COVID-19 vaccines) as safe and efficient while in fact these treatments are in early clinical research stage.

It means that there is not enough data for such claims and that the people who participate are test subject.”

How These Are Experimental “Pseudo Vaccines”

The following describes these vaccines.

All COVID-19 vaccines are experimental. Normally a new treatment needs at least 10 or even more years of testing on animals and later on humans (clinical research). It isn’t done with the COVID-19 vaccines which aren’t even vaccines actually since they don’t real (have a) pathogen or part of it.

These treatments make the body produce a viral protein. Data about what happens to the recipients of the treatment is worrying. It shows that COVID-19 “vaccines” don’t stop the spread of the virus. What is worst – harm young and healthy who are the most protected from respiratory diseases. Dr Lidiya Angelova

MRNA vaccines are not vaccines that the CDC and other sources changed the definition of so these pseudo-vaccines could be included.

Even though the vaccines harm children, the FDA is going forward with Emergency Use Authorization for children. 

The Risk Versus the Reward of the Vaccines

First, the vaccines do not work, but the vaccines are not merely harmless. The following describes the risks versus the rewards of taking the vaccines.

What you call “vaccination” against SARS-Cov-2 is in truth a blasphemic encroachment into nature. Never before has immunization of the entire planet been accomplished by delivering a synthetic mRNA into the human body. It is a medical experiment to which the Nuremberg Code must be applied. The 10 ethical principles in this document represents a foundational code of medical ethics that was formulated during the Nuremberg Doctors Trial to ensure that human beings will never again be subjected to involuntary medical experimentation & procedures.

“Vaccination” against Covid has proven to be more dangerous than Covid for approximately 99% of all humans. As documented by Johns Hopkins, in a study of 48,000 children, children are at zero risk from the virus. Your own data shows that children who are at no risk from the virus, have had heart attacks following vaccination; more than 15,000 have suffered adverse events – including more than 900 serious events. At least 16 adolescents have died following vaccination in the USA. As you are aware, just around 1% are being reported. And the numbers are increasing rapidly as we write. – Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants

Problems With The Vaccine Testing

In the article, How Effective Are the Covid Vaccines, I cover how the math presented in both the studies submitted to the FDA and the CDC study did not support the vaccines being rolled out. However, the vaccine’s effectiveness is worse than this, as the studies had falsified numbers and did not follow the required rules of pharmaceutical research. This is explained in the following quotations.

In autumn 2020 Pfizer’s chairman and chief executive, Albert Bourla, released an open letter to the billions of people around the world who were investing their hopes in a safe and effective covid-19 vaccine to end the pandemic. “As I’ve said before, we are operating at the speed of science,” Bourla wrote, explaining to the public when they could expect a Pfizer vaccine to be authorised in the United States.

But, for researchers who were testing Pfizer’s vaccine at several sites in Texas during that autumn, speed may have come at the cost of data integrity and patient safety. A regional director who was employed at the research organisation Ventavia Research Group has told The BMJ that the company falsified data, unblinded patients, employed inadequately trained vaccinators, and was slow to follow up on adverse events reported in Pfizer’s pivotal phase III trial. – BMJ

This has been a constant issue with the Pfizer study in particular, that Pfizer glossed over the adverse effects.

The quote continues.

Staff who conducted quality control checks were overwhelmed by the volume of problems they were finding. After repeatedly notifying Ventavia of these problems, the regional director, Brook Jackson, emailed a complaint to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Ventavia fired her later the same day. Jackson has provided The BMJ with dozens of internal company documents, photos, audio recordings.

More on this is in the video below.

What Did the FDA Know About the Side Effects of the Vaccines Before it Approved Them?

This is explained in the article FDA Knew What The COVID Vaccine’s Side Effects Were Before It Became Available, But Approved It Anyway.

Sharp pointed out that during a presentation, Dr. Steven Anderson, the director at the FDA’s office of biostatistics and epidemiology, is speaking about COVID vaccines and swiftly glossed over for significantly less than one second a slide that enumerated a “draft working list of possible adverse event outcomes,” which slide featured a long list of side effects.

Such side effects, which they noted were “subject to change,” included Guillain-Barre syndrome, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, transverse myelitis, encephalitis/ myelitis/ encephalomyelitis/ meningoencephalitis/ meningitis/ encephalopathy, convulsions/seizures, stroke, narcolepsy and cataplexy, anaphylaxis, acute myocardial infarction, myocarditis/pericarditis, autoimmune disease, deaths, pregnancy and birth outcomes, other acute demyelinating diseases, non-anaphylactic allergic reactions, thrombocytopenia, disseminated intravascular coagulation, venous thromboembolism, arthritis and arthralgia/joint pain, Kawasaki disease, multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, and vaccine enhanced disease.

Sharp criticized how Dr. Anderson spent 20 minutes on his discussion but in the middle of his presentation, skips over the slide discussing the COVID vaccine side effects listed above. He continued to underscore that these were the very same side effects being reported by thousands of people across the world who got the COVID vaccine.

Yes, just put that side effect slide up for one second. What is the point of having biostatisticians and epidemiologists at the FDA or including them on advisory committees if they only dedicate a second to all the side effects in their meetings?

How MDs In the Clinical Trials Lied to Test Subjects About Their Side Effects Being Due to the Vaccines

How this was done is explained in the article What Really Happened Inside the COVID-19 Vaccine Trials?

One of the issues highlighted in the Real Anthony Fauci was that Fauci has developed a network of principal investigators (PIs) to conduct questionable research trials for his drugs.

There is absolutely no question that Maddie’s PI, Dr. Frenck, knew what her injury was the moment it started (as it had previously been reported in many adults), knew what it meant for Pfizer if the injury was acknowledged by the trial (given how few children were in his trial), and that he had enough influence to shape the medical care which Maddie received so that her injury would not be something that had to go in the clinical trial report.

The reason is simple — MDs view side effects as getting in the way of their compensation and career goals. It is so easy to use people’s trust in doctors to tell people that their side effects have nothing to do with the tested drug.

How Much Will Clinical Trial MDs Lie to the Test Subjects?

The following quote explains how much.

  • His choice to initiate this coverup resulted in a delay of critical medical care, which could have prevented her paralysis. He is directly responsible for what happened to Maddie.
  • The allergist, Amal H. Assa’ad, who worked with Maddie, diagnosed her with a faux condition, Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) to conceal the adverse event. According to Open Payments (a required database for pharmaceutical payments to physicians), from 2015-2021, Assa’ad had received $652,650.65 for associated research funding (with the amount increasing year by year).

Augusto Roux’s Vaccine Clinical Trial Experience

Augusto was told an unending number of lies about his serious side effects.

Augusto immediately developed a “mental condition” right after getting vaccinated. According to the MDs, what a surprise that it had nothing to do with the vaccine.

Rigging the Clinical Trials to Hide Side Effects

Pfizer concluded that their best option was to never formally test for these problems, so that Pfizer could plausibly deny knowing that they existed (this is a common industry tactic) and claim that there was no evidence that the issue existed.

Once the human trials began, the goal shifted to doing everything possible to minimize the number of inevitable adverse events which occurred. This was essentially accomplished by:

Making it very difficult for trial subjects to actually report any complications from the vaccines except for a very narrow subset of symptoms that were not a major publicity issue for the vaccine manufacturers.

This characterizes both the limited V-safe data (which was still incriminating enough that a lawsuit was needed to obtain it from the CDC), and the brief list of adverse reactions found within the main section of Pfizer’s clinical trial report [fever, headache, fatigue, chills, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle pain, joint pain, or use of a fever medication along with pain, redness, or swelling at the vaccination site].

Note: the more severe injuries in Pfizer’s study were reported in an extremely vague manner (see page 9), which effectively made it impossible to determine anything.

Because of these strategies, any complications that research participants experienced could not be acknowledged by the vaccine manufacturers as being related to the vaccines. Instead, all they did was gaslight the patients into believing that the injury was unrelated to the vaccine, and collude with healthcare providers to create the narrative that the injury was not related to vaccination.

The following quote explains the necessity to suppress the adverse effects.

Conceal any adverse reactions from the vaccines that would make the medical profession reluctant to recommend the vaccines, and, more importantly, ensure that during the rollout, doctors would deny that any harms they observed in patients could be linked to the vaccine (because doctors acknowledging widespread injuries would destroy the public’s willingness to continue vaccinating).

When the COVID-19 vaccine trials happened, like many before them, the participants were promised that any issues that emerged would be taken care of by the vaccine manufacturers. Instead, when those injuries did occur, the participants were repeatedly told that their ailments had nothing to do with the vaccine.

Problems With Manufacturing Vaccine Quality

The covid vaccines have enormous quality problems, particularly the mRNA vaccines, which it was known beforehand would always be challenging to make and transport, and store due to the delicate nature of mRNA. This is covered in the article The Constant Covid Vaccine Manufacturing Quality Problems.

This video covers the many manufacturing problems with vaccines and the inherent problems in manufacturing mRNA therapies. The drug regulatory bodies covered the issues at every turn, as did the establishment media.

Why Do Those That Become the Most Severely Ill Already Vaccinated?

This is a concerning quotation.

A few days later, August 5, 2021, Dr. Kobi Haviv, director of the Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem, appeared on Channel 13 News, reporting that 95% of severely ill COVID-19 patients are fully vaccinated, and that they make up 85% to 90% of COVID-related hospitalizations overall. In Scotland, official data on hospitalizations and deaths show 87% of those who have died from COVID-19 in the third wave that began in early July were vaccinated. – Global Research

The More The Person Is Vaccinated or Boosted, the Worse the Outcomes

The risk of vaccines increases the more one takes them, which is explained in the following quotation.

A booster may provide a small incremental benefit in preventing severe COVID-19 infections however, the boosters are likely to cause many more severe adverse events. Looking at the data on secondary injections with the Moderna vaccine (Table 1) there are approximately 3 times as many Grade 3 or 4 adverse events after the second dose than after the first dose. However, this is not the case following the second dose of placebo in the Moderna placebo group. The net is that adding a booster
shot is highly unlikely to induce a favorable health benefit that was missing with the first series of immunization. – US COVID-19 Vaccines Proven to Cause More Harm than Good Based on Pivotal Clinical Trial Data Analyzed Using the Proper Scientific Endpoint, “All Cause Severe Morbidity”

Violating Informed Consent

The pharmaceutical companies and medical authorities conspired with one another. They enlisted the support of the media and even Big Tech to censor accurate information and hide critical information on vaccines. Doing this, most people who got the vaccines had no idea what the risks were or how little the vaccine would do to protect them from covid. This was a clear violation of informed consent covered in the article How The US Medical Establishment Violated Informed Consent and Coerced Covid Vaccination.

The Canadian Covid Care Alliance On The Falsified Covid Studies

The Canadian Covid Care Alliance produced an excellent report on Pfizer’s test. Some screenshots from this report are included below.

This graphic shows how Pfizer falsified their study, which was submitted to the FDA. 

The study showed a dramatic increase in risks of adverse reactions. 

This graphic shows that the entire logic of the test and the vaccine rollout is in error. The reason is not a public good but maximizing revenues and profits for Pfizer. 

Pfizer faked and miscategorized the adverse reactions as far less severe than they were. This is a fraud; however, as the FDA is in bed with Pfizer, and so many senior people at the FDA are paid off by Pfizer or hope to work for them in the future, there will be no repercussions for Pfizer. This is shown in the following graphic. 

The establishment media never covered these conflicts when they pushed the vaccines on the public. 

The FDA has moved away from requiring testing and is approving drugs on rigged and preliminary studies. 

This story emerged long after the vaccines were given EUA, but the FDA did nothing. The FDA does not care if the study was entirely fake. 

This is an excellent video on the rights of the public versus mandatory vaccines. 

What is as interesting as the video is how I could not find it on YouTube. When I typed in the exact title of this video into the YouTube video search, this was the result I received.

The video did not appear in the search results. This is censorship on the part of Google, which intends to keep people from understanding their rights not to be forced to be vaccinated. This is what Google calls “fighting misinformation.” 

How the FDA Pulled The J&J Vaccine as a Performative Measure

This is found in the quote from the article A Primer on Medical Gaslighting.

Because of this, I suspected that once vaccine safety concerns emerged, a non-mRNA COVID-19 vaccine would be thrown under the bus to make the mRNA technology look “safe.” This is what then happened with the J&J vaccine when six cases of an extremely unusual blood clot being linked to that vaccine caused the FDA and CDC to pause its administration for 11 days.

By doing so, it created the perception the FDA was monitoring for vaccine side effects with a fine-tooth comb and was willing to pull the vaccine if it caused a rare side effect in a very small number of people.

Nothing could be further from the truth as the mRNA vaccines have caused far more blood clots than the J&J vaccine. Similarly, investigation after investigation shows the FDA is ignoring the endless deluge of red flags from the COVID-19 vaccines.

Unfortunately, this ploy worked, and in the odd instances where I hear a doctor willing to debate the safety of the vaccines, one of the most common arguments they still utilize is that if the FDA was willing to temporarily pause J&J after six blood clots, there is no possible way a larger unaddressed problem exists with the mRNA vaccines.

All this proved is that J&J was not as politically connected as Pfizer or Moderna.

The Effect of the Boosters

The more vaccination shots you get, the worse for your immune system.

In this video, Jimmy Dore reviews the evidence that boosters are bad for your immune system. The first two shots are also foul for your immune system, and the more times you receive these vaccines, the worse it is for your health.

Creating a Fake Distoder to Explain Vaccine Side Effects

To produce a cover story for vaccines and other drug side effects, the medical establishment created Functional Neurologic Disorder. Notice this description of FND on the NIH website. The description is very amorphous.

Functional neurologic disorder (FND), also known as conversion disorder and functional neurologic symptom disorder, refers to a group of common neurological movement disorders caused by an abnormality in how the brain functions. FND is not caused by another disorder and there is no significant structural damage in the brain. The exact cause of FND is unknown.

This way, FND serves as a bucket where the vaccine injured can be placed without raising suspicion. Naturally, FND appears after vaccination but is said by the MDs not to be related to the vaccines.

How it works is explained is found in the quote from the article A Primer on Medical Gaslighting.

Sadly, very few doctors recognize that damage to the nervous system (which is a common toxicity of pharmaceuticals) can also create psychiatric disturbances. Instead, they only can recognize that psychiatric distress can often worsen neurologic symptoms, but do so without also realizing that it is much rarer for psychiatric distress to be the originating cause of a neurologic issue.

Calls For the Vaccinations to Stop

A highly established medical researcher named Dr. Tess Lawrie stated that the evidence against the vaccines is so strong that the vaccine program should be halted. This is explained in the following quotation.

The following is the text of the open letter written by Dr. Tess Lawrie to Dr. June Raine, chief executive of the UK’s Medicines and Health Care Regulatory Agency (MHRA) demanding the halt of the mass rollout of COVID vaccines after discovering a “high number of COVID-19 vaccine-attributed deaths and ADRs [adverse drug reactions] that have been reported via the Yellow Card system”. The Yellow Card review includes reports from January 4, 2021 to May 26, 2021.

Dr. Lawrie goes on to summarize the findings of their rapid report on ADRs. Here are some of them:

  • “sudden death” of 438 people following vaccination;
  • 152 fatalities from brain bleeds and clots;
  • 103 fatalities from pulmonary embolism;
  • and 81 due to cardiac categories;
  • 13,766 bleeding, clotting and ischaemic ADRs were identified;
  • 54, 870 ADRs and 171 fatalities due to immune system disorders
  • Some people who experienced “infection” ADRs were cases of re-activated latent viruses, including Herpes Zoster or shingles (1,827 ADRs), Herpes Simplex (943 ADRs, 1 fatal), and Rabies (1 fatal ADR).
  • 157,579 people experienced pain after vaccination
  • 185,474 or 21% of all ADRs were categorized as nervous system disorders. A variety of neurological disorders were noted, including paralysis, palsy, Guillain-Barre, multiple sclerosis, neurodegeneration, seizure, among others.
  • 4,771 people experienced visual impairments including blindness

The open letter goes on to say: “The nature and variety of ADRs reported to the Yellow Card System are consistent with the potential pathologies described in this paper and supported by other recent scientific papers on vaccine-induced harms, which are mediated through the vaccine spike protein product. It is now apparent that these products in the blood stream are toxic to humans. An immediate halt to the vaccination programme is required whilst a full and independent safety analysis is undertaken to investigate the full extent of the harms.” – Covid Call to Humanity

This is an excellent video that explains the logic of why vaccines are dangerous and how alternative treatments have been suppressed.

If The Vaccines Are Safe, Why Have The FDA And Drug Companies Asked for 75 Years To Produce Public Documents on Them?

Many members of the public support the vaccine. However, there is something those who believe the vaccines are safe and effective cannot explain. There is something in the documentation on the mRNA covid vaccines that the manufacturers very much want to hide. This is described in the article If The Covid Vaccines Are Safe, Why Did The FDA And Drug Companies Ask for 75 Years To Produce Documents on Them?

What This All Means

I speak a lot about censorship in the media, but now we increasingly have to include search engines as part of this censorship. Google’s censorship of YouTube has been well known for a while now — and they (and other search engines) are ramping up censorship of search results. Censorship has been a constant and growing menace throughout the pandemic, as is covered in the article How Google, Facebook, and Twitter Censored Accurate Information on Covid to Promote Vaccines.

This means we need an alternative search engine that does not censor. However, even if this happens, it will never come close to the search volumes of Google, which has around 87% of the market. This is the problem with allowing monopolies to exist. However, there is now primarily one source of search results without competition. As they have become more dominant, they are directly involved in censorship and propaganda as they have picked up corrupt interests.

Will Conservatives Change Their Tune on Monopolies?

The argument for not interfering with Google is that they offer their service for free. Conservative voices frame all anti-competitive issues as whether it keeps prices low. Conservatives do not acknowledge that low prices occur at the beginning of monopolies to drive out competitors — this is precisely what Standard Oil used to do with its rebate system. Furthermore, the quality and the ability of new entrants to enter the field have been removed from the conversation through decades of conservative lobbying and funding of universities like the University of Chicago and Harvard. Now, this pro-monopoly stance is being used against them. After decades of spouting drivel on monopolies — it will be interesting to see if they change their tune.

This describes how the vaccines do not meet the media and pharmaceutical companies’ claims. 

Whistleblower’s First-Hand Accounts of the Fraudulent Ventavia Run Clinical Trial

After spending all this time analyzing the clinical trials submitted by Pfizer and Moderna, I later found out that whistleblowers came forward to say that the entire study from Pfizer was falsified. 

How this was done is explained in the article What Really Happened Inside the COVID-19 Vaccine Trials?

Later, when I reviewed the events with Brook, one of the most interesting things I learned is that most of the data collected at clinical trial sites never even makes it to the FDA. Instead, the FDA only receives a very small sample of it that is trusted to be representative of everything that occurred.

I suspect that this is one of the many reasons why the FDA could truthfully claim that they had no knowledge that most of this happened, although as this article shows, they are clearly also culpable since they did not choose to pursue getting the reports for adverse events (like Maddie’s), which they were directly informed were happening.

One of the cruel complications of this approach was that it required reneging on the promises that were given to the trial subjects at the start of the research study — any medical complications they received would be covered (because providing any type of help would require acknowledging that there were potential complications from the vaccine).

The one, possibly unanticipated, downside of choosing not to help with medical expenses accrued in the vaccine trial is that it could solicit the outrage necessary for trial participants to speak out publicly about what happened to them, and more importantly for the public to listen.

This is explained in the quote from the article Why Do Vaccines Consistently Fail?

The whistleblower repeatedly tried to bring to the attention of her superiors the serious data integrity breaches occurring at the site. They repeatedly refused to address the issue, so she complained to the FDA. The FDA likewise did absolutely nothing address the issue but rather informed the whistleblower’s superiors, who promptly fired her.

What else does one have to know about the FDA’s allegiances? No matter the study’s fraud, the FDA stops information about fraudulent studies from becoming public knowledge and punishes pharmaceutical companies that produce fraudulent studies.

Ultimately, the FDA only inspected 9 of Pfizer’s 150 trial sites and 1 of Moderna’s 99 trial sites; as you might guess the Texas site in question was not inspected by the FDA which raises serious questions over what had to have happened to trigger the inspections that did happen.

This is entirely typical. This is performative inspection, and the FDA also does these in India and China, where most of the pharmaceuticals consumed in the US come from. I cover this in the article How Much of the Problem of Generic Drug Bioequivalence Is Due to Indian Manufacturing?

When we performed testing of Ivermectin from India (covered in the article Our Ivermectin Bioequivalence Testing), we found very large discrepancies in the amount of Ivermectin contained in various pills marked at 12 MG.


These vaccines present a significant danger to the public. These vaccines were not sufficiently tested, and there is zero understanding of the long-term risks.

This article was first published on November 4, 2021. Since that time, the evidence against vaccines has only gotten stronger. Treatment is required for a vaccine that no one should have taken or been forced to take. This is due to all of the damage the mRNA vaccines do within the body. However, the medical establishment can’t provide treatment because they can’t admit that the vaccines were defective and caused far more harm than they offered protection from covid. As this site, we recommend a treatment for the covid vaccines.

Addressing the Damage

One of the best ways to address the damage caused by the covid vaccines is with Ivermectin. This is the reason I began taking Ivermectin -- before investigating all the other health benefits of the drug. Now, I take Ivermectin for many reasons.

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