How the Media Lied About Japan Not Using Ivermectin for Coronavirus

Executive Summary

  • The establishment media is censoring how Japan used Ivermectin against covid.
  • This is done to protect pharmaceutical advertising revenues.


Any country that does not follow the official Western guidance on dealing with the coronavirus will be pilloried in the major media outlets. It is instructive to observe what accusation they use to smear these countries. Japan is yet another example of this, as Japan has been pressured not to explain how it used Ivermectin to such good effect versus covid.

This article covers how the establishment media uses a combination of selectively leaving out countries that do not fit the status quo narrative and smearing countries that do not hold up the officially sanctioned narrative.

The Effect of Ivermectin in Japan

There are quite a few videos that address the topic of the use of Ivermectin on YouTube. The following video is from the Jimmy Dore show, which is one of the few video channels that question the status quo on covid (and many other topics).

At the 17 minute mark in this video, Jimmy Dore points out information that has been censored for western audiences, which is that Japan has used Ivermectin effectively against covid.

Why Did We Not Learn of the Statement from the Chairman of The Tokyo Medical Association Until 3.5 Months Passed?

The tweet in this video is from August 22nd of 2021. That was roughly 3.5 months ago and 3.5 months passing before we first learned of this endorsement by the Tokyo Medical Association Chairman, and I closely follow this area.

That is how effective the media blackout has been on this topic.

The following explains what the Chairman said.

The Chairman of the Tokyo Medical Association, Dr. Haruo Ozaki, recommends Ivermectin for use with COVID patients.

He notes that the parts of Africa that use ivermectin to control parasites have a COVID death rate of just 2.2 per 100,000 population, as compared to 13 times that death rate among African countries that do not use ivermectin. – SurfguardCR

The Use of Ivermectin in Africa Versus Covid

Africa was already taking Ivermectin to fight tropical diseases. Therefore, they had a build-in outpatient therapy that protected them from covid. A major negative impact of covid is inflammation, and Ivermectin is an anti-inflammatory. However, in the US, there was no pre-hospitalization anti-inflammatory as part of the covid treatment protocol, which is covered in the article How the NIH Maximizes Covid Hospitalizations by Not Recommending Anti-Inflammatories.

Robert Malone on Ivermectin in Africa

Dr. Malone was one of the inventors of mRNA technology and is a critic of how vaccine companies have used mRNA technology in vaccines.

Here is the correlation between Ivermectin use and covid deaths in Africa. Dr. Malone is difficult to debate, so Twitter, which is financially connected to Pfizer has suspended his account. Google then pulled down the interview between him and Joe Rogan. Apparently, as a top credentialed experience in the field, Twitter and Google along with Facebook (which censors information for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) do not think that anyone has the right to hear Dr. Malone’s observations. We have had to switch to video hosts like Rumble and Odysee as YouTube is constantly taking down videos regarding Ivermectin and covid without presenting any evidence that the videos contain false information. 

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What Japan Did With Ivermectin

Just as with Africa, Japan has successfully used Ivermectin against covid. This is a success that the establishment media and Big Tech (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc..) do not think people in Western countries have any right to know about. They do not want people to see the pattern of Ivermectin use, which is why you will barely hear anything about using Ivermectin or any other treatments that successfully used treatments that threaten pharmaceutical profits in the establishment media, which is highly financially connected to the pharmaceutical industry. The position of the health authorities like the NIH and FDA is that no matter what the experience of other countries, until they can rig a study that they can publish in a “peer-reviewed journal.” to show that the treatment is not effective, they will not allow using these proven therapies. To see how that rigging is done, see the article How Gilead Sciences Bought Off the NIH’s Support of Remdesivir.

Ivermectin in India

In this video, Dr. Campbell explains that India used Ivermectin very effectively against covid.