Indians Cheat Immigration Systems Because India Is Close To A Failed State?

Executive Summary

  • Indians have performed breathtaking cheating of the US work and student visa programs.
  • Indians will do anything to escape India.


The cheating on the part of Indians of the US work and student visa programs has been overwhelming. As India is such a terrible place to live and is filled with such unethical people, Indians see it as a birthright to tell any lie they need to so they can find an exit route from India.

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How Close Is India to Being a Failed State?

India cannot manage water because India is not a national government in the sense the US, New Zealand, or Germany have national governments. This gets to the dysfunctional nature of India’s government, which places it in danger of being merely a failed state as can be seen in the following graphic.  

This is the Failed State Index. Let us review the definition of a failed state. 

A failed state is a political body that has disintegrated to a point where basic conditions and responsibilities of a sovereign government no longer function properly. – Wikipedia

Something that few people in the US know is that India is very close to being a failed state. Its next-door neighbor, Pakistan, is a failed state. When Indians immigrate to European-based countries, they are receiving a massive upgrade. Those people that get out of India have an endless series of requests from family members and members of a similar tribe to get them jobs in the US and get them out of India. This is why Indians target domestic US workers. And they will never stop targeting domestic US workers. Indians must get out of a society run by Indians.

  1. Indians see it as their duty to get jobs for family and tribe members in the US to get them out of India. Imagine being pressured by family members and by friends to get them to the US. The social pressure in Indian society is intense.
  2. Indians need to solidify their position in the US, to reduce job threats, they feel more comfortable and protected if surrounded by other Indians.


Indian emigration helps Indians who can get out of India. They can immigrate to countries that have improved their societies that Indians could never have dreamed of making themselves. It provides them with many people in the new countries they can victimize. However, it does not help improve India.