Does American Express Have So Many Indians It is Now Indian Express?

Last Updated on January 18, 2022 by Shaun Snapp

Executive Summary

  • One US company after another has been infiltrated with Indians.
  • Indian….or that is American Express is just the latest to become a hotbed for Indian discrimination and nepotism.


Stories keep coming from all over the US and Europe about companies that have had large parts taken over. What follows is always the same, discrimination against non-Indians (and preference for Indian family members, etc.

Another example of this is from American Express.

American….or Indian Express?

See the following quotation from a person with information from within American Express.

I left AMEX a few months ago as it is no longer “American” and its American culture has been replaced with incompatible, corrupted, nepotist discriminatory hostile culture through its mafia like gangster mentality Indians. I was impressed with a very few of them but it is fair to say that it is no longer American Express but Indian Express, they not only run the IT but the business side as well.

When I left there were 600+ outstanding complaints against Indian leaders and nothing was done.(emphasis added)

I also came to know about that a high level VP hired her own sister brought her from India, promoted her to a Director in less than a year and now she too is a VP on the business side. I am speechless and stunned by the level of corruption the Indians injected into a country like US which was all about transparency, accountability and above all fairness.

Once corruption takes over incompetent people will be in power. US is the leading nation of the world because of competent people, how these left oriented people fail to see that is beyond my understanding.


This story is essentially the same every time it is reported to us.

  • Indians across the US, Europe, and Australia and New Zealand can discriminate against non-Indians and feel confident that they can, and not run afoul of regulations.
  • Companies like TATA Consulting can have almost all of its employees be Indian even though they have a substantial presence outside of India as we cover in the article The Amazing Fact That 99.7% of Tata Consulting is Indian.
  • Indian firms, with the “look the other way” attitude of US companies, can bring bonded labor in the US as we cover in How Indian IT is Bringing Bonded Labor to the US, and those Indian firms can be confident that nothing will be done to enforce US law that states bonded labor is illegal.
  • Indian consulting firms can steal the wages of their employees as we cover in the article The Broad Scale Wage Theft by Tata Consulting and Infosys, and the Indian firms can be confident they will only get a slap on the wrist if caught.

Indians and Indian firms clearly have soft targets in European based countries, and they have absolutely no reason to stop their practices.

In the meantime, we wonder if there is any truth to the rumor that Roman gladiator on the front of the card will be replaced by a picture of Mahatma Gandhi.