Indian Corruption

Does Indian Society Train Indians to be Cheat and Lie?

Executive Summary

  • India is a society that has created broadscale cheating and deception.
  • Now that millions of Indians live in the US and other European based countries, these deceptive tactics impact non-Indians in a major way.


Indians really began to flow into the US in significant numbers with the change in H1-B law in 1991. In that roughly 30 years, the US went from having a negligible number of Indians to Indians, being over 1% of the population and growing rapidly. But in these three decades, Indians have developed a reputation of being the least honest of all racial groups and being prosecuted for white-collar crime completely out of proportion with their numbers. This article will review insightful quotes on how Indian has a culture that creates dishonest people that are a threat to others.

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The Culture of India

When an Indian child is growing up, her parents ask her at some point: “Beta, which one is your favorite scam?” The kind of scam you like reveals a personality type—a guide to the future, indispensable to worried parents. My answer as a schoolboy was unwavering: “Mummy, fodder scam.” – Daily O

How Indians View Becoming a Scammer as a Right of Passage

To learn to cheat in India is to learn how to survive. If you don’t, society will treat you as an imbecile who never grew up. Like the freelance writer. – Daily O

Indians Only View Two Classifications, the Exploited, and the Exploiter

The working principle is this: If you don’t exploit, then you will automatically become exploited. What happens then is that since everyone is cheating everybody else, all this cheating cancels each other out in the final sum.

It’s the reason people don’t change neighborhoods, although familiarity is no guarantee that you will not be cheated. There is a cold-bloodedness to our human relationships: false obsequiousness always follows a successful heist.

This cheating can be about the smallest of things, beginning with plumbers, electricians, carpenters, the cab ride from the airport or train station.

Every tourist is fair game, which is why we have to chaperone, baby sit and play tourist-guide to our foreign guests. They can’t be left alone. They will be fleeced. – Daily O

Scams in India Apply at the Most Basic Level, Even Receiving Change

You will hand in a five hundred rupee note, the cashier will keep it and return much less than you’d calculated. When you say “Hey, what happened to the rest?”, he’ll reply: “Oh sorry I thought you gave me a hundred.” He’s testing you.

That’s the reason why Indian parents always warn their kids: Don’t let your guard down for a moment. The moment you do, you’ve been had. – Daily O

A Model Where Everyone Scams Everyone Else

The fancy gift shop guy will put whimsical price stickers on smuggled items, doubling his profits. But remember his mother-in-law will get cancer, which is when the hospital will get the chance to screw him.

Why, for all our family values, family members cheat each other all the time. Especially when it comes to matters of property. The younger brother will keep squatting on prime ancestral property after the patriarch/ matriarch has died and refuse to vacate.

Basically, if you don’t look local enough, you don’t bargain hard and question every transaction, you will be a sitting duck. That’s the default Indian setting. No Indian trusts the next Indian. Trust signals gullibility, not a valued trait in our urban jungle. – Daily O

This also explains why India is so unproductive. An enormous amount of time of Indians is spent trying to protect themselves from being taken advantage of, while they correspondingly try to take advantage of others. When Indians immigrate to a European based culture, they are in a situation where they do not have to worry about being scammed. Still, they can now scam other people and be much more effective in scamming, as the non-Indian does not come from the Indian’s culture of deception.

Academics in India

Indians will often talk up their degrees. However, if one has enough money, one can buy degrees. This is explained in the following quotation.

In all my 28 years in this country, I’ve seen lying and cheating as a way of life.

Started all the way back in school when copying from others wasn’t just common, but even something people were proud of.

Then I went to college and plagiarism was rampant. Copying papers from friends, downloading papers online, etc. was the norm.

Even in school science fairs, you had people buying pre-made science projects from shops and passing it off as their own. Every city has these shops, usually near college/school stationery stores that will make science projects for you.

Some of my friends went on to do PhDs. There is a massive cottage industry of “PhD mills”. Basically, some guy will write a PhD thesis for you (for as little as 20,000). Some third rate university will grant you a PhD on the basis of this fraud PhD. The PhD topic will be extremely generic and not worth its paper. – Reddit

Most westerners are not aware that, as with most things in India, degrees are just another scam.

Culture of Scarcity

India has a culture of scarcity, and it leads to extreme hoarding. You keep the absolute most for yourself and your family and give out the absolute least to everyone else. This is expressed in the following quotation.

Insecurity and fear drives us to over protect interests, make everything doubly sure and worry about the end and not the means. You see people with comfortable salaries stuffing themselves at a buffet to get their money’s worth; but they eat at restaurants daily, they aren’t really struggling. – Reddit

Number of Indians Prosecuted for White Collar Crime

This behavior has led to trouble with authorities for white-collar crime.

And look at prosecutions by the US government for white collar crime on Wall Street. Even though Indians are only 1% of the US population, a significant amount of the notable prosecutions have been against people of South Asian descent: Raj Rajaratnam, Rajat Gupta, Anil Kumar, Mathew Martoma, etc. On the flip side one of the reason Indian Americans have done better in the US than other groups like Chinese or Koreans and have CEOs at companies like Google, Microsoft, Pepsi, etc is that they are willing to take advantage of people, stand up for themselves, take risks. So it works both ways. – Reddit

The problem with the last part of this quote is that “Indian Americans have done better in the US than other groups,” which is that much of this doing better is taking the benefits of society from non-Indians. So it is unclear how it “works both ways.” Indians cheat those around them, and that allows them to have higher incomes. Any group that is dedicated to cheating will do better. Indians are also taking advantage of the fact that the US and other European countries have become so PC that you cannot call out-groups cheating for fear of being called racist. Brightwork Research & Analysis is one of the only entities that write on IT that covers these issues. Indians want to be seen as just any other American, but they do not hold American values, and really should not be treated as another American.

Poverty and a Third World Mind Set?

This quote helps westerners get into the mindset of India.

It’s caste, for thousands of years people have lived off by screwing up people “below them”, they never had any interest in functioning as an efficient system, ethics was never a part of their social code. Moreover, homogeneous society where everyone is almost same are more probable to show ethical behavior example : Japan

However, it’s also a function of GDP. India would be a very different place if Bihar -UP-WB could triple their GDP and invest in education-Health and good governance .

People saying poverty is the reason: hell no South Chhattisgarh is one of the poorest places in India but has the most one of the most honest Adivasis living there. – Reddit

India’s Overpopulation Problem

Resource crunch cos of the population. Limited resources, too many people, everything turns into a rat race. The schooling system is compromised cos how are you gonna keep up the education quality when there is one teacher for as many as 50-60 students? And when overpopulation becomes the norm for generations, this cheating, lying, etc etc will become a part of the culture, as it already has. – Reddit

This gives on an appreciation of the culture that has been unleashed on European based countries.

Scams in India

India is a nation of scams. This, in addition to being a generally dirty country, is why India does not receive that much tourist business. Let us take stock of the lies told in this video,

Lie# 1

The travel agent is lying to the mark about trains being canceled.

Lie# 2

The markup is exorbitant on the tickets.

Lie# 3

The agent lies about not taking any money from the transaction, saying it goes to the Indian government.

Lie# 4

The agent lies about any other travel agent charging double the price.

Lie# 5

The agent presents the idea that other travel agents are scammers. This is true but is not honest as a defense if he is also a scammer.

Religious Scams

Religious scams are big in India. 

Saying that the Place You’re Looking for has Moved or is Closed

This is a common scam that you are likely to experience all over India, but most often around tourist destinations in major cities. In Delhi, travelers looking for the International Tourist Bureau/Passenger Reservation Center at New Delhi Railway Station are often told that it’s closed or has moved. They are then taken to a travel agent to make their booking. At New Delhi Railway Station you may also be told that your train has been cancelled, and you will need to take a car or a different train to your destination.

Other variations of this scam will be encountered when you attempt to visit shops and tourist attractions that are apparently “closed”. In each case, an offer will be forthcoming to take you to an alternative and sometimes even “better” place. – Tripsavvy

Offering a Reduced Taxi Fare in Return for Visiting Emporiums

While this isn’t a scam as such, it can still be quite a bother. Taxi drivers will often offer a reduced fare if visitors agree to stop off at a few expensive handicraft emporiums on the way, so that they can get commissions. No purchases are necessary, only looking. The catch is when the number of emporiums to be visited increases from “a few” to at least 5 or 6, so that the driver can maximize his commissions.

The sales people in the emporiums don’t let potential customers get away easily, so such an exercise can end up taking hours. If you want to reach your destination promptly or don’t want to be caught up in what will feel like endless browsing, it’s best to give this offer a miss and pay the full taxi fare. – Tripsavvy


Indian culture is dishonest. When they first arrived in India, the British found this, so it is not something that the British culture brought to India. Indians are significantly degrading the lives of non-Indians in all of the countries where Indians immigrate. And to understand why it is important to know that Indians are bringing their culture with them from India. Since independence, India has made no reforms but has grown its population. This has created an increased desperation level, and Indians then bring this culture to where they immigrate.

All non-Indians need to on guard regarding the Indian culture. Indians do not appear to have any concept of integrity. They don’t appear to have shame about lying.