Is Indian Emigration Beneficial For India?

Executive Summary

  • Indians always seem to want to leave India, and Indians expend very little energy improving India.
  • This obsession with leaving India is one reason why India cannot improve.

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An enormous number of Indians do whatever they can to get out of India and into countries that whites have created. Indians cannot stand living in countries that Indians create. However, do all of these Indians escaping India improve India?

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Indian Immigration Beneficial for India?

Given the enormous transfer of wealth to people from India to the US, many of whom falsely qualified for H1-B status, one might think that India has greatly benefited. Well, first, India’s population is around 1.34 billion, so even though IT in the US and the other primary IT markets have become swamped with Indian labor, it is still a tiny fraction of the population in India. But one must also include all of the outsourced IT work in India and the jobs that only exist because of the IT connection to the primary IT markets. However, as the following quotation attests, India’s income inequality is getting starkly worse.

“As of Nov 2016, India is the 12th most unequal country in the world. [1] The richest 1% of Indians own 58.4% of wealth. The richest 10 % of the Indians own 80.7 % of the wealth. This trend is going in the upward direction every year, which means the rich are getting richer at a much faster rate than the poor.” – Wikipedia

India is a vast country either tied with or more significant than China. Depending upon the statistics used, those with access to the international IT market are still a tiny percentage of India. IT in India is similarly concentrated in just a few cities like Hyderabad. India already had debilitating income inequality before the rise of Indian IT workers. And India’s income inequality is increasing. Could it be that the income flowing into a small percentage of Indians, some who work overseas and some who work in India, is hurting India’s political stability? Does the IT industry create a class of IT-based wealth distinct from the rest of India?

When one looks at India, there is no way that Indians will moderate the impulse to leave India, and the flow has to be restricted within the primary IT markets.

In this way, the combination of overseas Indian IT workers and Indian-based IT workers increases income inequality in both India and the primary IT markets of the US, Western Europe, Australia, and Canada.


Indian emigration helps Indians who can get out of India. They can immigrate to countries that have improved their societies that Indians could never have dreamed of making themselves. It provides them with many people in the new countries they can victimize. However, it does not help improve India.