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Executive Summary

  • What is the reality of SAP support versus the proposal?
  • What Brightwork offers to augment SAP support.


SAP’s support has been in a long term decline for over a decade.

We all know the model.

The model is to outsource the support to India, to achieve an 85% margin. SAP customers pay 22% of the license of support, is just for basic support. Anything beyond the most elementary questions cost more. SAP employes the most inexperienced and lowest paid resources, and SAP support resources can typically not communicate effectively in English.

Increasingly, SAP’s base support seems like nothing more than free money for SAP.

But what are your options?

The Reality of SAP Projects

In order to have a practical understanding in of the SAP business model, it is important to understand the revenues. The SAP space is designed around three primary income streams.

Let us review who obsorbs these revenues.

  1. License Revenues > (these go to SAP)
  2. Support Revenues > (these mostly go to SAP)
  3. Consulting Revenues > (these go to SAP consulting partners)

The Model of Maximum Extraction

  1. After the customer has purchased licenses, most clients believe they must buy support from SAP.
  2. Companies continue to pay for unhelpful support because in part it is tied to upgrades. But in part because IT decision makers are not apprised of how poor the support quality is.
  3. Once the consulting firms have extracted as much as they can from the customer, they leave the project.

Where Does This Model Leave Customers?

This leaves the customer stuck with SAP support, which does not address the majority of issues on the account. Secondly provides a lot of false information to customers that are designed not to contradict SAP sales reps, that tell a large number of lies to customers to get the sale.

Therefore SAP support has the following problems.

  1. Most of SAP support resources are based in India, speak English as a second language, are inexperienced and cheap.
  2. But these support resources are charged out at an enormous margin by SAP. So customers pay the top of the market for the lowest quality.
  3. SAP support resources cannot tell the truth in many cases, even if they wanted to. This is why so many support tickets go in circles. And SAP support resources are incentivized to close tickets and not to fix issues.
  4. SAP support is really useless for anything but patches or bug lookups. They are no longer capable of answering broader questions. The talented people that used to work in SAP support have been run out of the organization due to cost-cutting.

SAP’s Lack of Concern for Previously Implemented Applications

The end result is that SAP applications are increasingly in a state of disrepair. SAP wants to sell the newest items, things like HANA, to drive their revenues. SAP is not very interested in dealing with the products they have already sold.

This is because SAP is even more sales oriented now than it was in the past.

Where Brightwork Plus+ Support for SAP Comes In.

  1. We do not replace SAP’s standard support as would a Rimini Street. Instead, we support customers that want more than what the standard SAP support offers, closer to SAP’s MaxAttention. However, quite different because unlike MaxAttention, we can tell you the truth without having to run it by SAP sales.
  2. We answer questions about how to use the system, and how to get more from the system.
  3. Being a research entity, we can find out what companies are having success doing with SAP, and danger areas.
  4. We are honest about SAP rather than trying to cover up for SAP’s previous statements.
  5. We do not focus on things like bug fixes, but instead on answering questions around how to adjust or improve currently implemented systems.


The following are more of the specifics.

  1. We can provide you a quote on a single question, or we can charge you an hourly rate to answer questions for questions that are more open-ended.
  2. We can be paid by bank ACH or even by credit card.
  3. We offer support for any customer anywhere if the customer is English speaking.

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