SAP Support

Managing SAP Support Costs with the Coronavirus

Executive Summary

  • The Coronavirus has changed the world, and cuts are coming or have come to IT departments.
  • SAP support is one of the largest wastes of money in the IT department.


Things have changed rapidly in many countries, and they are going to change more as the pandemic grows. The undeveloped countries have done minimal testing, and when they do, they will have their own blooms in Coronavirus. What seemed like something that would pass in a few months looks to last much longer. Revenues of nearly all companies are declining, and yet SAP continues to expect to be paid a princely sum for their close to non-existent support. 

Its time to take a look at reducing SAP support costs and how that money can be used to deliver better value.

Focus of the Coronavirus on SAP Support

SAP support is a very wasteful expenditure, and SAP’s support has been in decline for several years, as we covered in the article How to Understand SAP’s Declining Support. And the poor value of SAP support is less acceptable in the face of declining budgets.

SAP’s support is one of the easiest ways to cut costs in IT, and we provide lower support costs and a far higher support capability. Companies that go with our support get the best of both worlds, lower costs, and more functionality, in addition to our enhancement utilities. 

The Obvious Decision

Budgets are being cut, and the best way to realign to the new budgetary environment is to both begin terminating SAP support contracts, and slow or cancel new SAP purchases. This can allow the IT department to move to a lower cost basis. SAP would like its customers to pretend that Coronavirus never occurred, that your companies revenues never declined, and that their support should not be altered. That is not a reasonable request.

To see the broader information about our SAP support, see our main SAP Support Page.

What Kind of Support is This?

If this does not sound like standard support, you are right. And that is the point.

We designed our support to help our customers get the most out of SAP, not to maximize our margin or to try to protect previous sales inaccuracies. We know how to get your SAP applications working better.

To see the broader information about our SAP support see our main SAP Support Page.