Pandemic In A Box: The Specific Steps Used to Create the Covid Pandemic

Executive Summary

  • A series of steps have been taken that allowed the covid pandemic to be created.
  • This article will explain these steps.


There have been significant steps taken in the process of the pandemic that allowed the pandemic to be created without covid being the threat that the governments, medical establishments, and pharmaceutical companies said it was.

This is a capstone article that rests on many different areas of research that began a little after the beginning of the pandemic. The article is designed to lay out the steps taken to produce the pandemic and a synopsis of what was done and provide links that provide detailed analysis within supporting articles for each step that created the pandemic.

Our References for This Article

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The Steps That Will Be Covered in This Article

The steps to create the covid pandemic that will be covered are the following.

  • Pandemic Creation Step #1: Fund GOF Research in Dodgy Chinese Lab
  • Pandemic Creation Step #2: Use Bill Gates Funded Modeling at The Imperial College to Ignore Decades of Research on Viruses to Lockdown Countries
  • Pandemic Creation Step #3: Create and Distribute a Rigged PCR Test
  • Pandemic Creation Step #4: Approve Vaccines and Push Vaccinations That Did Nothing Versus Covid
  • Pandemic Creation Step #5: Suppress Proven Non-Patent Treatments Like Vitamin D and Ivermectin
  • Pandemic Creation Step #6: Approve the Dangerous and Ineffective Drug Remdesivir and Ventilation as the Main Treatments
  • Pandemic Creation Step #7: Create a Treatment Protocol that Maximized Pharmaceutical and Hospital Profits but Also Hospitalizations and Deaths

Pandemic Creation Step #1: Fund GOF Research in Dodgy Chinese Lab

The first step was to fund the gain of function or GOF research. After being restricted, the US, the DOD, NIH, and other funded GOF in China labs had low standards. The research increases the virulence of viruses, then takes viruses that do not impact mammals and tries to get them to jump to mammals and humans. If that sounds counterproductive and insane, that is because it is. It has no legitimate purpose.

GOF has no benefit to public health; quite the opposite, it is an omnipresent threat but is helpful to building a bioweapon, which is why the defense entities are primary funders. The intent of GOF should be apparent by who is funding it, and defense entities do not have an interest or role in public health.

These articles cover multiple dimensions of how the covid virus was funded by the US and was increased in lethality by GOF work performed at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and how it was covered up.

Supporting Articles #1: Fauci’s Powerful Freinds

Supporting  Article #2: The DOD and DOD Cutout USAID Funds GOF

Supporting  Article #3: The House on Foreign Affairs