Pandemic In A Box: The Specific Steps Used to Create the Covid Pandemic

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Executive Summary

  • A series of steps have been taken that allowed for the covid pandemic to be created.
  • This article will explain these steps.


There have been significant steps taken in the process of the pandemic that allowed the pandemic to be created without covid being the threat that the governments, medical establishment, and pharmaceutical companies said that it was.

This is a capstone article that rests on many different areas of research that began a little after the beginning of the pandemic. The article is designed to lay out the steps that were taken to produce the pandemic and a synopsis of what was done and provide links that provide detailed analysis within supporting articles for each step that created the pandemic.

Our References for This Article

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The Steps That Will Be Covered in This Article

The steps that were made to create the covid pandemic that will be covered are the following.

  • Pandemic Creation Step #1: Fund GOF Research in Dodgy Chinese Lab
  • Pandemic Creation Step #2: Use Bill Gates Funded Modeling at The Imperial College to Ignore Decades of Research on Viruses to Lockdown Countries
  • Pandemic Creation Step #3: Create and Distribute a Rigged PCR Test
  • Pandemic Creation Step #4: Approve Vaccines and Push Vaccinations That Did Nothing Versus Covid
  • Pandemic Creation Step #5: Suppress Proven Non-Patent Treatments Like Vitamin D and Ivermectin
  • Pandemic Creation Step #6: Approve the Dangerous and Ineffective Drug Remdesivir and Ventilation as the Main Treatments
  • Pandemic Creation Step #7: Create a Treatment Protocol that Maximized Pharmaceutical and Hospital Profits but Also Hospitalizations and Deaths

Pandemic Creation Step #1: Fund GOF Research in Dodgy Chinese Lab

The first step was to fund the gain of function or GOF research. After being restricted, the US, the DOD, NIH, and other funded GOF in China labs had low standards. The research both increases the virulence of viruses and then takes viruses that do not impact mammals and tries to get them to jump to mammals and humans. If that sounds counterproductive and insane, that is because it is. It has no legitimate purpose.

GOF has no benefit to public health; quite the opposite, it is an omnipresent threat but is useful to build a bioweapon, which is why the defense entities are primary funders. The intent of GOF should be apparent by who is funding it, and defense entities do not have an interest or role in public health.

These articles cover multiple dimensions of the story of how the covid virus was funded by the US and was increased in lethality by GOF work performed at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and how it was covered up.

Supporting Articles #1: Fauci’s Powerful Freinds

Supporting  Article #2: The DOD and DOD Cutout USAID Funds GOF

Supporting  Article #3: The House on Foreign Affairs

Supporting Article #4: Peter Daszak and Ecohealth Alliance

Supporting  Article #5: Dr. Shi and the Wuhan Institute of Virology

  • Dr. Shi was the primary leader of the GOF research on bat coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. She has no freedom of speech as she works in China and would have her family punished if she did anything but support the positions of the Chinese Communist Party. Dr. Shi’s engaged in a very obvious coverup of the covid leak from the WIV and what she did is covered in the following article. Why Did Dr. Shi and the Wuhan Institute of Virology Hide the Precursor to SARS-CoV-2

Pandemic Creation Step #2: Use Bill Gates Funded Modeling at The Imperial College to Ignore Decades of Research on Viruses to Lockdown Countries

Bill Gates and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation constantly fund fake research that is entirely designed to increase the investments of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

For years, Bill Gates has been trying to stoke a pandemic, which would massively increase his biotech investments, which happened during the pandemic. He found a researcher named Neil Ferguson, who had a long history of producing exaggerated forecasts. It was these exaggerated forecasts that Bill Gates wanted to fund. Bill Gates also funded exaggerated research at the University of Washington. Every time Bill Gates funds research, false results come from his investment. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation provided large grants for not just one researcher but departments and ran into the hundreds of millions of dollars over multiple years.

Bill Gates had also developed a partnership with Dr. Fauci, who has a multi-decade history, as does the WHO and CDC, in exaggerating pandemics to help improve the funding and centrality of their institutions.

Supporting  Articles #1: The Exaggerated Computer Forecast Model

Supporting Articles #2: Bill Gates Buying Influence and Control in the Medical Authorities

Supporting Article #3: Bill Gates’s Influence as Central to the Pandemic

Supporting Article #4: Bill Gates and Corrupting Research

  • Research has become increasingly corrupt with even the major medical journals like The Lancet, The New England Journal of Medicine and The Journal of the American Medical Association serving as marketing front ends for pharmaceutical companies. Bill Gates has found that fake research is straightforward to buy, particularly if you have unlimited resources, as is covered in the following article. How Bill Gates Took Advantage of the Increased Corruptibility of Research

Supporting Article #5: Bill Gates and Censorship

Supporting Article #6: The False Claims Around Masks

Pandemic Creation Step #3: Create and Distribute a Rigged PCR Test

To show frightening covid case numbers, it was necessary to have a test for covid that would greatly exaggerate the number of cases.

For this, Bill Gates-funded a PCR test adapted for covid, the CDC created, and the FDA approved for the use of a covid test that was never tested on a covid virus strain, which created a large percentage of false positives.

The establishment media never covered that the vast majority of “cases” of covid were not covid. The PCR test cannot distinguish between coronaviruses and can’t distinguish between dead and live viruses.

The CDC then distributed protocols for hospitals that any person who died in a hospital, if tested positive for covid (using the invalid PCR covid test), should have covid added as the cause of death on the death certificate. This action, combined with a test that primarily produced false positives, ended with deaths falsely attributed to covid.

Supporting Article #1: Bill Gates Funding of the Fake PCR Test

Supporting Article #2: How the PCR Test Was Never a Reliable Test

Supporting Articles #3: Establishment Media Covers Up the False PCR Covid Test

Supporting Article #4: Influenza Cases Become Covid Cases

Supporting Article #5: Covid Deaths Are Exaggerated

Pandemic Creation Step #4: Approve Vaccines and Push Vaccinations That Did Nothing Versus Covid

Both the mRNA vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna and the adenovirus vector vaccines of J&J and AstraZeneca were all developed far too quickly. These vaccines were developed much more rapidly than previous vaccines, and they were developed with highly experimental and therefore untested and unreliable technology.

Secondly, these vaccines work. The vaccines were pushed through the FDA without evidence that they worked given something called an Emergency Use Authorization.

Other countries accepted the FDA’s approval and then approved the vaccines thinking pharmaceutical companies did not entirely control the FDA. Several countries did no independent research and did not even read the study submissions of the pharmaceutical companies to the FDA.

Governments and the establishment media aggressively pushed these vaccines.

Supporting Articles #1: How the Vaccines Developed Hastily

Supporting Articles #2: The Lack of Effectiveness and Safety of the Covid Vaccines

Supporting Articles #3: Lies Told to Promote The Universal Uptake of The Ineffective Vaccines

Pandemic Creation Step #5: Suppress Proven Non-Patent Treatments Like Vitamin D and Ivermectin

Health authorities knew that there were several vitamin and mineral, and nonpatent drug treatments for covid. Still, they, along with their controlled establishment media entities, suppressed this information, even though it is very readily available at high-quality online sources. Increasingly the medical establishment depends upon the concept that they control all knowledge on treatment effectiveness, which allows them to lie to the public.

This strategy is explained in the following quotation.

“Early treatment markedly changes spreads. So we reduce new cases, we reduce the intensity and severity and duration of symptoms. And by that mechanism, we reduce hospitalization and death.”

The doctor cited recent treatments that have effectively killed the virus at the early stage of infection: Dr. Iqbal Mahmud Chowdhury conducted a protocol in Bangladesh that used a povidone-iodine rinse in the nose and eyes to kill the virus. Another treatment effort by French Dr. Didier Raoult, who treated people using hydroxychloroquine, had great success.

“Lots of messaging on the vaccine, but zero mentioning on treatment, none. And it’s been from the very beginning. There is a theme here, I hope everyone’s starting to get the theme. There is zero effort, interest, promotion, or care about early treatment, people who are sick with COVID-19,” said McCullough. “But there is a complete and total focus on people who don’t have COVID-19 and giving them a vaccine.”

He said it’s highly unusual for hospitals to not conduct trials on treatments for a disease, but with COVID-19, no major trials have been done to improve treatments and there have been no outcomes publicized by hospitals.

“So Americans saw the most confusing picture of hospitalized care of COVID-19 and a very confusing picture of outpatient treatment of COVID-19. My contributions, at least I tried to organize the outpatient treatment into concepts, where we would use drugs … in the middle phase [to] treat inflammation, and in the late phase [to] treat blood clotting, and we stuck with those principles all the way through,” McCullough said.

McCullough said improving treatments for those who are sick with COVID-19 has never been a priority for those in charge of public health because vaccines have been pushed from day one. He noted that CVS pharmacies were advertising the vaccines even before they were fully authorized. – Dr. McCollough

How Covid Treatment Was Like Getting Into a Time Machine

Medicine was sent “back in time,” as well known natural anti-inflammatories were disregarded by the medical establishment, even though a significant problem with covid is that it causes inflammation.

Ignoring Evidence of Effectiveness of Natural and Non-Patent Treatments

To the medical establishment, no matter what the evidence is for natural anti-inflammatories, they don’t exist. This has demonstrated that the medical profession does not represent the actual evidence of effective substances and treatments but cherry-picks only on-patent drugs and is repeatedly caught lying about effectiveness.

What is clear is that any treatment or supplement that is not profit-maximizing for the pharmaceutical companies or the hospitals was and continues to be dismissed and suppressed.

Faking The Evidence for Patent Drugs

On the other side of the spectrum is patent drugs that are ineffective and dangerous. The medical establishment is constantly rigging pharmaceutical-funded studies published in “prestigious journals” like the New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of the American Medical Association. These journals have been thoroughly captured by pharmaceutical interests and receive their revenues from pharmaceutical companies for reprints, etc…

Supporting Articles #1: How the Medical Establishment Suppressed Effective Treatments for Covid

Ivermectin has been proven in more studies than applied to any covid vaccine, yet the medical establishment has gone out of its way to discredit it.

  • Ivermectin has been very effective in countering covid. Still, the media has suppressed countries that have successfully used covid, as is covered in the following article How the Media Lied About Japan Not Using Ivermectin for Coronavirus.
  • Ivermectin was also used very effectively against covid in Indonesia, something hidden from western audiences, as is covered in the article. How the Media Chose to Smear Indonesia for Using Ivermectin for Coronavirus
  • During the pandemic, the media has a long-established pattern of critiquing countries that don’t do what the western medical and pharmaceutical establishment says. Much like the EU, the proposal is that there needs to be a single global strategy on health and that this strategy must be set by the elite. This includes billionaires, pharmaceutical companies, and major establishment powers like the NIH and the WHO, (which are filled with pharmaceutical conflicts), and each country is required to follow this elite advice. Bulgaria felt the wrath of the establishment of western media as is covered in the following article. How the Media Chose to Smear Bulgaria for Not Being Highly Vaccinated
  • Ivermectin is not only effective against covid but against the spike proteins generated by the mRNA vaccines, as is covered in the following quotations. How to Use Ivermectin or Protect Against the Covid Vaccines

Supporting Articles #2: The Effectiveness and Safety of Ivermectin Versus Vaccines

Supporting Articles #3: Demphasize Strengthening General Immunity

Pandemic Creation Step #6: Approve the Dangerous and Ineffective Drug Remdesivir and Ventilation as the Main Treatments

Remdesivir is a hazardous drug pushed through the FDA and is now the only recommended treatment outside of oxygen and ventilation. This treatment protocol is absurd and eliminates many effective treatments because they are not profit-maximizing for pharmaceutical companies.

Supporting  Articles #1: Rigging Pharmaceutical Studies

Supporting  Articles #2: The Pricing of Remdesivir

Supporting  Articles #3: Hospitals Being Paid to Put People on Ventilators

Pandemic Creation Step #7: Create a Treatment Protocol that Maximized Pharmaceutical but Also Hospital Profits and Hospitalizations and Deaths

The official treatment protocol in the US is absurd, and it maximizes the number of patients that would be admitted to the hospital. Once accepted, several highly ineffective treatments were part of the protocol.

Supporting  Articles #1: The Deranged Profit Maximizing Covid Protocol

Supporting Article #2: The False Logic of “Flattening the Curve”


This article explained the specific steps taken by health authorities and governments to create and maximize the pandemic. Who benefitted from this pandemic?

  • The pharmaceutical companies made many billions of dollars on vaccines that do not work and on treatments like Remdesivir that do not work.
  • The health authorities like the FDA, CDC, and NIH benefitted by having their importance in society increased, and through the leadership of these entities receiving financial compensation from pharmaceutical companies.
  • The governments benefited from controlling their populations in a way they could not have without a pandemic.
  • Billionaires saw an enormous increase in their wealth during the pandemic, with Bill Gates increasing over $26 billion.