Poll Results: Should Brightwork Sell Out to SAP?

Executive Summary

  • SAP resources are often displeased with Brightwork for not being sufficiently pro-SAP.
  • This poll was created to ask how many readers would prefer if we sold out to SAP.


In this poll, we asked several questions about selling out to SAP and how readers feel about media and research entities controlled by software vendors through things like paid placements and advertising. And the results were surprising.

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Comments from readers.
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Oracle Cloud Credits
This wins the award for the funniest. Everyone knows Oracle Cloud credits are useless.
I don't want you to be sold but if you do, then buy a yacht and sip pinacolada in Carribean.
Encouraging, and considerate.
continue to give accurate analysis on sap products. if sap doesn't like it, ask sap to pay more.
This is sort of a pressure strategy.
continue to give accurate analysis on sap products. if sap doesn't like it, ask sap to pay more.
expand your coverage
Right, with money from SAP we could cover other areas honestly, but no longer SAP of course.
Pls stick to independent research
Do you really think you are worth buying by anyone let alone by a company like SAP? OMG. Pull your head out of that hole right away..
We did not say sell the company, we said sell out. Forrester, Forbes, IDC and Diginomica and others sell out to SAP, without being owned by SAP. This means they allow paid placements or simply rig study results as part of sponsored research. Our media popularity indicates we could in fact sell our articles to SAP and other entities.
On me. I then probably don't need accurate information any longer...
Very good -- this is the only response where the respondent places themselves into this scenario.
Create Brightwork-2 and continue like you did before the sellout
So this is using the money to start a fresh research entity.
Invest the money to research and investigate technological phony claims.
This is a curious one, because we already do this. And we would not be allowed to do this if we took money from SAP -- unless we only investigated non-SAP false claims.
Buy SAP shares
Hmmm...that is one option.
Scientology membership.
Yes, Scientology memberships are a great use for excess cash.
Do not sell. You are doing a great work, pointing out the real problems. I just saw and article about discrimination in job. Well this exactly is happening and immigration through H1B is larger problem than Mexico or Trade deficit with China.
Just don't
Hire a good copywriter to clean up the poor gramma
Ohh that hurts. Actually we check our grammar with a grammar checker -- so many people out there think they know more about grammatical rules then they actually do. We would point out there is no period at the end of this sentence.
Please don't get sold)

Question #6

Question #6 is a question related to the concern the readers have regarding media sources being controlled.

Should industry sources control all media? Is there a benefit to having information providers that are independent?

Answer Analysis

If this is most readers, this response is scary. For (40.8%) of the respondents, it shows no concern for independent information.


We hope the participants and readers enjoyed this poll as much as we did. It provides a non-representative but still interesting and amusing observation into what some people who filled out the poll think.

One issue with the poll, which we realized after we designed it, was that some individuals, for instance, those that work for large vendors, may want biased research as the company they work for is in the best position to buy off media and analyst firms. This brings up the question — if the information is false, but it helps you achieve your objectives, are you in favor of its publication? We may need a future poll that divides the respondents by those that benefit from false information and those that are harmed by false information.