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FI AR – Post Invoice and clear payments / reports

Create Receivable
a. Create Customer Invoice – FB70
b. Customer Line Item Display – FBL5N

Process receipts
a. Post Incoming payment – F-28
b. Customer Line Item Display – FBL5N

1-1 Transaction F-28 Incoming payments.
Document date:
document type
Bank data section:
The customer pays on bank account
Enter the amount of the open item document
1-1.1 Open item selection:
Enter the account of your customer.
1-2 Click on the process open items button!

1-3 First de-activate all the open items that are shown, if there is more than one open item.

1-4 Double click, or activate (is the same), on the open item document that is paid and in this way cleared.
1-5 Go the menu and select Document – Simulate
1-5.1 If the proposed document in correct, post the document by clicking the save button.

1-6 Write down the document number shown in the status bar: _______________

2 Go again to the customer balance transaction (FBL5N) and lookup the balance for your customer.
2-1 You should now see a crebit in the current period.
Double click the credit and see that the item is cleared.
Also double click on the debit of the period of the original document.

3 Go to the customer information system and process the line item report. (List of customer line items)
3-1 In the selection parameters enter the number of your customer.
3-2 Check the cleared items radio button. And fill in as clearing date today’s day.
3-3 Execute
3-4 You should now see the cleared customer line items.

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