How to Reduce Chronic Inflammation Caused by Covid Vaccines

Executive Summary

  • The covid vaccines cause chronic inflammation.
  • This both needs to be known and addressed by those who have been vaccinated.


One of the major side effects of the covid vaccines is chronic inflammation. This is explained in the following quotation.

Now most of these folks have billions of microscopic blood-clogging particles called spike proteins throughout their vascular system, polluting vital organs, including the heart, the brain, the liver, the kidneys and the pancreas. Chronic inflammation is a response by the immune system that can continue long after you get a spike protein injection, whether by payload (J&J), or by mRNA (Pfizer and Moderna).

Spike proteins are clogging the vascular system of every injected human, causing acute inflammation and auto-immune disorder. The body’s immune system is recognizing all of the spike proteins, no matter where they are located in the body, as an enemy, because they resemble a virus. For example, when the toxic spike proteins travel to the pancreas, the immune system attacks the pancreas, and when the toxic spike proteins travel to the baby in the pregnant mother’s womb, the mother’s immune system attacks the baby or placenta, causing spontaneous miscarriage.

Heart and brain inflammation are massive problems and not uncommon from COVID jabs, even though the mass media and the vaccine industrial complex are trying their best to cover them all up. – Immune System News

Inflammation and Auto Immune Disease

People with chronic inflammation typically end up with a disease. One of these diseases is auto-immune disease. This is explained in the following quotation.

Rheumatoid arthritis, or RA, is an autoimmune and inflammatory disease, which means that your immune system attacks healthy cells in your body by mistake, causing inflammation (painful swelling) in the affected parts of the body.

RA mainly attacks the joints, usually many joints at once. RA commonly affects joints in the hands, wrists, and knees. In a joint with RA, the lining of the joint becomes inflamed, causing damage to joint tissue. This tissue damage can cause long-lasting or chronic pain, unsteadiness (lack of balance), and deformity (misshapenness).

RA can also affect other tissues throughout the body and cause problems in organs such as the lungs, heart, and eyes. – CDC

With the increase in chronic inflammation caused by spike proteins from the vaccines, this now means all diseases related to chronic inflammation are increasing. These health problems and deaths are now undeniable, but the establishment is looking for other things it can blame for covid induced death an injuries. One of their major misdirections is people are not using the right sleeping positions. This cover-up is explained in the following quotation.

Major public health authorities do not recognize post-COVID-vaccine injuries; and there is no specific ICD classification code for this disease. However, while no official definition exists, a temporal correlation between a patient receiving a COVID-19 vaccine and beginning or worsening of clinical manifestations is sufficient to diagnose as a COVID-19 vaccine-induced injury when the symptoms are unexplained by other concurrent causes.

Since there are no published reports detailing the management of vaccine-injured patients, our treatment approach is based on the postulated pathogenetic mechanism, clinical observation, and patient anecdotes. Treatment must be individualized according to each patient’s presenting symptoms and disease syndromes. It is likely that not all patients will respond equally to the same intervention; a particular intervention may be life saving for one patient and totally ineffective for another. – Covid 19 Critical Care

Myocarditis is Just the Tip of the Iceberg of the Inflammation Issues

One of the best-known issues is heart inflammation or myocarditis. Myocarditis has increased enormously since the vaccines were rolled out. But this is only one of many types of inflammation.

The Technical Effect of the Spike Proteins from the Vaccines

This quote is from the article Be Aware of SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein: There is More than Meets the Eye.

However, recent reports have raised some skepticism as to the biologic actions of the spike protein and the types of antibodies produced.

One paper reported that certain antibodies in the blood of infected patients appear to change the shape of the spike protein so as to make it more likely to bind to cells..

..while other papers showed that the spike protein by itself (without being part of the corona virus) can damage endothelial cells and disrupt the blood-brain barrier.

Clotting Caused by the mRNA Vaccines

This earlier report also found high uptake in the ovaries, which are not specifically mentioned in the EMA report on Moderna’s vaccine. It is generally accepted that, in COVID-19 disease, the spike protein of the virus triggers vascular lesions and blood clotting.

A prominent clinical manifestation of blood clotting is myocardial infarction (heart attack). Another form of cardiac involvement, also connected to the spike protein but purely inflammatory rather than related to clotting, is myocarditis.

First Hand Accounts of Heart Inflammation by an MD

This quote is from the article What Can Megyn Kelly’s Adverse Reaction Teach Us About Vaccine Safety?

Before long, I started having more and more friends from around the country reach out to me sharing that someone they knew had died suddenly after the vaccine (most frequently from a heart attack) and wanting to know if it could be linked to the vaccine. At this point, I began to suspect the primary issue with the vaccines would be autoimmune in nature and or due to the previously mentioned alterations of physiologic zeta potential which led to complications like microclots.

I then decided I needed to find the time to shadow one of these doctors and was able to do so with rheumatologist. What I saw was very striking—it seemed that around 25%-30% of her patients (some of whom were my coworkers) had either developed a new autoimmune condition after the vaccine or had a long existing (and stable) autoimmune condition become much worse (e.g., one was hospitalized and didn’t remember most of the hospitalization), and frequently required the rheumatologist to change them to a stronger medicine.

Oddly however, despite a great deal of evidence linking the vaccine to autoimmunity, I have thus far only come across one doctor who was willing to publicly acknowledge this.

those with pre-existing autoimmune conditions were instead told it was urgent for them to vaccinate since they were immune suppressed and at a higher risk of getting COVID-19.

Studies on the Post Vaccination Increased Inflammation

An Israeli government study which found that 24.2% of those receiving a booster developed an exacerbation of a pre-existing autoimmune condition.

A rheumatologic database published in the BMJ showed that 37% of patients had an adverse response to COVID vaccination, and 4.4% of those vaccinated experienced an exacerbation of a pre-existing autoimmune condition.

Heart surgeon Dr. Steven Gundry performed a test that utilizes inflammatory markers to predict the risk of an acute coronary syndrome (e.g., a heart attack) in the next five years on 566 patients and found that before vaccination their risk averaged 11%, while afterward, it averaged 25%.

Hiding the Heart Inflammation from the Vaccines from the Public

This is why the CDC has been hiding the information on this issue from the public, as is explained in the article CDC Refuses to Release Updated Information on Post-COVID Vaccination Heart Inflammation.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is refusing to release updated information on reported cases of myocarditis and pericarditis following COVID-19 vaccination.

The agency has regularly conveyed the number of post-vaccination myocarditis and pericarditis cases to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which it helps manage, as it has consulted with its advisers on updates to the vaccines.

Asked for the information, a CDC spokesman pointed to a CDC study that covers data only through Oct. 23, 2022. That study identified nine reports of myocarditis or pericarditis following vaccination with one of the bivalent COVID-19 vaccines, which were introduced in September 2022. Seven of the reports were verified by medical review. “When appropriate, the updated safety data will be published,” the spokesman told The Epoch Times in an email.

“The CDC has acknowledged that heart inflammation is a complication of mRNA COVID-19 shots and, yet, the only published data released by CDC officials about that complication is a seven week study that ended on Oct. 23, 2022. Where is more specific myocarditis/pericarditis data related to bivalent COVID shots for the past 10 months?” Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center, told The Epoch Times via email.

I am tired of the CDC and FDA deciding what information the public needs and doesn’t need. This is precisely the information that parents need to have especially when there are still schools and activities mandating these shots. This is evil playing out right before our eyes,” Kim Witczak, a drug safety advocate who runs the nonprofit Woodymatters, told The Epoch Times in an email.

She added, “The CDC’s response of ‘when appropriate, the updated safety data will be published’ is unacceptable and they wonder why there is vaccine hesitancy and lack of trust in public health officials.”

The Standardized Lying that MDs Do on the Topic of Side Effects

This is found in the quote from the article A Primer on Medical Gaslighting.

It is an enormous personal investment to become a physician and it is extremely difficult for someone who goes through that to acknowledge that much of what they learned is highly questionable.

Similarly, no well-intentioned doctor wants to harm a patient, and since they often do, the reflexive psychological coping mechanism is to deny the possibility of each injury that occurs (discussed further here).

Understanding the CDC’s Historical Behavioral Pattern

Since the beginning of the covid pandemic, the CDC has consistently hidden information when it did not support the vaccines. If the CDC withholds this information, the only possible conclusion is that the information places the vaccines in an unfavorable light. How the CDC hid the mounting data on heart inflammation — or myocarditis from the vaccines is a perfect example. These quotes are from the article Myocarditis and COVID-19 Vaccines: How the CDC Missed a Safety Signal and Hid a Warning.

Important Point #1: Health Authorities Ignored the Danger Signals

COVID-19 vaccines cause heart inflammation, U.S. authorities now acknowledge. But after being warned in early 2021 about a “large number” of cases among healthy, young people in Israel after COVID-19 vaccination, authorities did not immediately alert the public while also failing to detect a safety signal that was present in the United States, an Epoch Times investigation has found.

Even after deaths from myocarditis—inflammation of the heart—were reported and myocarditis was designated as a likely side effect of the shots, U.S. officials kept recommending vaccination for virtually the entire populace.

Something to add to this is that the vaccines were never tested for safety before being rolled out. Pfizer and Moderna’s clinical trials were rigged, and adverse events were removed from their submitted report to the FDA and other global health authorities.

Important Point #2: Ignoring VAERS

The CDC, America’s public health agency, was warned by Israel on Feb. 28, 2021, about a “large number” of myocarditis cases after Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination, documents obtained by The Epoch Times show. The CDC and FDA are supposed to monitor data from VAERS, which officials have described as the country’s “early warning system” for possible vaccine problems. But they failed to detect a safety signal for myocarditis after COVID-19 vaccination that triggered on Feb. 18, 2021, when using a statistical analysis method called Proportional Reporting Ratio (PRR), according to archived VAERS data from the National Vaccine Information Center, The Epoch Times confirmed.

“Once the safety signal comes up, why not start warning the public about the fact that ‘hey, you can take it if you want, but understand that there is this risk that we have discovered and we are looking into it,'” Dr. Anish Koka, an American cardiologist, told The Epoch Times.

One possible motivation for not fully examining the issue was that it could have led to a halt in vaccination. The CDC and FDA essentially imposed a pause on Johnson & Johnson’s shot on April 13, 2021, after a small number of blood clotting cases.

In addition, the FDA and CDC also told people not to look into VAERS for themselves, as I cover in the article The Medical Establishment Resents the Calculation of Risk Using VAERS.

Important Point #3: VAERS Had So Many Myocarditis Reports, It Created a Backlog

A day after Dr. Walensky’s unambiguous statement, CDC officials privately acknowledged the difficulty in processing VAERS reports because so many had been lodged.

“Due to the large number of reports that we are receiving at this time, processing is taking longer than usual,” one official said. The message was sent to a woman who said she’d filed a VAERS report for her son’s myocarditis on April 21 but that the report had still not appeared in the system days later.

Workers for the contractor, General Dynamics Information Technology, increased the speed at which they processed but were “unable to keep up with the increased surge in reports at current staffing levels,” the contractor informed the CDC in one message.

The backlog increased to nearly 94,000 reports even after the contractor hired nearly 300 additional staff members.

Health care providers who administer COVID-19 vaccines are required to report serious adverse events, including all cases of myocarditis, to VAERS.
But not all doctors were following the rules, other emails show.
“Providers aren’t reporting these cases to VAERS,” Dr. John Su, one of the CDC’s top vaccine safety officials, wrote to colleagues on May 17, 2021. He also wrote that the “myocarditis thing” was “exploding.”

The number of myocarditis cases was so significant that it swamped the system. However, even with the system swamped, neither the FDA nor CDC notified anyone of this.

Important Point #4: JAMA Refuses the Publish on the Myocarditis Cases

Case reports were frequently published months after cases actually happened, despite being submitted to journals as early as Feb. 16, 2021, data from the journals show. Some journals refused to publish other papers. Dr. Dimitri Christakis, editor-in-chief of JAMA Pediatrics, told CDC officials that he had “rejected” a case series while saying he’d “welcome” one from the agency, emails obtained by The Epoch Times show.

JAMA would have welcomed one from the CDC, but of course, the CDC would never write a paper on this topic as they were actively hiding it. This shows that pharmaceutical interests remotely control JAMA.

Important Point #5: Myocarditis Cases Plunge When The Number of Doses Were Cut to One

In Hong Kong, for example, authorities scaled back recommendations from two doses to one. They saw the number of myocarditis cases plunge.

This table is from the study Myocarditis Following COVID-19 BNT162b2 Vaccination Among Adolescents in Hong Kong.

Important Point #6: Myocarditis Cases Reported All Over the World in Lockstep With Vaccinations

Nordic researchers soon after reported excess rates as high as 274 per million among young males who received two shots.

Some researchers grouped cases by vaccine type and discovered Moderna recipients were more likely to experience myocarditis.

In Israel, researchers found evidence of heart injury in two of 324 participants. In Germany, researchers detected a person with pericarditis in a cohort of 41 volunteers. In Japan, two people in a cohort of about 3,800 people had myocarditis. And in Switzerland, one in 35 health care workers had signs of heart injury.

Understanding The Relationship Between Clotting and Myocarditis

Now let us return to the quote from the article How Effective Are the COVID-19 Vaccines?

Since all of the COVID vaccines induce the production of active spike protein, they, too, must be expected to cause heart attacks and myocarditis; and in fact both VAERS and EudraVigilance document a large number of cases. (the two systems that monitor side effects in the US (VAERS) and Europe (EudraVigilance))

Rapid uptake of the vaccine into the bloodstream implies a risk of blood clotting; 

the depletion of lymphocytes in the spleen and the blood suggests immunosuppression; 

penetration of the blood brain barrier indicates a risk of neurological damage; 

liver damage as well as risks to fertility and to pregnancy are manifest in the animals and must be expected in humans also.

We must stress again that each of these risks could readily be inferred from the cited limited preclinical data, but were not followed up with appropriate in-depth investigations. – Doctors 4 Covid Ethics

How Ivermectin Interferes With the Spike Protein

In this video, Dr. Campbell shows the numerous mechanisms by which Ivermectin works against the spike proteins.

Chronic Heart Inflammation from the Spike Proteins

One of the most significant issues with mRNA vaccines is they cause heart inflammation. This means that the vaccines will be responsible not only for deaths in the short term but for deaths in the long term. 

For this reason, it is essential to neutralize the impact of the mRNA vaccines on your body.

Other Things Aside from Ivermectin to Fight the Spike Proteins

Ivermectin is not the only item that can be used to help fight the vaccines. These include the following.

A List of Supplements and Dosages to Support the Immune System

List of Recommended Items to Help Prevent and Fight Heart Disease

The General Dangerous Nature of Vaccines

This is found in the quote from the article A Primer on Medical Gaslighting.

Similarly, most vaccinations function by making the immune system (often with the aid of toxins that help provoke that response) have an unnatural and narrowly focused response to a target substance.


Those who followed the advice of the health authorities, establishment media, and Big Tech to take the vaccines were enormously deceived. The issues with heart inflammation from the vaccines were deliberately hidden from the public. For those who took the vaccines, several things can be done to reduce the heart inflammation caused by the mRNA covid vaccines. These things are excellent for fighting heart inflammation and suitable for overall health.

Addressing the Damage

One of the best ways to address the damage caused by the covid vaccines is with Ivermectin. This is the reason I began taking Ivermectin -- before investigating all the other health benefits of the drug. Now, I take Ivermectin for many reasons.

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