References for Brightwork Inventory Optimization Articles

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  • These are the references that were used for our Inventory Optimization articles.

Learn why so few entities in the IT space include references in their work. 


This is the reference list for the Inventory Optimization articles, as well as interesting quotes from these references at Brightwork Research & Analysis.

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Reference #1: Article Titled:

Considering ILOG Inventory Optimization and Multi Echelon

“Real Optimization with SAP APO,” Josef Kallrath, Thomas I. Maindl, Springer Press, 2006

Reference #2: Article Titled:

Why It Is Time for the SAP xApps Program to be Terminated

For those interested, a basic introduction to US anti-trust law can be found below. Also, companies can be reported for violating anti-trust laws at the link below this.

Reference #3: Article Titled:

How to Best Understand Multi Echelon Planning

Steve Wedell, MCA Solutions

The white paper written by Dr. Calvin Lee. Calvin Lee was one of the originators of Evant, a software company that focused on inventory optimization.

Dr. Lee’s white paper can be found  here:

Evant was purchased by Manhattan Associates for $50 million, and they rebranded some of Calvin’s work as their own.

Reference #4: Article Titled:

How to Best Understand What the SKU Stands For and the SKU Number