References for Brightwork SAP S/4HANA and Cloud Articles

Executive Summary

  • These are the references that were used for our SAP S/4HANA and Cloud articles.

Learn why so few entities in the IT space include references in their work. 


This is the reference list for the SAP S/4HANA and Cloud articles, as well as interesting quotes from these references at Brightwork Research & Analysis.

Reference #1: Article Titled:

SAP’s Hat Trick: Confusing Cloud and On Premises S/4HANA

Reference #2: Article Titled:

The Realities of Upgrading and Updates for SAP S4HANA and Oracle Cloud ERP

There are three different types of multi-tenancy

  1. Shared application, a separate database
  2. Shared application, shared database, a separate table
  3. Shared application, shared table (pure multitenancy) – Bezemer & Zaidman

Cor-Paul Bezemer, Andy Ziadman, Multi-Tenant SaaS Applications: Maintenance Dream or Nightmare?, Association of Computing Machinery, Sept 2010

Thanks to Ahmed Azmi and Mark Dalton for their feedback on the article.

Workday Bows Enterprise Reins Release Cycle, Phil Wainewright, Diginomica, 2013

Something that I did not know, as I do not study marketing outside of software marketing, is that against type marketing occurs when the brand is in decline. Examples of this are Oldsmobile, Buick (Is That a Buick?).


Rimini Street White Paper Five Upgrade Strategies or Oracle E Business Suite Customers to Consider

“Business Disruption — Upgrading to EBS 12 in a complicated process that could tie up your IT team for 12–18 months and have unintended consequences for the business. Sometimes an upgrade “backfires,” leading to unpleasant and expensive results. One CIO of a mid-market light fixture company commented around their Oracle upgrade: “Long story short, we went through the pain of doing this upgrade only to find that not only there’s no functionality there that we could use, but, also in essence, we had to upgrade our hardware because performance fell back and we’re still not at the performance we were before!”

Reference #3: Article Titled:

How to Understand Why S/4HANA is a Poor Fit for the Cloud