Who Will Tell the Truth on SAP Support?

Executive Summary

  • So few entities that offer SAP support tell the truth about SAP problems.
  • Important factors to know about SAP consulting partners and how they keep secrets about SAP support.


Companies that offer SAP support frequently leave out one of the most important features of providing effective support. That feature is whether the entity can tell customers the truth about SAP and SAP problems.

In this article, we will explain why this is a critical feature of obtaining quality SAP support.

Why So Few Entities that Offer SAP Support Can Tell the Truth about SAP

There are two primary companies or types of businesses that provide SAP support. The first is SAP, and the second is an SAP consulting partner.

Can You Expect SAP Come to Clean?

When interacting with SAP support on tickets, as we have many times, it is clear that SAP support has been trained never to admit a shortcoming on the part of SAP software. This is true even for items that been known as long-time SAP problems. When intractable problems are the subject of a support exchange, the exercise often becomes necessary. In these cases, the SAP support resource typically will attempt to put the fault back on the customer.

How About the SAP Consulting Partner

As we cover in our introductory article on SAP support, SAP consulting partners don’t so much provide support as they serve as an intermediary between the customer and the actual support provided by SAP. In our experience, the SAP consulting partner tends to be a bit more realistic about an issue or SAP problem that SAP cannot resolve, but at the end of the day, SAP consulting partners are reticent to tell the customer the truth about an SAP shortcoming, as they are concerned about maintaining that relationship with SAP. Therefore, the SAP partner will toe the SAP line whether it is true or not.

Who Will Tell the Complete Truth About SAP?

First of all, for any company to tell the complete truth about SAP, they must be independent of SAP. This means that no company that is an SAP partner would qualify.

SAP can and does threaten its partners that do not do what SAP wants with having their partnership revoked. Therefore, any statement made by an SAP partner should be seen as being approved by SAP. 

Keeping Secrets on SAP Support

The only support companies that will tell their customers the truth about SAP are companies that provide third-party support and that do not have any partnerships with SAP.

None of the well known 3rd party SAP support providers publish their issue or SAP problem database for others to read.

Instead, this information is kept it private.

Brightwork’s History of SAP Problem Publication

We have a 10-year history of not only telling the truth on SAP but publishing detailed explanations as to the issues or SAP problems we have faced getting SAP systems to work.

Examples Include

The Problems with the SNP Optimizer and Flow Control

Replacing the Optimizer in SNP and PP/DS 

Getting Best Fit to Work in SAP DP

Because we have been one of the only entities willing to do this, we have the advantage in both documenting SAP problems and in supporting SAP issues.


If you currently get your support from SAP or any other entity that refuses to tell you the truth about SAP, then you missing out.

  1. Do you want to interact with an entity on SAP support that has a history and will tell you completed truth on SAP?
  2. Do you want your SAP support information from a serious research entity that approaches the question of SAP support from multiple dimensions.

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